Experts Weigh In On Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Tomboy Look

Are A-list parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sending the wrong message to their 3 1/2-year-old daughter Shiloh by often dressing her up like a little boy? Manhattan psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, who pens a column in Metro newspaper called No More Drama, weighs in on the subject with Us.

Shiloh at three years old may very well be expressing her preference for certain clothing and playing a role in what she wears. This is quite healthy as she is learning to make choices and think independently. If though, Brad and Angelina are dressing Shiloh in boys clothing to make a social or fashion statement, I suggest they stop,” Alpert continues. “It’s never a good idea for parents to defy societal or cultural norms at the expense of their child to make such statements — it comes with a cost.” (Brad and Angie have used their relationship to take a stand against inequality, saying they won’t wed until gay marriage is legalized.)

Alpert goes on to say that Shiloh could be at risk of being, “picked on or ostracized by her peers, potentially leading to social problems, anxiety, and poor academic performance” when she enters school.

Carol Tuttle, a psychotherapist and the author of Dressing Your Truth-Real Beauty for Real Women, says Shiloh’s style is “similar to a look Avril Lavigne made popular, and we still felt Avril’s feminine nature coming through.” But she warns, “if Angelina is choosing her daughter’s clothes… she could be repressing her daughter’s true nature.”

“As parents, when we raise a child more true to our tendencies, personality traits, and nature rather than our children’s nature, we perpetuate the potential for a child to rebel in their teen years in an effort to be true to themselves,” Tuttle says and adds, “Picking out their own clothes is a very healthy activity for a little 3-year-old girl.”

What do you think? Are Brad & Angelina repressing Shiloh by dressing her as a boy?

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  • Anonymous

    Didn’t I read some where that they let their kids dress themselves?

  • Anonymous

    nope. shiloh’s perfect the way she is. don’t know why ‘experts’ need to talk about this. what a load of hot air.

    • Lioness

      My sentiments exactly.

  • MomE

    This article pisses me off to no end. I can’t even get my thoughts straight, I’m so irked. But let me try….

    First of all, I always find it so incredibly wrong for so called experts to pass judgement on people that they’ve never even spoken with or observed or come in contact with in anyway. It is just the experts giving uneducated/unknowledgable statements. And that’s always wrong, expert or not.

    Secondly, the whole ridicule by peers thing really pisses me off too. How does that teach people to be accepting? If all children are exposed to are the kids who all dress alike and do their hair alike and talk alike…how are they going to learn to accept differences and see the beauty in differences. We should teach our children to be accepting of differences, not to comply with some unspoken societal norm. Where would the world be without differences?!

    Ugh! Whole thing just makes me sick. What was the point of this article?! Who wanted to waste a bunch of time on this BS?!

  • dee

    Definiton of a leading question: a question that suggests the answer or contains the information the examiner is looking for.

    Your question implies that they are actively dressing Shiloh like a boy when you have absolutely no proof. You could have just asked if readers believe in letting their children dress themselves once they reach a certain age.

    I think they let the kids dress they way they want to. If you’ve seen pictures of shiloh when she was 0-2, she was pretty much always in a dress or some frilly top.

  • Claire

    I totally agree with you, guys! OMG, what do these “experts” know about that child? Nothing! as they admit at the beginning with all their if´s!

  • Liron

    expert saying… blah blah blah
    expert on bullshit maybe.

    there’s nothing wrong with girls dressing as boys, it’s far more acceptable than boys wanting to put on dresses. Why is this needing to be analyzed?! I hated putting on dresses and skirts until my mid 20s… I still feel much more comfortable in pants and if I could just dress without worrying about being labled by society I’d just put on comfortable boy clothes rather than having to wear tight jeans and shirts to look sexy and feminine.

  • Toby

    This is ridiculous. I’m sure she’s picking out her own clothes, and they are letting her make choices and express herself. There is nothing to criticize! Everyone knows you can’t make a 3 year old wear something they don’t want to wear without a huge fight. From what I’ve read, Shiloh has always been into tomboy-ish things.

