Stephen Colbert & Daughter Madeline At The Grammys

What lottery do you have to win to end up with Stephen Colbert as your Dad?
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  • Anonymous

    Who is this guy? Never heard of him.

  • Janie

    This guy is NOT funny at all. I find him to be very obnoxious! Last night was the first night I ever saw him or heard of him.

    • Rebekah

      …yeah you would have to understand his “character” to find him funny. IF you think he is just being himself, you won’t find him funny. His “character” is a super-conservative pundit… took me a few shows to really get him, before which i thought he was obnoxious. Now I am a diehard fan.

    • Anonymous

      Colbert was the best part of the night, for sure.

  • Lynne

    She is so cute!!

  • citizen of Colbert Nation

    poor stephen, can’t be himself when his daughter is around….like you are trying to make Michael Phelps play football….no dirty jokes, no narcissistic jokes, no jokes of him acting like an ignoramus jerk….not even religion jokes….and he can’t just create Stephen Colbert #3 out of thin air….”Al Gore won Grammy then Nobel Peace Prize; Obama won Grammy then Nobel Peace Prize. Listen up Swedish I will get my Nobel Peace Prize next year no matter who I am going to kill to get it!!” what a fine line, a line he would have to save it to the next day in Colbert Report. WE STILL LOVE YOU STEPHEN!!! YOU DID A GREAT JOB JUST BY SHOWING UP THERE! AND ANY OF US LOYAL CITIZENS WOULD HELP YOU KILL ANYONE YOU WANT FOR THAT NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!!

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