Kevin Federline & Kids Hit The Park

Busy dad Kevin Federline had all four kids in tow today as he hit the park in Chatsworth, California (January 31). The former professional dancer had the help of his girlfriend Victoria Prince as he kept an eye on his busy bunch – Kori, 7, and Kaleb, 5, from his previous relationship with Shar Jackson and Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3, from his marriage to Britney Spears.

Kevin, 31, recently opened up about his struggle with depression following his split from the Womanizer singer, telling Access Hollywood, “Everybody knows what happened with me and Brit. I’m not going to say that’s the total cause of it but, I mean, just not being happy with myself was probably the main part of my depression.” He added that he and Britney now have a good relationship, saying, “I think as time goes on, it keeps getting better and better and better.”

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Photo credit: RHEA/GSI Media

  • SJP Luva.

    why is SP still in a pull up at 4? Shouldn’t be have been potty trained like a year or more ago?

  • Anonymous

    Why is Sean still wearing diapers? No offense, but isn’t he going to be 5 this year?

  • Hannah

    It’s good to see all the kids together getting to know one another and form close relationships.

  • LLG

    I thought the same thing.

  • Molly

    Its so sweet seeing Sean Preston, Jayden, and Kaleb all playing together and little Kori looks like shes 11 instead of 7 lol I didn’t even know that was her!!! Also, I agree with everyone else that Sean should be out of the pull ups.

  • Anonymous

    My son is 4 also. He is actually about 3 weeks younger than Sean. Potty training boys is hard. My son has only been out of pull-ups since August and his birthday is in October. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love Sean & Jaden soooo adorable! What’s with the pull-ups? Love em’ anyway!

  • Francesca

    What’s with the pullup?!

  • Jennie

    I have a son roughly the same age as Sean Preston and he still wears a pull up on outings and at night. He still has the occasional accident. Not all children are perfectly potty trained at the same age, so perhaps we should lay off the criticism? He’s just a little boy and he’ll be ready when he’s ready.

  • popsykl

    I M glad sean is still in pullups, my son was born on the exact same day and had been really difficult to potty train, he dosent wear pullups though but we go through heaps of jocks everyday!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    thats not Kori 😉

  • nanpan

    All kids are different when it comes to stuff like getting off the bottle/pacifier, potty training, solid foods, etc. I believe that most moms and dads know when their children are ready for these different things, and also when they simply aren’t. It doesn’t say anything about the child or the parent if they are a bit “behind” the general guidelines. General guidelines don’t apply to all children.

  • Karla

    I work in child care and it’s really common for kids at 3-4 to still be in pull ups, especially when they’re taken out in public. Also from experience, boys (not all) tend to take a little longer to potty train. He only wear a pull up when taken out in public…it’s really no big deal.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Karla
    are you with him 24/7? can u say he only wears a pull up when he has an outing? well no. he isn’t still potty trained. i live in europe and children go to a primary school at age 4 so its really rare here if children from 4 aren’t potty trained.
    as lons as he is potty trained within 2 years, evertyhing is ok (:

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