Freddie Prinze Jr: “Fatherhood Is The Best”

Proud new papa Freddie Prinze Jr can’t help but boast about his baby girl Charlotte Grace!

“She’s cute, right?” he asked as he shared a pic of his 4-month-old daughter and her mom Sarah Michelle Gellar during a recent appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly.

Saying that fatherhood is “the best,” Freddie added, “Everybody tells you it straightens everything out in your life and everything kind of clicks and it sounds very charming but very cliche when you don’t have a child.” But now that he’s a dad himself Freddie says he realizes that all those cliches are very true!

As for who little Charlotte takes after, the hands-on dad – he revealed that he shares the diaper duty – says it’s hard to tell.

“Certain expressions she makes look just like mine – those are on the dumber side of the scale – and then when she’s contemplative and thoughtful, she looks like Sarah.”

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

  • Catherine

    Where’s the picture then? I want to see it.

  • Carrie

    I’d love to see the picture too! I’m really happy for them, they seem so sweet and genuine.

  • Lisa

    Added 😉

  • nanpan

    What a beautiful family! Charlotte couldn’t possibly have lost in the looks department with those two for parents. It’s nice to see such a happy, normal, Hollywood family 🙂 Love them.

  • Juliana

    She looks just like daddy ! So adorable ! Love that family.

  • Anonymous

    Cute baby!! She looks just like her daddy with her mommys eyes!

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