Tom Cruise: Suri Picks Out All Her Own Clothes

From flamenco dresses to high heeled shoes, three-year-old Suri Cruise tends to make headlines with her wardrobe. According to her very proud parents, Suri’s fashion sense is all her own.

“Just so you know, she dresses herself,” Tom Cruise told E! at last night’s T: The New York Times Style Magazine party at the Chateau Marmont in LA. “She really does. She picks out everything on her own.”

Mom Katie Holmes, who recently launched her own clothing line, added, “She really does. She has such cute style.”

The Mission Impossible star doesn’t seem to mind the fact that his adorable daughter is starting to have a fanbase all her own.

“I love it,” he said. “I think that’s great. How can you not love her? She’s wonderful. I really appreciate that. She’s a joy.”

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  • Linda

    It’s up to her parents to set some boundries and to tell her that some clothes are just not appropriate for 3-year olds. Therefor it sounds kind of pathetic when Tom & Katie just say it’s adorable that she picks her own clothes. It’s their responsibility what their child wears (although some toddlers can have a stubborn opinion about clothes:-))

  • Linda

    It’s up to her parents to set some boundries and to tell her that some clothes are just not appropriate for 3-year olds. Therefor it sounds kind of pathetic when Tom & Katie just say it’s adorable that she picks her own clothes. It’s their responsibility what their child wears (although some toddlers can have a stubborn opinion about clothes:-))

  • Anonymous

    Katie and Tom are making Suri sound like a brat. I get he wanted a child for a long time but allowing the child to do whatever she wants it’s not the best way to raise her. Loving a child is not the same that spoil a child and I do not think Tom gets it.

    • Anonymous

      He raised two other kids since they were babies/toddlers too and I’m sure he loves them just as much.

    • Anonymous

      Why does everyone forget that he has two adopted children?
      Maybe the public forgot about them like Tom Cruise apparently did.

  • Celine

    I totally agree with Linda. They are her parents. They are responsible for her – including her health. Sometimes it seems they just don’t care about that – especially when little Suri’s seen wearing a sleeveless dress while all the others are wrapped up in winter jackets…

  • Danielle

    Oh well thats ok then, now that we know 3yr old Suri is in charge. *rolls eyes*

  • nanpan

    No kidding. I think the only thing I would really have an issue with, if she were my child, is that she doesn’t choose weather appropriate clothing. I would have to find a way to let her wear what she wants, but maybe get her to pair it with a cardigan or leggings.

  • LaKesha

    All parents have different parenting styles that other’s wouldn’t agree with. My family hates that I don’t require that my daughter speaks or smiles at random strangers that approach her. If any of our parenting styles were put under microscope, there would be those who would take issue with it. I’m sure they are doing what is best for their family.

  • ligig

    um, i think we knew that. no one would intentionally dress their child inappropriately for the weather or her development. but, whatev. not my kid.

  • anne

    Allowing a child this age to be the center of the universe (her own, yours, and in effect everybody else’s) is shaping her psyche profoundly — and it’s not something that can be switched off, or even altered w/o difficulty, as she gets older. A parent’s tricky balancing act allows children appropriate areas to express their identities — how they dress is certainly one, but even then it’s a parent’s job to define some limits (and still to take care to provide choices w/in those limits). The current Mr & Mrs Cruise, like everyone else, can do whatever they like. I just wouldn’t want them raising any child I know.

  • Rachel

    whos that behind her? i like her earrings

  • Suri has better fashion sense than her mom, that’s for sure.

  • Suri’s cute. She’s obviously strong-willed and her weak-minded parents give in every time. I think she’s just a sweet little gal who loves playing dress-up. No qualms with me.

    But every time Tom opens his mouth to talk about Suri – I just want to vomit. He’s such a douche. And I don’t think I’ve heard him say anything genuine in the last 5 years. Ick.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder how well they’ll tolerate her strong-mindedness if she rejects scientology

  • Anonymous

    all u see is pictures of this child, u don´t know anything about her or how she is. Why r so many of u so judgemental, I mean who cares, all I see is a happy and she looks to be a healthy little girl. Many children all over the world have it Really bad so pleace stop freaking out over every picture of her.

  • Kediia

    Happy that this is not my child ..
    and my child will never be dress like this ..
    and I agree with Linda

  • Cabo

    So….if one day she does’t wanna wear anything, what are Tom and Katie gonna do? Go against her will??? oooh my the horror!

  • I had to laugh b/c my 9yo was looking over my shoulder as I opened this page and she said, “oh, that is a cute dress!”. Then she read the copy and said, “What!? She’s only 3??? She’s dressing like a 10 year old!” LOL. Funny that even a child can spot that there is something odd about letting a toddler strut around town in these outfits. I wouldn’t even let my 9yo wear earrings that big out of the house.

    But, as some have said, “Not My Kid.” They can reap what they sow. I’ll focus on my own kids (who will not be dressing like that in public, even at 10).

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with Linda. As Suri´s parents Tom and katie are responsible for what their 3-year-old wears. They should really give her boundaries as far as her clothes are concerned. When it´s cold outside she shou´ld be wearing warm winter clothes and not a sleeves dress and high heeled shoes. I don´t mean to judge Tom and Katie but they really should start putting boundaries for Suri before it´s too late. Before long she´ll be a bratty teenager who gets whatever she wants from her parents. I much more love to see pics of the Jolie-Pitt and the Affleck kids because they´re always approprietly dressed for the weather. Suri is a pretty girl but I really don´t like her dressing style.

  • Jess

    Heels on her shoes? Really? We may have a new Paris Hilton on our hands when she reaches her teens. Only she will be a scientology nut.

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone judging Tom and Katie as bad parents, when they let her pick her own clothes to wear, and then in the same breath they say it OK for Brad and Angie (the saint), to let their kids choose what they want to wear. There is a real DOUBLE STANDARD here, good luck with your own children, hopefully they won’t be as JUDGMENTAL as you all are.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I like her outfit, they have a lot of tiny hills like that for little girls, even at Target. It’s okay!! quit being haters, worry about your own kids.

  • Anonymous

    Another Paris Hilton in the making….


  • Anonymous

    I see nothing wrong with what she is wearing in this photo or that they let her pick out her own clothes. My daughter is three and likes to wear lipstick and likes picking out her own outfits.. Big deal!!! Doesn’t make her a brat or them bad parents. Pick your battles people!

  • Paul

    What a pretty child. No doubt that with her attitude and her own style she will become a celebrity someday like her dad.
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