Brad Pitt Buys The House Next Door

When you have six kids, well you better have a whole lot of running around room. Brad Pitt apparently knows this very well and has just made a real estate purchase to expand the family’s compound in the hills of Los Feliz in Los Angeles.

Brad bought the house next door for $1.1 million. The home is a 3,232-square foot 20’s era home that has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and even has a secret cave! It was originally $2 but it was reduced to $1.495. But Brad, he got it for just $1.1 million. Check out photos of him and Angelina’s new house at
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Photo credit: INF 1/06/10


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Look at those sticks coming out of Angelina’s boots! Yuck.


I think this is the house Brad has had his eye on for many years. It has that huge ballroom with a high vaulted ceiling. I think it’s the one where the old man lived and it was pretty much on Brad’s compound.

It’s an incredible property and I believe Brad has been renovating it since this summer. I hope they show the renovation in a magazine like they did with the mid-century house on their property Brad renovated for offices. That was art.


Hmmmm, may be he wants to be near the kids when they split. Those two are dunzo.