Farrah From MTV’s “Teen Mom” Attacked By Her Mother!

One of the young mothers from the MTV reality show “Teen Mom” was allegedly choked and then hit by her 54-year-old mom this weekend — and mom is now facing domestic violence charges.
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  1. Anonymous

    I could see that happening. She hit her before on national television so…yeah.

    On a different note Farrah needs to grow up and accept her responsibility as mother to Sophia. She’s always leaving the baby for her parents to babysit and then she yells at them when they talk to her. Compared to the other girls in the show she has it good. Maybe her parents should kick her ass out and them maybe she would grow up.

  2. Gini

    She probably deserved it. That girl is a spoiled brat and a rotten mother. She’d rather be out whoring around then taking care of her baby. I’d wanna smack her around too.

  3. nanpan

    I agree that Farrah is pretty immature. She does have it easy compared to some of the other girls on the show, but her mom has always rubbed me quite wrong. I have a very controlling mother, but Farrah’s mom makes my own look tame. I could definitely see her doing this. No matter how bratty or immature your child is, I can’t condone violence towards them. As parents, we are supposed to love our children unconditionally and teach them when they are making poor choices. Not hit them, or shame them. Does anyone know if this was captured by the cameras?

  4. Anonymous

    I would say that Farrah deserves it – she is a spoiled stuck up b**** who does not take care of her daughter!

  5. Anonymous

    Her mother seriously got some issues, it was really obvious on the show that there were something wrong with her relationship to Farrah.
    She was not supporting her, not even being nice to her.. so this isn’t chocking. And to the comments befor me, I haven’t seen more than the orinigonal show which is 1 episode, and the picture Ive got was not that Farrah was spoiled, but that she didn’t get the support that she needed, not only that, but her family put her down on purpose negativly, her mom and sister is who Im referring to now.
    Sorry about bad grammar, Im writing this in a hurry and Im not from an English speaking country.

  6. nona

    if Farrah is an irresponsible parent, where could she have learned that from? Maybe, a parent who chokes her instead of talking to her?

    Due to my own experiences and studies, my theory is that a lot of a person’s actions in the world are due to the way they were “nurtured” (as opposed to “nature.)

  7. Anonymous

    I must say that I do not at all promote violence, but Farrah so deserved what she got!! She is a very irresponsible mom!! All she wants is men, thats all she seems to think about. Her baby is always with her parents. Mainly being her mom. I am shocked that this didnt happen much sooner!
    I was also a teen mom. I had my first baby at 17, and NEVER EVER left him with anyone ever. I took him with me every place I went. I now have 3 great kids, and still have yet to have them babysat by anyone. I cannot stand those kinds of moms that hand their babys off to people to be babysat for the dumbest reasons!
    Keep your legs closed Farrah, and focus on your baby for once!

  8. Anonymous

    Farrah needed to be checked. Go Mom!! There’s a couple of times I wanted to jump through the TV and choke her up. I bet she respects her mom now, if only out of fear.

  9. Anonymous

    I believe ferrah was very spoiled and compelety out of line most of the time. I believe her parents were very weak with her due to them always helping her and babysitting. I was a teen mom and felt bad about disapointting my parents. The fact that she had a place to live and had the support of her familly..she should have been respectful for that. She’ll end up pregnant again.

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