  • Arianna

    These “experts” are nothing but a bunch of fame-ho’s hoping to cash in on the celebrity status of this family. They don’t even know the child on a personal basis. Shiloh picks out her own clothes every day and from what another site said and another “expert” who may actually know a bit about children – this is very healthy and encourages independent thinking. A child who is playing hard with her siblings is not likely to pick out a frilly dress for running, jumping and climbing.

  • elle

    So ridiculous. She’s got two older brothers! If anything, she’s emulating Maddox’s awesome style. Are they damaging Zahara by letting her follow her own girly style, too?

    Let the little girl do what she wants. I think she looks FANTASTIC. I’m jealous!

  • Cat

    I didn’t know you guys had the right to tell someone how to raise their children just because you have a blog.
    Their kids dress themselves, read an interview or two and you may have known that.
    Why don’t you go monitor what Noah Cyrus wears, if this going to confuse Shiloh, surely the knee highs and mini skirts will turn Noah into a raging slut?

  • MomE

    Oh and about being picked on an ostracized…. I got that to the point of social isolation and anxiety because I was smart. Does that mean we should not let our kids be too smart? Sheesh! I can’t stop finding ways that these idioperts and full of hot air. Thank goodness it’s coming out the end it’s coming out though. Otherwise the whole plant would be stunk up by them! :p

  • nanpan

    I agree with all of you! Not much more I can add, because you guys have said it all so well.

  • Jack

    If anyone were to take a look at their other children they would plainly see that they let their kids chose their own clothes. I seriously doubt it has anything to do with her parents ideals. I let my child wear what she wants to an extent, she just happens to be very girly.

  • fantasyk87

    I don’t believe that Angelina and Brad dressed her up like this, but I think Shilou just take it as a game to play.. infact I remember the time when Brad said in an interview that Shilou would like to be called John by everyone.. so she likes to play a boy..she’s 3 years old.. what’s the matter???? Leave her be!

  • Anonymous

    Hahah what the hell is up with all these commenters? I love what this Alpert man is saying. No kid dresses like that as tomboyish as they may be, especially since she started dressing like that at a young age, when she wasn’t old enough to say what she wanted to wear. These two people are attention whores and they are clearly doing it to have a different kid from their herd.

    I also hate the statement of them not getting married until gay people can. Charlize Theron and her husband said that years ago before these two. These two are so fake. They need to make themselves some publicity about everything they do. A lot of other celebrities are truly humanitarian without having to call to tell everyone about it.

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh is so cute in her little hat and tie and whatever Angie and Brad allows her to wear is ok with me. After all she is their concern. I’ll file this under MYOB. (Mind your own business)

  • Peta

    Oh for the love of God. The experts need to save their analyses for the children of privilege who seem more wayward, rudderless and self-destructive than children born into poverty.

    And why would Shiloh’s parents purposely dress her like a boy, yet Zahara is dressed more feminine? And if they wanted to defy societies norms like this professional has suggested, why haven’t we seen Maddox and Pax in tutus and frilly blouses? If 3 year old Suri can pick out her clothes, then I don’t see why it’s alarming that 3 year old Shiloh wants to dress the way she does. Ugh. Must have been a slow-day at the clinic.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to see that everyone is defending the right of the parents to let their kids dress the way the want at the age of 3… maybe everyone will leave Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise alone about Suri and her shoes!!

  • Anonymous

    who cares why she dresses like a tomboy! she’s the freaking 3 years old! why the heck do magazines think we want to here, or care from experts why the THINK shes dressing like a tomboy. maybe shes just been a regular little kid going through a phase, i mean celeb kids are allowed to do that right? millions of little girls dress like tomboys as kids, including, why put so much focus on it?

  • Anonymous

    wow…this article is just sad and ridiclious. why is necessary to have an “expert” comment on a 3 year olds clothing. shes a cute little girl who dresses like a tomboy, just like a million other kids out there.

