Ben Affleck Says “Thanks, Honey” For Sharing Secrets

Just last week Jennifer Garner revealed how her “sexy and kind” husband Ben Affleck wooed her with emails – a tidbit that the very private Gone Baby Gone director reluctantly confesses is true.

“I do write e-mails to my wife, that is true,” Ben tells Access Hollywood, adding, “Sounds like the kind of thing that my wife was looking for something to say in the interview… and that’s what she same up with. So, thanks for that, because now here I am, doing another interview and then they ask me about that. So, thank you honey.”

Ben and Jennifer and their gorgeous girls Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 1, were voted our favorite famous family of 2009 in Celebrity Baby Scoop’s 2nd Annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

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That’s what you get for marrying somebody who can’t support the fame she wants on her own. She needs to talk about you in order to stay relevant.


Oh, sheesh Shililicious….another Jennifer Garner basher? I believe Jen is doing just fine being relevent on her own. She was great in Girlfriend’s Past and Valentine’s Day is coming out next month.


I read the interview — she was asked point blank if he sent her letters – if she said none of your business it would have come off snotty, so she said “e-mails”.


Whenever someone for whatever reason doesn’t care for a celeb it seems they take any opportunity to say hateful and nasty things about them instead of just glossing over their articles. That, however, is too much to expect from some people.


something about him rubs me the wrong way. lol. i know mostly everyone else loves him though.


i don’t get why he gets pissed whenever you ask him about jen. he usually has a good sense of humor and is funny, but it’s very weird that she has always seemed like a touchy subject, for some reason. i don’t get it. they’re MARRIED. i wonder if he’s still just so scarred by the bennifer fiasco all those years ago, that he doesn’t want to ever talk about her. but their relationship is obviously much different than that one, i don’t think it would be such a terrible thing. she gushes about him