Sam & Charlie Woods: Disney Duo

Sweet siblings Sam and Charlie Woods were looking lively while on an outing with their nanny to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida yesterday (January 24).

It’s being reported that the kids’ mom Elin Nordegren recently spent time with her estranged husband Tiger Woods at a Hattiesburg, Mississippi rehab facility. “The marriage is not over,” a source tells “They both want to save it.”

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Photo credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

  • kay

    Oh, how adorable! And save my marriage for a pig such as Tiger? I think not. I hope the best for Elin!

  • Anonymous

    So cute!
    Okay, I know “wanting to be together for the kids” thing, but I don’t know how you could ever trust a man like that again. Even with rehab, someone who risks everything to have a little “sexy time” with a few dozen woman, will likely relapse. Single parents are not a death sentence, my mother did just fine. They are better off with a mother who loves them, and to see their father regularly, outside of the household. Getting back together would be too much stress on Elin. Hopefully she can work things out for the better.

  • Hannah

    What adorable children, none the wiser of whats going on around them.

  • Anna

    If she goes back to him she is setting a bad example for her children.

    • Anonymous

      No so!!! She’s is trying to do what she thinks is best for herself, the kids and Tiger! So if she does leave the marriage, she will leave knowing that she tried the for better or worse, in sickness, in health, etc. Staying means I took my vow, and meant them. I love my kids, I love my husband, I don’t like what he’s done…. she will be able to leave if it does not work for whatever reason. Elin had to try to forgive and start over with Tiger. She is teaching kids that life is not perfect, but you try to forgive the one you chose to love and have family with.

  • Janie

    Adorable kids. Sorry but if I were Elin I would not go back to that pig! How could she ever trust him again?

  • LaKesha

    It’s funny how we all know what’s best for their marriage, their family, and their kids.

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