  • Anonymous

    I’m disappointed at the defensive tone by most of these commentators. Shiloh is only 3 years old and at this age most parents buy their child’s clothes without consulting him/her and then let the child make the daily choice from his/her closet. However like one of the experts mentioned, she could be choosing her own clothes – possibly by raiding her older brothers’ closets. It could also very well be that the parents are influencing Shiloh’s choices. Many of Brad and Angelina’s movies are violent and filled with lots of gun. Plus Angelina has mentioned several times about her childhood collection of knives. To me, their 2 older boys have been influenced by their parents’ passions as they are photographed frequently wearing camouflage and playing video games with guns. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Shiloh’s parents have influenced her style of dress. But like the experts both alluded to, we have no idea what the real situation is because we (us blog viewers) do not know them personally.

    • Anonymous

      I also want to add that I agree with the experts. If Shiloh is making these ragamuffin clothing choices on her own, whether it is a phase, early self-expression or an early gender preference, that is fine. Obviously all parents influence a 3-year-old child’s clothing choices to some degree, but I also agree that it is detrimental to Shiloh if her parents are influencing her attire to make their own social/fashion statement and/or to impose onto her their need to be unique.

  • Jen

    Sorry, but I would have to say her parents influence her style since they are buying her clothes. I have two boys under 5 and I lay their clothes out for them every morning. Even if they were to “choose their own clothes”, skirts and dresses would not be among the options since they are BOYS. If Shiloh has access to her brother’s closet, why on earth are they telling her it’s ok to dress him? Is it really such an old-fashioned notion to encourage girls to be girls and boys to boys? Sorry ladies, but if I saw any one of you walking down the street in your husband’s suit and tie I’d think you were a freak. The feeling’s the same when I see a beautiful little girl wearing boys clothes. I’ve looked at the picture above several times and there’s something not right about it. I get the feeling she’s being allowed to choose the gender she wants to be as well. This is Angeline Jolie we’re talking about here. She used to wear her ex-husband’s blood around her neck, for heaven’s sake. Anything is possible.

    • abby

      your clothing does not dictate being a girl. girls can be girls and still dress like tomboys. to say you would judge someone so harshly based on what they’re wearing is incredibly ignorant and sad.

  • Anonymous

    My 4 year old nephew used to wear his twin sister’s tutu around the house all day. It was a phase he went through. He’s a well-adjusted little boy with no gender issues whatsoever. Shiloh is only 3 years old. This is probably a phase. Why not let her wear what she wants. It’s not hurting anyone. Being a tomboy won’t “damage” her. I was a tomboy all the way through high school and I’m a perfectly fine, productive member of society. I’m also much more feminine now than I used to be. People change and I’m sure someday Shiloh will also. Just like me and my nephew, she’ll be absolutely fine.

  • Anonymous

    please….just because most of you are brangelina fans doesn’t mean whatever she does is right and we are not entitled to say otherwise. if they dress shiloh [and i really think they do – she’s been dressed like that since she was born – i’ve never seen her in a dress] there will be problems for the kid. yes, she will be made fun of, and yes, she will get confused as to why her parents think a beautiful three-year-old girl should be dressed like a boy. just because i’m a fan of someone doesn’t mean i defend them. it if HIGHLY unlikely shiloh dresses herself or even raids her brothers’ closets, because its been this way for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    “I also hate the statement of them not getting married until gay people can. Charlize Theron and her husband said that years ago before these two. These two are so fake. They need to make themselves some publicity about everything they do.”

    No, magazines and publicists need to stop releasing statement from so called “insiders” (aka the writer of the article that just wants to make some quick cash). So because they said this after Charlize, they are fake? Seriously, are you that ignorant? Many many people have stated that, well after (and before) Charlize. I know people personally that have gone to court to annul their marriage to make a statement about gay marriage. So they are fake? People with high status make these statements to get the word out. This is their belief. There is no harm in that. Everyone has the right to marriage. Everyone.

