Jennifer Lopez: “My Abs Are Pretty Flat For Having Twins!”

Jennifer Lopez recently told Us that she’s pretty impressed with her figure these days.

My abs are pretty flat for having twins!” Lopez said on Wednesday.

We just spotted J.Lo sporting her gorgeous figure poolside with her adorable twins. So what’s Jenny from the Block’s secret? “Nothing crazy,” the 40-year-old singer-actress said. “It’s about being consistent. That’s it.”

Although she doesn’t have time to hit the gym every day, she said, “You have to put the work in.”

Lopez mixes up her routine, hitting the StairMaster, boxing, biking and lots of lunges “to keep those thigh muscles firm,” she said.

Not that she wants to get too skinny. “It’s true I could serve coffee using my rear as a ledge, but I’m proud of my butt,” she said. “A dress shouldn’t look like a coat hanger. Skinny girls miss out.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I just saw a photo of this fat slob wrapping her stomach and thighs up in tight, tight, tight spandex to flatten it. Does this woman ever tell the truth?

  2. ljfoose

    I can’t stand her. She has been untruthful about her fertility struggles and I am sure she had plastic surgery. So annoying.

  3. Anonymous

    Barf. She reeks of narcissism and is the most annoying woman ever. Get over yourself already.

  4. Anonymous

    I can’t stand her either, especially after she called Sarah Palin the B-word. Don’t know why everyone has to diss on Palin so much!

  5. milla

    i think shes let her success get to her head. she acts like such a know-it-all in all of her interviews. truly annoying!

  6. LaKesha

    She has worked for her success–she deserves it.

  7. Anonymous

    Leave Jenniufer alone, you call that fat? I would love to see what you jealous women look like. Beautiful woman J.LO!

  8. Keepitrl

    OMG how vain is this woman? Ok not all people like her butt! In fact, most think her butt is way too big(like me). She cannot compare to true beauties out there like Giselle, Angelina, Kate etc. Those woman dont have to have fake hair, fake eyelashes, fifty trainers, etc(have you seen this woman before she was famous barf!) Get a life famous for your butt not your acting or your music(of which you suck at both)..amen

  9. Anonymous

    shutup.your probably just a hater.lik sorry it wrong to have curvs?and a big butt.come on now you must have a pancake butt!Lol

  10. Jen

    She totally had a surrogate carry those babies.

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