Dwayne Johnson: “I’m Grateful For Where I Am”

Once known as the WWE persona “The Rock,” Dwayne Johnson is now known as a big screen star. In his next film, The Tooth Fairy, the 37-year-old father of one plays a mean-spirited ice-hockey player turned Tooth Fairy. Dwayne opened up to Parade about the spirit of the Tooth Fairy and the power that adults have on children’s dreams.

On if his own daughter, 8-year-old daughter Simone, still believes in the Tooth Fairy: “I want to be careful what I say because she might just read this. Let’s put it this way. I have been in the room when the Tooth Fairy has taken a tooth from under her pillow, but then I walked out the room very quickly because I didn’t want to look at the Tooth Fairy. I got scared.”

On the power of dreams: “In the beginning, my character is a dream killer, he doesn’t believe in the possibility of dreams or the power that dreams can have. Not only that, he doesn’t understand the impact as an adult that he has on children’s lives. I’ve always realized that whether you have kids or not, as adults we’re all connected in some way to children and we have a power to influence them — just make sure that they understand their own potential and how important dreams are.”

On his tooth fairy memories: “I absolutely believed when I was young because the Tooth Fairy was always good to me. The Tooth Fairy generally left me a dollar or two dollars and, as a kid, that was a lot of money. Now, with inflation, I guess maybe the price has gone up and sometimes there’s more money under the pillow, but then sometimes it can be a treat, something cool. What if the Tooth Fairy left an iPod? That would be cool wouldn’t it?”

On his parents who understood the power of the tooth fairy: “Even when times were tough, they really did a wonderful job of keeping the notion alive of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy, the spirit of what that means — giving and giving back. I was really fortunate to have a mom and dad in my life who believed in my own potential, even when I didn’t see it at that point. Now, I can look back and reflect and be grateful for those people in my life.”

On what keeps him believing: “Gratitude. I’m really, really grateful for where I am. By the numbers and the odds, considering my past, the environment I was raised in, the trouble I got into, I probably shouldn’t be here talking to you now about doing great movies. Yet, here we are talking about delivering messages of empowerment to kids. That’s why I’m a grateful man and I think it’s gratitude that helps me. I always believe there’s power in that.”

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  • cyberkitten40

    Absolutely LOVE this man…and i sure wouldn’t kick him outta my bed for eatin crackers either! lol

  • I only read the story and it was amazing. Also the trailer on youtube but i din’t watch yet the full movie.. Sikat ang Pinoy

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