    As for the “expert” take of Shiloh’s attire, I agree with the beginning posters. I couldn’t have said it better myself. She is three years old. Three year olds are defiant by nature. Her parent’s have stated before that they let them dress themselves. It creates independence and a sense of self. With all of the garbage in the media today, this is what kids need. I am glad to see a couple that is not focused on looks like a lot of Hollywood. So a child wears black, so she wears a tie on occasion. Suri is out wearing too grown up dresses every single day. Great. She likes dresses. It is obvious that Shiloh does not. When I was three I refused to wear a dress or skirt. My parents decided it was not worth the fight because it is CLOTHING. Clothing does not define a person. I also had a butch cut due to a barber mishap. Did I look like a boy? Yes. Was I teased and called a boy? Yes. Has it affected me to this day? No. I wear dresses, skirts, make-up…I know plenty of women who don’t. There is too much gender separation going on. Pink / Purple / Pastels should not define girl, as Blue / Green / Primary colors should not define boy.

    Now that we have all this “expert talk” by CBS about Shiloh being a tomboy and expressing who she is right now; I ask, when is you next article coming out calling out Suri and her parents and her adult dress and high heels. Let me guess, the experts say that because she is wearing such mature clothes at age 3-4, she gets entrapped into Hollywoods beauty scene and becomes the next Miley or Heidi? Hmmm. Please, enlighten me CBS.

    • Anonymous

      I think you are taking the gay marriage example out of context. One of the experts was using this point as an example of a social statement used by Brad and Angelina – not that it is wrong for them to make this kind of social statement since they are adults. But using their child to make a social statement about another issue would be unhealthy. The expert was not saying that Angelina and Brad are doing this with Shiloh, but it is a possibility. Also the expert was not saying what kind of social statement Brangelina might be making. All of this is hypothetical because we don’t know the family.

      Here are examples of social statements that would be harmful: Shiloh receives world-wide attention for being Brangelina’s biological daughter and being quite beautiful. Maybe subconsciously Angie wants to deflect unwanted paparazzi attention from Shiloh’s beauty by toning down her looks. A social statement could be that their daughter is not defined by her feminine appearance and is a unique and creative individual. Or maybe Angie feels uncomfortable with the attention and birthright privilege her biological daughter receives in comparison to her adopted children or for that matter the refugees that she works with for the UN. Maybe Brangelina are dressing their daughter in street kid attire to show solidarity with urban minorities and those less fortunate. Or Angie could be making a voyager fashion statement by encouraging Shiloh to dress outside the norm, as she did in her teens and twenties. If these social/fashion statements would be accurate, they would have the negative affect of suppressing Shiloh’s individuality rather than expressing it. I’m definitely not saying that these scenarios are true or that Brad and Angie don’t love Shiloh, but if you are an “expert,” you do need to look into subconscious motivations.

      Parents have great influence over their children. Why do all 6 of Brangelina’s children wear neutral colors the majority of the time? Take a look at their parents’ color choices. Where do you think Suri Cruise gets her motivation to be a fashionista? Katie Holmes has toned it down recently, but for a while she was going head to toe with Victoria Beckham.

      Your childhood situation could certainly be similar to Shiloh’s, but it also might not be. And not all 3-year-olds are defiant and want to express their individuality through clothing choices that go against societal norms. However Shiloh is being raised in an artistic family, and since she also does not have a lot of contact with children outside of her family, there might be more of a propensity for creative self-expression.

      The bottom line is that these experts gave us SEVERAL different scenarios for Shiloh’s clothing choices – not just one as many posters angrily complained. The experts both said this could be NORMAL behavior (whether or not Shiloh could be gay) or it could be a sign that her parents need to regroup.

  • tif

    oh no!!!! she MUST be gay!!! lol

    this whole article is unnecessary.

