Giuliana Rancic On Her Fertility Struggles: “There’ve Been Tears”

Although they’re not expecting yet, Giuliana and Bill Rancic are hoping to become parents soon. Last season, the E! host, 35, and the 2004 Apprentice winner, 38, had a pregnancy scare on their Style Network reality show. This experience made them realize they wanted to be parents.

When we first thought I was pregnant, we thought, ‘Oh, I don’t know,'” Giuliana tells Us Weekly. When it turned out it was a false alarm, they went to dinner and “‘Phew’ turned into ‘Let’s have a baby!'”

But the couple – who are hoping for twins – have had problems trying to conceive. “I thought we’d get pregnant right away,” says Giuliana. After eight months of trying, the couple have turned to fertility specialists.

“Their diagnosis: ‘You guys are mid- to late-thirties. Sorry,'” the hopeful-mom-to-be says. “There’ve been tears.” But the painful “process has brought us even closer together,” Giuliana says of her hubby of two years.

Is in vitro fertilization the next step? “Whatever it takes!” Giuliana says. “I envision our life with kids.” Adds Bill: “It’s now or never!”

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  1. linda

    It’s apart of life not every couple can conceive naturally, some try for months, years and get no where – our friends after 8 years together are going to be parents. we are yet to. It’s a struggle for some and we can relate to their situation, for friends who have kids and to keep nagging you about it – is stressful but at the same time it only makes you stronger, women out there who have kids I commend them for having it done naturally and the end of the day every woman is different and everyone around you needs to respects and fully understand that – they can’t simply think wow you’ve been married awhile where are the kids – so when are you having babies, I think some need to look outside the square and realize hang on a minute – they might have problems!

  2. Anonymous

    They really shouldn’t have kids. If it’s NOT meant to be, it’s NOT meant to be. =)

  3. Janie

    who cares about these people. some things should be left private. why are they discussing their personal life with everyone?

  4. Anonymous

    if they are trying to get pregnant it is irresponsible for guiliana to be drinking alcohol in almost every episode – if she is ignorant, please help her – i didn’t want to post this, just to send it but could not find a “contact us” option on the site –

  5. Anonymous

    If you watched the episodes tonight, G explains that her physician told her it was ok to indulge in alcohol up until she confirms pregnancy. I personally agree with you but perhaps it’s her physician or possibly even her misinformation from him that is the real issue. I wish them luck either way!

  6. Anonymous

    If you watched the episodes tonight, G explains that her physician told her it was ok to indulge in alcohol up until she confirms pregnancy. I personally agree with you but perhaps it’s her physician or possibly even her misinformation from him that is the real issue. I wish them luck either way!

  7. Anonymous

    good luck with everything.. having a baby is such an acomplishment and a joy..

  8. Colleen - Sacramento

    I love Giuliana and Bill Rancic, Love the show and I hope they have babies… I want to watch their life together struggling between careers and life and kids. Keep it up you guys are funny!

  9. Giuliana Fan

    I LOVE Giuliana! The cliff hanger on the last episode where the doctor comes in with the pregnancy test results and it cuts to the dreaded ‘to be continued…’ had me rushing to the internet to see if maybe there was any news. I wish her luck and all the baby dust there is. She is a sweet person and would make a wonderful mother. Having a glass of wine with dinner during the fertility process is fine. She will have at least 9 months of everyone telling her what she can’t do ‘for the baby’s sake’ when she is pregnant. Don’t make the process any more stressful than it already is. It can actually keep you from getting pregnant! I wish them good things in their marriage and in their lives. She’s adorable. Keep the show coming, please! 🙂

  10. Hannah05

    I feel for you both because my hubby and I have been struggling for 2 years with infertility. IVF was our last hope and it does work, just not for us. Our only option now is to use a donor to at least have a child that is half of one of us. People struggle with this issue, in silence, and its usually the woman who carries the weight of it. Regardless, a couple is ONE when it comes to creating a child with the love they share and no matter how that little life begins, it is YOUR child and one’s greatest accomplishment. BABY DUST to all who struggle, especially the Rancic’s who are openly sharing their pain. You both are wonderful inspirations!

  11. Anonymous

    Who the hell cares whether she gets pregnant or not!

  12. ella

    Just wanted to wish you all the lack in the world guys. Be strong. I know excatelly how you feel.Its very hard. Seems like it takes for ever.
    We had 6 failed ivf treatmens,but we havent given up yet. We’ll go till we get there. There are millions of people around the world go through the same thing. I wish I could help us all.
    Lots of love to you Gilliana and Bill :)))))

  13. Jockie Liliane

    I really love Guliana and Bill and i pray for you every day tha you may get triplets. yo such wonderful people and thanks for sharing yo experience with us i believe yo touched the hearts of many who are going through the same. surely God will reward you with triplets. i love you lots and wish you all the best. keep strong and have faith.

  14. Anonymous

    She needs to gain some weight she is too skinny and Prayer helps.

  15. Tammy

    Giuliana, I wish you the best on trying to conceive. I have had alot of trouble conceiving about 9-10 years ago and had 3 miscarriges. My heart goes out to you and Bill. I will have to tell you I didn’t go through IVF, and I am not sure why you need to go that route, but when I stopped worried and tried not to be so stressed, I know easier said than done. Everthing went alot smoother and I am happy to tell you I have two handsome boys now. I know it will happen for you guys. I watch your show all of the time and it must be hard being in the public eye going through this. That takes courage and strength. I hope you read this. I am not sure if will. If so, just relax trust me I know! I wish you guys the best. I am not a celebrity and cannot image going through this in the public eye. Keep your head up girl It Will Happen! One more thing this is not your fault. I felt that way along time and I know the heart ache a miscarriage can be. I wish you guys the best!

  16. Geff Musyoki

    I LOVE Gills’ show. A realistic way of showing love and it’s struggles and sacrifices.Keep up guys,hope you get triplets.

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