Carnie Wilson & Her Saturday Shopper

Carnie Wilson and her 4-year-old daughter Lola were spotted shopping on Saturday (January 30) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Wilson Phillips singer has a new reality show, Carnie Wilson: Unstapled. The show features the mother of two trying to lose 50 pounds of “baby weight. It’s a great message to send out for women, that we can multi-task, we can be a present mom and a present wife and try to keep our sanity,” Wilson says.

Carnie and hubby Rob Bonfiglio are also parents to 7-month-old daughter Luciana ‘Luci‘ Bella.

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  • Anonymous

    Carnie I just want to say that I love your music. And I hope that you have a baby boy after this. Lots of baby dust your way.

  • Rhianna

    Nice family. But I see the little girl is going to have a weight problem also unless some changes are made in that household.

  • Anonymous

    Rhianna do u know what they eat at they´re house, I bet u don´t. So stop talking about things u don´t know anything about.

  • Anonymous

    Rhianna do u know what they eat at they´re house, I bet u don´t. So stop talking about things u don´t know anything about.

  • Kediia

    aww cute little girl ! =)

  • Rhianna

    Well it looks like they might be eating too much food and the wrong kinds. It all comes down to portion control and watching the calories, plus getting some exercise. Having one day a week as “treat day” where you can eat whatever you want is a great idea. You have something to look forward to and it works really well, at least for me and my family.

  • nanpan

    It also depends on your genetics and metabolism, Rhianna. It seems to me that that is the problem for Carnie and her daughter. Carnie has tried very hard to be thin, including getting gastric bypass, but nothing works for her. Some people just aren’t able to be thin.

  • cyberkitten40

    nanpan..i gotta disagree with u in the sense that Carnie DID have Gastric bypass surgery to help with weight loss..but the problem is ppl who have this surgery often use it as a *quick fix* DOES help to get the weight off..but it wont keep the weight’s up to the individual to change their lifestyle. I know this because I, too, have had Gastric bypass surgery. I did lose the weight fast (150lbs)..but now it’s up to me to keep it off by changing my lifestyle..more exercise, smaller portions, and choosing my foods wisely..else the weight WILL come back on (that’s NOT going to happen!) GBS is NOT an easy process to go’s hard on the really hard to change your old ways..but after having gone thru it..i can’t imagine letting myself get back to where i was before (i had the surgery 5 yrs ago and i’m still maintaining my weight loss) I can’t believe Carnie let it creep back on to her again, after all she’s been thru 🙁

  • me2

    nanpan, it is very, very rarely the fault of ‘genetics’ when people are overweight. a lot of people like to use that as an excuse though. it’s super hard to change your lifestyle after so many years of eating the wrong way, everyone knows that. instead of making excuses these people should make a commitment and stick to it. i really doubt lola is eating healthy and and still overweight, especially being a young child and most likely very active.

  • Rhianna

    Sorry, I’m not buying the “genetics” excuse. You are what you eat. Exercise helps but mainly it’s the caloric intake.

  • Anonymous

    i watch her show(haha don’t ask me why cause i don’t even know)
    this carnie wilson bakes stuff all the freaking time and of course she eats them too. she feeds her daughter foods filled with sugar. she let the kid drink chocolate milk after juice(wtf!)
    I agree with you rhianna. if things don’t change, her little girl will have a weight problem.

  • Lioness

    I was going to say that I think the weight problems won’t necessarily come from eating habits (although that is certainly a contributor), but instead the seemingly tremendous focus on weight in her house. I hear more from Carnie Wilson about her battles with her weight than about her music career. If we can hear about it- and we’re complete strangers- imagine the discussions/comments about it in her home. THAT, to me, does more damage than baked goods and chocolate milk after juice. I just hope she isn’t showing her kids to stay as focused on weight as she is. We all have our battles- I myself have dealt with weight issues- but we must try very hard not to unconsciously pass them on to our kids. And that’s a really hard thing to do….

  • Lioness

    And yes, Rhianna, I agree 100%, and I speak from experience- you definitely are what you eat. Even if you are genetically disposed to weight gain (and that is really rare), you eat for the body you have. I read a story about this boy in London who was allergic to almost every food you can think of except for a very few- chicken, carrots, grapes, potatoes and apples. So what does he eat? Chicken, carrots, grapes, potatoes and apples. He doesn’t complain he’s allergic to practically everything, then go eat a food he’s allergic to. He eats for his body. And I believe we all have to- Rhianna’s right, exercise definitely helps, but it’s all about caloric intake.

  • Gigohead

    Carnie used the excuse that being pregnant gave you a license to eat. Well it doesn’t. I lost all the baby weight last year when I had my son 8 weeks early in August. I lost about 45 pounds in water weight due to the edema from the preclampsia. I was thin for a while, then I thought, heck I can eat anything since i’m thin again. Well…….its creeped on and I’m now struggling to get back down to my usual size 12. I’m kicking a 14/16 now and I’m not happy. I am watching my portions and no sugar treats or baked goods for me. It seems to be working. but I have a long road ahead.

  • Mia

    You’re absolutely right, Rhianna. You are what you eat and how much you move. There are very few physical conditions that make you go fat while eating reasonable. And the fact that her daughter tends to be overweight as well points at wrong eating habits.

    I know how hard it is to change your habits, but some changes are worth it! Especially since I think that eating healthy and moderate really enriches your life in every way. And that’s what we should pass on to our children.

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