  • Anonymous

    I just going to put it out there, when I was a kid I dress like a boy I use to wear my brother clothes my mom hated it. My sister was the same way we both were tomboy and we hated dresses and dolls and anything girly. My sister is now married with 2 boy and happy as all hell and I am transguy. We both dress and act the same way but we took very different paths and we are both happy with our chooses. We dont know what are children are going to be but I dout Shi will be gay or trans, i would bet an arm she will grow up to be very straight and very girly. but if she not, it’s no one issue but her family. Kids know who they are at very early ages. We as adult put role on them and make them feel bad for not following them. We tell them how the world see them or want to see them and we create this images of what they are suppose to be. That a lot of pressure for a 3 year old. in the end it is on Angie and Brad to decide what kinda parents they are going to be and how they will raise there children and teach them.

  • Anonymous

    I hate those experts who claim to how a girl who´s 3 years old should dress herself. They don´t know Shiloh. I love the way she dresses herself. She wants to express herself by wearing whatever she wants. I´m sure that Brad and Angie don´t force her to wear anything she doesn´t want to. She obviously loves to emulate Mad´s clothing and that cool. She has all the time in the world to wear girly clothes in the future. She knows full well that she´s a girl but want to act like a tomboy. There´s nothing wrong with that. She will be a beautiful young woman just like her mum and will also show it one day. Leave this little girl alone you “we-know-all”-experts!

  • Anon1

    I don’t for one moment believe it is OK for a girl to dress like a boy at the extremes that Shiloh does. Her brothers do not even dress that boyishly, Haven’t seen any of them in a tie. A tie is down right dangerous. Shiloh’s mother dresses her like that for PR reasons. Angelina likes attention, when Shiloh is with Brad she is not dressed extreme like this. Tell me, before she was one year, did she choose her clothes too? Because she was dressed boyish or unisex. Lets not defend celebs because we are fans. Brangelina could kckl puppies and they will have their fans defending them saying they also do it and it is OK.

    May be the child is trans-gender and her parents know this and let her choose.

    • Dominick

      There is a huge difference between letting your child pick out their own clothes and kicking a puppy. I wouldn’t defend ANYONE who commits animal abuse whether I liked their movies or not. That statement was just ignorant.

  • dholmas

    I always had pants on as a kid. It was easier to climb trees and other things. Today I very seldom wear a dress and always in jeans and t’s with sneakers. I did not turn out gay. My ex is gay and tried to be straight. My now husband is a wonderful man.

  • fighter

    come on ! i am teenager and girl now.when i was a little, i wore boy clothes and i wanna be boy.and look at me now.i love woman’s clothes,high wheels and make cant judge a little child.

  • Danielle

    I have such mixed feelings on this. If this is Shiloh expressing herself I think it is ok to a point, the tie could be dangerous if she was playing in a playground for instance but we haven’t seen a pic of that yet, so on the whole dressing that way isn’t really hurting her unlike Suri wearing heels which will have a physical affect. Socially they don’t go to a regular school so aren’t exposed to peer pressure so I think Shiloh will be fine.
    My friends son like to dress like a girl at home and as much pink outside as he can get away with. But he knows (as he goes to school now) he can’t wear his pink sparkly boots out or people will make fun of him. It’s a shame in 2010 that it is still this way really. Funny before 1930 pink was the colour you put boys in and blue was for girls 🙂

  • Barija

    There is the tomboyish look, that is more than okay for a little girl if she prefers it to dresses and skirts, and then there is the fedora and a tie get-up. Even if she were a three year old boy this would look strange and nobody would claim that he “dresses himself” like that. This looks like it was hand-picked by a stylist.

  • Angelina and Brad may have valid reasons why they’re dressing Shiloh like that:
    1. Shiloh likes pants because she sees them worn by her brothers
    2. Angie is downplaying her daughter’s looks
    3. The parents doesn’t want her being compared to always costly-dressed Suri
    4. Angie wants to show that there are other more important things in life, like giving money to poor children around the world, rather than buying expensive designer clothes

  • Angelina and Brad may have valid reasons why they’re dressing Shiloh like that:
    1. Shiloh likes pants because she sees them worn by her brothers
    2. Angie is downplaying her daughter’s looks
    3. The parents doesn’t want her being compared to always costly-dressed Suri
    4. Angie wants to show that there are other more important things in life, like giving money to poor children around the world, rather than buying expensive designer clothes

