Tila Tequila: I’m Pregnant, Retiring From Hollywood

Tila Tequila claims she’s pregnant – again – and is retiring from Hollywood to raise the baby.

I’m gonna miss u guys! But I have to be a Mommy now so I retire from Hollywood!” she posted on Twitter Wednesday (January 27).

Several other tweets chat about her pregnancy news: “So now that I’m pregnant, yesssss I will indeed have strange moodswings every other minute! Now I want icecream! YUMMMM!” And just yesterday she tweeted: “omg I can’t stop eating…..LOL…havent called yet….lemme finish eating this first…omggg I cant stop eating Im a fat cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The 28-year-old reality starlet shared a sonogram photo with RadarOnline that she claims is hers.

So if she’s not going to be a surrogate for her brother, then who is the babydaddy? Tequila swears she didn’t cheat on her late fiancée, Casey Johnson.

“We talked about one of us getting pregnant so we can have another baby of our own. We talked about this for a very long time, and we both agreed that I would be the one carrying the baby,” Tequila said. “We were so excited to be mothers and she was so excited to help me through the pregnancy. I will never forget her telling me ‘You are going to be the cutest pregnant girl in the whole world in your pink Teletubby pajamas! I love you so much!'”

Do you think Tila is pregnant this time?

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    What a puke!

  • Tasha

    Who the heck cares?! Well, besides CPS.

  • I-Vomit_Glitter

    If it is true Child Services should be standing next to the Dr. at the birth and RUN NOT WALK the baby, as far away from that lunatic as possible.

  • Maru

    ^ Lol.

  • nanpan

    Probably not. And sadly, I don’t think she’ll ever stop being a fame-whore 🙁 Please go away Tila Tequila.

  • Anonymous

    who is she? never heard of her

  • Cindy

    So sad…….soooooooo saaaaaaaaad. She is desperately crying out for help. I wish she’d get it.

  • Lauren

    😮 hide your children!!!! shes out to steel a newborn!!!!

  • Peta

    I guess she’s finished riding the coat tails of her ‘Wifey’s’ death. She has to keep her name in the media somehow, right?

    My answer is the same for any pregnancy rumour – I’ll believe it when I see a belly and then a child.

  • Dea

    Countdown to her “miscarriage” in the next few months. She backtracks her stories so often I do believe she is a pathological liar and famewh&re. Please stop posting about this waste of space. She is neither a celebrity nor an actor and she doesnt deserve to be in celebritybabyscoop website.

  • Renee

    I hate her, I hate hearing about her.. she’s famous because she added a lot of people on myspace.. that shouldn’t make you famous. it’s gross. and she will say and do anything for attention.. just last month she said she was trying to carry her brother’s baby.. but now she’s already pregnant with one of her own? if that’s true, then i feel sorry for her brother. If she really is pregnant, I feel sorry for the kid.

  • Janie

    She is a “nut case” . Please stop posting about her. She is NOT a celebrity.

  • Anonymous

    Tila Tequila makes me sad for her. She obviously loves attention, whether it’s positive or negative (and in her case it’s mostly negative). I wonder what happened to this girl that twisted her mind up so much. I’m not trying to be nasty by saying this, but she should just become a porn star. She would get the attention she craves and would be more accepted in the porn industry.

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