Katie Price & Her Brighton Babe

Katie Price (a.k.a. Jordan) was spotted with her 2-year-old daughter Princess Tiaamii out and about in Brighton, UK on Monday (February 1). Katie and her ex-husband Peter Andre are also parents to 4-year-old son Junior. Katie is also mom to 7-year-old son Harvey from her previous relationship with Dwight Yorke.

The public fight over the kids’ hair continues! Andre talked to OK! about Price’s tweet regarding Princess’ haircut. “That was the most pathetic thing to get brought out into the public domain. It was a trim off the ends of her hair, for God’s sake. It was so pathetic. My daughter’s hair needed a trim, what’s the problem?”

Andre went on to say that the trim was necessary since Price had been using a straightening iron on Princess’ hair. “The truth is, Princess had come to me a few times with hair straightened by straightening irons, which used to annoy me, so I had to get it trimmed. These things should be private, it’s so childish, why would she do that?”

Price has since admitted to straightening her toddler’s delicate hair.

She has naturally curly blonde hair which I straightened recently and it didn’t look good – she looked like a little troll.”

What do you think about using a straightening iron on a 2-year-olds’ hair?

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  1. nanpan

    I would not feel comfortable coming at a wiggly 2 year old with a 300 degree straightening iron. Scary! My own mother would blow-dry my naturally curly hair straight when I was about five years old. She simply didn’t know how to style curly hair, and thought it would just be easier to blow it out straight. When I was ten, she started allowing me to chemically straighten it. This was something I requested, not something she wanted me to do. I grew up hating my natural hair, because I didn’t know how to do anything with it, because my mom never taught me to work with my natural curls. Personally, I would not straighten my own daughter’s hair, if it were curly (it happens to be straight, though). I would have wanted to teach her to like her natural curls and how to style them so they looked pretty, just the way they already were.

  2. nona

    Katie’s maybe just mad she didn’t think to cut Princess’ hair before Peter did it, because it ended up looking a lot better after the split ends were trimmed off.

  3. claire

    look… if u read katie’s comment it states that she did it once and i didnt suit her and she didnt like it!!! i have a daughter the same age and im a hairdresser… i blow dry her hair, i put it in rags to make it curly i hav for a party crimped it and have once straightenedd it.. whats the big deal.. as u can see princess is loved an cared for.. better than most children in england!!! give her a break… i would be upset if my partner got my little girls hair cut ( on christmas eve) without my knowledge!!! i think pete is playin tit 4 tat.. if it was unfair 4 kate to express her anger why is it ok for him to say she straightened it!!! 4 the kids sake they both need to grow up 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    She said she tried it. And it was probably that one time. People have a tendency to over analyze things. Big deal get over it.

  5. Anonymous

    I honestly don’t see the big deal if straighten it once with hot iron. There are two and three year olds who get chemicals in their hair because their parents can’t deal with their “kinky” hair. Princess is fine…

  6. kat

    the thing that bothers me most about the whole situation is Katie saying her daughter looked like a ‘little troll’. How un maternal. Can’t stand the woman.

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