Heidi Montag Is Obsessed With Plastic Surgery

Oh, Heidi. As much as I find you ridiculously intolerable and also downright stupid, I also feel very, very badly for you because you are 23 and you have now racked up more plastic surgery than most celebrities twice your age. What’s more, you see nothing at all wrong with that or the message it sends.
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  • Anonymous

    Why is this story on your webiste? Who care’s about these people. Heidi is not even a mom. She is just a nobody. What is she doing on here anyway? C’mon CBS!

    • Anonymous

      Funny, she actually looks older! actually, she’s looks like a cougar who is trying to look she’s 29 again!!

    • Anonymous

      Funny, she actually looks older! actually, she’s looks like a cougar who is trying to look she’s 29 again!!

  • Hal

    I usually having nothing but animosity for Heidi and her dreadful and unbearable husband, but now I feel very, very, very sorry for her. It’s very sad that she is so unhappy with herself that she feels the need to undergo so many alterations. The fact that her husband, who supposedly loves her, allowed her to do this to herself is ridiculous. If Spencer loved her, he would stop at nothing to convince her how beautiful she is, but instead he’s obviously done nothing but encourage her insecurities. I just want to hug her and get her far away from Hollywood and her idiot husband. It’s so disheartening that this is the tone of young girls in this country, and that someone who is so well-known by teens and young girls is encouraging this behavior. Hopefully girls will learn from this what not to do!! Very sad.

    • Moore

      She mentioned that Spencer doesn’t like it but that its her body and basically she can do what she wants with it. Sad, but you can’t change the mind of someone just because you love them. I hope she can get help for her insecurities before it costs her her life.

  • Audrey

    I read the interview in People and her husband isn’t happy with the surgery. And just because you love somebody doesn’t mean you can change their mind. I don’t believe he is an idiot for not being able to change her mind or doubt his affection for her. I do indeed doubt her sense of selfworth.

  • rachel s

    That is the cutest shih tzu puppy ever. Heidi looks almost the same. It looks like she is wearing different make up. I really think its just another publicity stunt. Who in there right mind would get 10 procedures JUST to get back in the headlines.

  • Rings

    She’ll look 50 by the time she’s 30. Not to mention i don’t understand why this news is on this site in the first place.

  • Jack

    Maybe its just the make up or the angle but she kinda looks like faith hill. IMO. I thought she was beautiful before but it is her body, its just to bad she ruined it.

  • Arianna

    Her wanting the extra large boobs was ridiculous, not possible because her body could not accommodate them. However, I think she looks okay. It will take a year for the swelling to go down. She did have a massive chin before and I think her face looks more balanced now with a smaller one. It’s her money her deal, and she can do whatever she wants to herself. Maybe she sends just the opposite kind of message to young people, to not get plastic surgery.

  • anne

    Here’s another vote for “Why is this on Celebrity Baby Scoop?” Maybe you’re classifying Speidi as “babies” themselves. Can y’all stick to actual children and leave “immature adults” to other websites? Thanks!

  • Lisa

    For those of you questioning why this is on CBS – it’s partner content. While we are trying to stick with mom/baby topics, sometimes we will post popular topics. It’s easy enough to scroll past if it doesn’t interest you.

  • Janice

    Undeniably, she is FREAKING GORGEOUS. Plastic surgery or not, she looks beautiful. Her doctor, Frank Ryan is a genious. The best around.

  • Fran

    i have to admit… she looks gorgeous. cant stand her, but she looks great.

  • Janie

    she is a pathetic, stupid nobody!

  • nanpan

    I thought she was much prettier before she got any plastic surgery (circa season 1 of The Hills). But, it’s her choice and she is still pretty. I actually kind of feel bad for Spencer. I couldn’t imagine being married to someone who felt the need to do this to themselves, especially knowing that you don’t want them to.

  • Anonymous

    okay i love how everyone keeps talking about the message it sends and blah blah blah, but come on! we’re acting like people are idiots and they’re not. just cause she chose to have 10 surgery doesn’t mean it’s gonna influence people to do the same. majority of the population can obviously tell that is crazy. she’s entertainment, and she’s great at that. she’s NOT a nobody, she just chose to have 10 surgeries.

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  • Hermes Birkin

    What’s more, you see nothing at all wrong with that or the message it sends.

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