Tiger Woods: Sex Addict

I know you guys are sick to death of him, but just one more quick thing about Tiger Woods. Last Monday Tiger checked into the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services clinic in Mississippi for sex addiction.
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  • Anonymous

    Ha, Ha, what a Joke! First it was Arizona, then South Africa and now is Mississippi! If this is true, it certainly took him a long time to make a decision. Maybe he got tired of partying and decided to get a little rest. I suspect that this whole rehab thing is a big HOAX. Tiger is so arrogant that he thinks he does not need rehab. Sorry Tiger, we cannot trust you again, but keep trying.

  • Cabo

    Of course it’s a hoax! This is so ridiculous! Pure PR. First of all, he was caught which is the reason why he’s sorry in the first place, if it wasn’t for that, he would still be doing it, just like so many who simply haven’t been caught. So rehab my ass. Rich people make me puke.

  • Janie

    This is a bunch of crap! He is NOT a sex addict! He is a lying, cheating egotistical a*shole and he got caught! He is a pathetic loser!

  • me2

    he does have nice teeth though

  • tif

    he does have good teeth!

    he’s still a major loser. dunno if he can come back from this.

    big love to his wife and kids tho. hope they can get past this, with, or without him.

  • Many people think Tiger Woods is playing the sex addiction card so he can salvage his reputation, and save his marriage.

    Is Tiger really addicted to sex, or is this just a publicity ploy on his part?

    See the article entitled Is Tiger Woods REALLY a Sex Addict – Check This List and Decide for Yourself posted on National Infidelity Examiner page at Examiner com

    There is a list of behaviors common to sex addicts.

    Does Tiger fit the profile? What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    I am sure this is all speculation! I wish he would just come out of hiding already. This is crazy and while it is his private life, he is a public figure. He can’t hide forever. There are too many people that look up to him, come on Tiger. Check out this video from Intelius on the Tiger drama: bit.ly/6plgmr

  • Anonymous

    Sex Addiction is crap!!!! Everyone is looking for an out for bad behavior!
    You cannot have a “loving” wife at home and carry on with other women.
    You can’t have both! Period…..Don’t get married….

    • Anonymous

      Well said!!!

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