  • Sophia

    How is this article even in existence? Who cares about the reasons a 3-year-old wears what she wears? She’s a toddler! Whether her parents dressed her like that or she chose the clothes herself, she appears to be a happy kid, and to have parents and siblings who love her and care about her, so really, why does it matter that she dons the occasional fedora or tie? Let her dress how she wants to dress, or even how her parents want her to dress, if she’s happy with it. She’s worn dresses before (despite what some commenters said) and I’m sure she’ll wear them again. Many girls go through the tomboy stage and come out of it no worse off. I really don’t see the harm in what Shiloh wears, or why these “experts” feel the need to analyse it.

  • Haven’t they been saying they are breaking up for about 3 years now.
    This is getting boring.

  • Lira

    Oh dear Lord, how can these experts chime in on someone they never met. And if you look online for pics of Shiloh, there are several pics of her in dresses. I just saw two with her in a white dress and a black summer dress. In Brad’s interview with Oprah, he mentioned Shiloh’s fascination with Peter Pan and wanting to be called John. And another poster brought up a good point. Zahara is always dressed girly and Angelina and Brad don’t stop her or dress her up like a tomboy. Shiloh is picking clothes she like. Some girls are more girlish than others. There is nothing wrong with that. I know plenty of girls who can’t stand wearing dresses and would prefer to get boy clothes than girl clothes.
    You should have seen the outfits I came up with when I was 5, my mom let me do it so I could express myself. You don’t have to pick your child’s clothes out everyday, let them have fun and be creative.
    She is 3 years old, leave it be.

  • Dominick

    You know what is funny about all of this? Look up Shiloh Jolie Pitt and look through pictures of when Shiloh was younger. How many pics have her carrying around a DOLL? Yes, a DOLL. Something girls are expected to play with. Just on the first page of Google I found at least two pics of Shiloh wearing dresses as a baby. Yeah, they weren’t pink, but I saw someone say she never wore dresses. Google proves you wrong. She also wore a “hot pink” shirt under her coat in one pic.

    Brad has said in interviews they believe in letting their kids express themselves any way they want. If that means they play with pizza boxes and not toys they play with boxes. If that means they dress like tomboys, so be it. Shiloh seems to be quite independent for 3, so I’m guessing she picks out her clothes at home and in the stores. How deluded are you people who think this is a social statement? If it was, the boys would all be in dresses and skirts and Zahara would dress like Shiloh. Brad himself has said Zahara is a girly girl and Shiloh is rough and tumble. That is just HER.

    I pity the parents who restrict their kids so much. You are just raising your kids to fear differences and not understand the importance of diversity or thinking for themselves. Still, no one is stopping you from dressing your kids so conservatively, so why do you think you deserve the right to do this to anyone else’s kids?

    Further, nothing about Angelina suggests she is an attention whore. We rarely hear from her and Brad. She is too busy with the UN, doing some real good for the world. Blame the Paparrazzi for not leaving them alone. Honestly, when either of them are photographed they seem far too involved with their kids to pay heed to cameras like “attention hos” would. That is what good parents do.

  • Anonymous

    This discussion is just stupid. And i don’t like the word tomboy, thats whats makes the child confused if something. She is still a girl even if she happens to like soccer and dress in blue and black. “You are not a real girl because you don’t like pink and playing with dolls”. And why does it all of a sudden become so horrible to force a kid into a role? Thats what we allready do when we dress upp boys and girls differently and raise them differently. Why does it become so uppsetting when you turn it around? Homofobia? All this is in our heads, not the childs.

    • Anonymous

      Well, it’s obviously more than “blue and black” that sparks the debate in the first place. The girl literally looks like a boy, not just a “tomboy”. Many girls like to dress tomboy, but this girl looks EXACTLY like a boy, in an abnormal way.

  • Anonymous

    Que lamentable que una esta Niña linda la vistan de varón. Es una lastima que en el hogar no la ayuden en una formación normal. Eso sucede Porque la madre es bisexual

  • Anonymous

    all i want to ask one question who the hell are we to tell parents to bring the children in that or this way. as a mother i will never tolerate coz i do not others to do this or that. do you have a life, i guess not.

