Mary Lynn Rajskub Channels Mom Experience For 24

This season’s scripts are striking a familiar chord for 24 stars Mary Lynn Rajskub and Kiefer Sutherland.

Mary Lynn, who in real life is mom to 17-month-old son Valentine, says of her character Chloe: “When I start, I’m behind at the CTU because I’ve been at home being a mum. So I have to catch up. It makes the stakes a little bit higher for my character, because she has a kid to worry about. And I have a kid in real life, so it sort of feeds into my work, a little bit.”

As for Jack Bauer, the FOX drama’s intense lead character has recently learned that he’s a grandfather. Kiefer, who is dad to grown daughter Sarah and stepdaughter Michelle, says that it’s a plot twist that hits home.

“All of a sudden I’ve got to go to work and have this four-year-old granddaughter. It just reminded me of my daughters when they were really young,” he says. “The granddaughter in the show just made me feel very nostalgic about my children when they were growing up.”

The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning 24 is currently in its 8th season.

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