Rumor: Madonna Trying For Baby With Boyfriend Jesus Luz

According to The Sun, Madonna is hoping to add a 5th child to her family – but not through adoption. Rumor has it she wants to conceive a child with her 22-year-old boyfriend Jesus Luz.

The 51-year-old Queen of Pop is already mom to daughter Lourdes, 13, with Carlos Leon, sons Rocco, 9, and David, 4, with ex-husband Guy Ritchie and daughter Mercy James, 4, whom she adopted on her own from Malawi.

Madonna reportedly told friends that Jesus would make a “fantastic dad”, while he has said that fatherhood would be “his greatest adventure”.

A source tells The Sun: “[Madonna] knows that, at 51, it’s going to be harder to conceive naturally. But she is Olympic-athlete fit and is ready for the challenge.”

“I have endless love in my heart for another child,” the singer has told friends.

What do you think? Will Madonna add baby no. 5 to her family?

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  1. Lina

    Please let this be a hoax! We all know that she loves to draw the attention to her perfectly fit body, but having a child at the age of 51 with a 22-year-old boytoy while already having four healthy children? Freakshow. I used to like her once…

    • Anonymous

      You are hating on her for a rumor from a tabloid? These rumors are made daily about celebrities. I also find the negative attitude toward relationships where the woman is older and the man is younger hypocritical when the opposite is very much accepted. Do people call George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Sean Penn, Guy Ritchie, Paul McCartney and others “freak shows” for dating much younger women?

  2. nanpan

    Your eggs don’t care how fit you are, Madonna. You’re still 51.

    I doubt this is true, though.

  3. Molly

    David Banda is her son with Guy Ritchie too not just Rocco.

  4. Louise

    Okay, we can not deny that a pregnancy at 51 would be extremely risky, but come on, she’s Madonna, she gets everything she wants. I mean, she is rich, and we’re in the 21st century, if she really wants that I think she will find a way to get .. but please, get pregnant from a 22 years’ boy is ridiculous!

  5. Moore

    I doubt this is true.
    I don’t have a problem with their ages but I doubt Madonna would think that being fit is what gets you pregnant. If she wants it, can do it then go right ahead. Why not.

  6. Tazina

    This is BS, one of the more ridiculous tabloid trash stories out there….almost funny it’s so ridiculous. And assuredly, unlike Britney Spears who has no choice in the matter, Madonna does not want to be supporting a K-Fed for the next several decades..

  7. Heart

    I don’t know about Madonna but I would LOVE, ABSOLUTELY LOVE, to procreate with Jesus, the boy is gorgeous! LOL!

  8. Anonymous 2

    It’s almost certainly rumors, but come on a 22 year-old is a man, not a “boy”. Besides, it doesn’t show how mature or immature he is. Anyway, who really cares?! LOL

  9. Cabo

    If it says it’s a rumour, then it’s not true people c’mon.

  10. Madchen

    If Madonna poses naked on the front of some magazine when she’s pregnant, I’m gonna poke my eyes out.

  11. Anonymous

    It’s obviously a rumor. She said that if she were to add to her family, she would adopt, but she currently is perfectly fine with the children she has. She said she had her hands full with four children, but would not say “never” to the possibility of adopting again.

    She still is under contract to do several tours, plus considering her age and demanding training regimen, I don’t think it’s possible.

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