Elin Nordegren & Her Gymnastics Cuties

Elin Nordegren took her two her children – daughter Sam, 2, and son Charlie, who turns 1 on February 8 – to a gymanstics center in Orlando, Florida today (January 28).

We just spotted the estranged wife of Tiger Woods out and about with their son Charlie yesterday. Rumorville says that Elin recently visited Tiger at a Hattiesburg, Mississippi rehab facility.

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com


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Elin looked happy and serene…. Looked like most of her stress was gone starting mid Jan 2010… In fact, I was feeling all along she had not wanted a divorce but the tabloid/media pressured a lot with the divorce e-news.. Now when the tune of e-news had changed in the other direction, she was happy to wait for her hubby to be out from SA .


I suspected all along that this whole rehab thing is an attempt to get sympathy for Tiger from his wife, sponsors and fans. Tiger seems to be a devious man with very severe issues. Rehab will not work for Tiger if he thinks there is nothing wrong with him. He will continue to take advantage of his wife, children, fans, and sponsors for his own selfish purposes. Tiger cannot be trusted again.


Who said any of what the press is saying is TRUE.. Tiger does not need rehab but what he needs to do is have is publicist come out and say something.. He is not taking advantage of his wife and kids.. all his sponsors left when he QUIT playing golf… so please comment page..The only devious
people are the media who keep making up lies ..He is a human being..
Elin is happy now and smiles and she is not a celebrity but a celebrity’s wife.
Thank you celebrity baby scoop.. for letting me say this

To Anonymous@ 01:40 pm: You’re contradicting yourself. First you say you “suspected all along that the rehab is an attempt by Tiger to get sympathy rom his wife, sponsors and fans”. Then you say that “Tiger seems to be a devious man with very severe issues”. Well if he has very serious issues, then rehab is the exact right place for him to be! As for Tiger thinking that nothing is wrong with him, when did Tiger say he thought nothing was wrong with him? Tiger Woods is in rehab, which means he’s trying to get help and resolve his… Read more »

she is unbelievably gorgeous.. i find her kids to be odd looking… not ugly by any means, but not really that cute either… perhaps they’ll grow into it.. they have to, with a mom like her!


To Anonymous @ 5:54, did it ever occur to you that the Anonymous @ 1:40 and the Anonymous @ 2:28 are two different people? Didn’t you yourself post as Anonymous? Take it easy. Some people find it so easy to be so rude when they’re speaking through a computer. We’re all entitled to our opinion here.