  • Morde

    This whole article was (poorly) written on the basis that Brangelina choose their daughters clothes for her. They don’t. She picks them out herself. So… someone just delete this trash.

  • Anonymous

    I work with small children, and to me she just looks like a 3 year old who has been allowed to pick her own clothing. I applaud this.

  • Anonymous

    I love Angelina…always will. Tabloids are ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    This is stupid, the child is just growing up and can dress whichever way she feels comfortable. if she likes boyish clothing, so what? where is the law to state that females have to wear pink, or play with dollies? is it the same law that says women must cook and clean? grow up, let her wear whats she wants

  • Anonymous

    i think its cute!

  • Amy

    You’re right this is stupid, I mean Angelina is stupid. At 3, there is absolutely NO WAY this child is choosing to dress this way herself. A 3 year old would NEVER chose to wear those hats with a loose tie around her neck like that. Get real. Second, if Angelina isn’t going to dress herself like a boy, why would she do it to her beautiful daughter. Is this the story of Snow White, and Angelina want to be the “Fairest of them all”. Shiloh would be prettier than Angelina, if she weren’t dressing her like a boy. She’s a beautiful little girl and her father seems to love her very much, maybe even more than Angelina.

  • Nanny

    I really don’t surprised about the some overrated and more provoked reactions on this. I feel its pretty normal stuff unless the‭ dozen media don’t exposed it to be as much as highlighted then ipad,‭ ‬in‭ every things seems to be calm and cool,‭ ‬although its unfair to compare MS,but certainty the underdog competitors like Softmaker had already reveled the new office applications‭ ‬,so whats new. MS intend to do something to remain in the media coverage‭ ‬,its now very often.

  • Eva

    At this age, a good parent would pay attention to what a child likes, but guide the child also! A 4 year old girl can be taken to the GIRL’S section of a store, and asked to help choose her clothing. Children need parental input and rules to feel secure. Like it or not, we live in a society, and we need to teach our children how to live within the boundaries of that society. You can be unique without being rebellious & immature. Angelina should actually try parenting, not “watching” what the kid is going to come up with next.

  • Becky

    Seriously, society is afraid of different.

    Any parent on here who makes a judgment here is guilty.

    Their family is none of anyone’s business and I find it hard to believe that anyone would enjoy having their child’s preference for clothing whether girly or not, scrutinized. I can’t wait until Shiloh is older and has to deal with all of the public’s crap.

    I just hope she can stay true to who she is and I am glad Brad and Angelina are letting her do it now before the media sinks their teeth in. No wonder they seek solitude in another country. Wear what you want Shiloh, be who you are. Brad and Angelina you have an awesome and gorgeous family!

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry, but she isn’t SOMETIMES wearing boys clothing. She insists on it always. She isn’t a tomboy. She will have great trouble when she gets around her own peer group, as she should. She is a very confused little girl. The fact that she swims in boys trunks, is simply crude. Its not legal for biological females to bare their breasts, and its telling that Shiloh is breaking the law with the blessing of her parents. They are raising her to disregard peoples comfort, normal modesty, and legal rules in favor of her own whim at four years old. How can that be OK? Its nuts. Not to mention that she isn’t wearing boys clothing for comfort, or the fashion statement, or even rebellion. She is obviously doing it so she is recognized as a boy. She insists on being called Chaz, always. She would not wear a pair of more comfortable, better fitting pair of jeans and a sweater from the girls side. She isn’t particularly sporty. She simply dislikes being female. So we know for a fact she is very aware of her gender status, and she hates it. The real question is why.

