Mariska Hargitay & August Land At LAX

What a cutie! Mariska Hargitay was spotted arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday (January 22) with her smiley 3 ½-year-old son August. The mother-son duo shared a hug while waiting for their luggage. So sweet!

Mariska, 45, recently said that she is open to having another baby.

It’s in God’s hands,” she said. “But we’re always open to it.”

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  1. I hope that she ends up not having another baby. She is 46 years old. It’s not in “God’s hands” anymore, it’s in the eggs. Forty-six is way too old to be having children.

  2. Anonymous @ 10:08, who the hell gave you the authority over her right to have a child or not? It doesn’t concern you.

  3. I love this family and hope she gets her heart’s desire. BUT from the 3rd pic, it looks like she may already have a little ‘baby bump’ going on! Maybe it’s just the sweater though. Anyone else think that maybe…????

  4. I thought this site was supposed to be moderated, why did they let comments with profane language pass through?

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