Jessica Alba Says Honor Will Be Bilingual

Jessica Alba is reconnecting with her Mexican heritage and ensuring that her 19-month-old daughter Honor grows up bilingual.

In the latest issue of Siempre Mujer magazine, the 28-year-old Fantastic Four star says she recently hired a Hispanic studies professor to teach her and Honor Spanish. “God knows that I wish I was raised bilingual. But it wasn’t to be.”

Alba opens up about the negative press she received on the topic, saying she “cried all night. I tried to explain to [journalists] that in this country I’m considered Latina and, thus, I consider myself Latina as well,” Alba says. “I identify with Mexicans. It’s in my blood whether or not I speak Spanish.”

On a lighter note, Alba also said that she’s not fond of her “stretch marks” and wishes she could just chill sometimes. “But about my personality, I wish I could turn my brain off every once in a while. I’m too analytical.”

One thing Jessica can’t turn off is her love for husband Cash Warren. “He doesn’t take life so seriously. Just like me,” she says. “I couldn’t be with someone who couldn’t laugh at themselves. We have a good life.”

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Photo credit: Siempre Mujer


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why is she changing her tune now? I can’t stand this woman because, just like J.Lo, they say things that suit the audience they are trying to appeal to..I don’t think the media misinterpreted her when she said she doesn’t identify with latinos or something like that….she rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and trying to align herself with latinos…oh, she also said she wants to do movies in spasnish…really Jessica? this girl got high ambitions…i think it’s better if she just shuts up and not act ever again


Didn’t she say in a previous interview that she loved her stretch marks? Or am I mistaken?


Good idea to teach the girl how to speak Spanish at a young age. Being bilingual is for sure a benefit. I am one and i take advantage of it all the time, like right now writing this.
Maybe 19 months old is a bit too young, but i still think it’s a good idea. It’s easier if she learns from a young age. And it’ll so much easier if her mum speaks it too at home.


Actually, Maru, 19 months is a great age to learn another language- the younger the better. But I think she’d be better off just hiring a nanny that speaks only Spanish to Honor- she’d learn the language like that.


yeah jennie, i remember reading not that long ago that she said she likes them…


this girl always contradicts what she says in all her interviews and that is why a lot of people don’t like her….u don’t know what to believe from this woman…


She’s the biggest hypocrite known to mankind.
She got sh1t because she said she does NOT consider herself a Latina, not the other way around. And what is it, Jessica, do you love or don’t love your stretchmarks? And if she doesn’t take herself so seriously, then why that constant bitchface?


She’s said this a hundred times…cool


She is the queen of contradictions. One minute she loves her stretch marks, then she hates them. She’s too analytical, but then in the next breath she doesn’t take things too seriously. Ugh just be quiet.