    • Anonymous

      What planet do you live on where you think it’s illegal for a *four* year old to be bare-chested while swimming?? At 4 years old, a regular girl would be welcome to swim in her knickers in public–I’m sorry, but there is nothing sexual or offensive about a toddler swimming in boys’ trunks, whatever the toddler’s gender.
      And as for Shiloh’s dress sense and decision to be referred to as “Chaz”, I don’t feel anybody can judge without knowing the full story. If Angelina is pressuring her daughter to dress in stereotypically boys’ clothing, then personally I agree with the phycologists that it isn’t appropriate. I also believe that forcing a child to dress in frills and pink simply because she is female is wrong if she’d rather wear shorts and a tee-shirt.
      If, however, Shiloh is choosing her clothing and asking to be known as Chaz, then I for one laud her parents her respecting her. She’s not hurting anybody; if it’s a phase, then she’ll grow out of it, and if this is who she is, then good on them for accepting their child.
      And if it is her choice? Well then it’s really nobody else’s business.

  • Johanna B

    I think it’s really cute what jolie and pitt is doing. People are overreacting to the cloths and Shiloh is wearing. Looking at the trends today, it’s almost normal for kids to where whatever they want. My Port Washington dentist has a daughter that would dress tom boyish. She is about 17 years of age now and she still dresses the same way. She is just like any average teenage girl, but her interest was different than most girls. She does well in school and has many friends, so really there is no point of dressing your child in a certain way, just whatever fits best.

  • james100

    Its nuts. Not to mention that she isn’t wearing boys clothing for comfort, or the fashion statement, or even rebellion. She is obviously doing it so she is recognized as a boy. She insists on being called Chaz, always. She would not wear a pair of more comfortable, better fitting pair of jeans and a sweater from the girls side. She isn’t particularly sporty. She simply dislikes being female. So we know for a fact she is very aware of her gender status, and she hates it. The real question is why.
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  • KarenBMB

    My 10 year old daughter gets most of her clothing from the boys department. She has always been allowed to express herself and this is her current style. Has she always dressed this way? No. She participated in dance class at age 4 and loved being in her tutu and almost everything she owned was pink. Does she struggle with gender identity issues? No. We have talked and she identifies as a girl. By the way, I am a lesbian and my daughter has 2 moms. Some may argue that WE are causing the “confusion”. My two cents: our daughter is allowed to express herself in the way she chooses — of course with parental guidance (and by the way, we have said “no” on occasion to some of her choices). She is an honors student, has lots of friends (boys and girls), she has a strong sense of self and is extremely creative and well-spoken. I don’t know if her current style choices are indicative of anything, and honestly, it doesn’t matter. I love my daughter the same now as I did when she was in her pink tutu. If she goes back to dressing girly, that is fine… If she stays in boys clothing, that is fine… If she ends up somewhere in the middle… That is fine. Bottom line, kids should be allowed to express themselves (again, with some parental guidance) and they will turn out exactly as they should… Whether gay, straight, transgendered. Just LOVE your kids. Period.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that children should not be generalised. As a child, I too, dressed up like a ‘tomboy’ and preferred playing with toy swords and guns instead of Barbies and makeup. However, as I grew older, I grew out of that phase. As soon as I hit puberty, I started to prefer hanging out with my female friends and started to be more feminine. So whether or not this is a phase for young Shiloh, I think that this child should be supported for whatever decision she makes.

  • margot koerner

    My son liked to dress up as a girl at this age. He had sparkly barbie flip flops that he wore all the time. It’s a normal phase that some kids go through and they don’t feel peer pressure or get embarrassed at that age. It’s the parents who feel embarrassed so I really doubt that Angie or Brad are picking out Shiloh’s clothes, but they are supporting her choices which is great parenting.
    My son grew out of his phase and he is all about everything that is “for boys” and doesn’t want anything to do with anything that could be perceived as girly. He doesn’t even remember dressing up as a girl either.

  • AR

    Angelina is sick and unsuitable as a mother. How many photos of Angelina and Shiloh alone we have seen? One? Two? Angelina is always out and about with all of them or with the twins only, or obsesing about her adopted kids. The last one serves to make her public apperiance better.

  • Micky

    It is to see them with raising their kids the way the link.
    It is their life and they are free to chose what they want to give their kids and how they want to raise them

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