BestEver: Animal-themed Baby Mats

It’s not always easy for on-the-go parents to find a clean and cozy place for little ones to catch some ZZZs while traveling or visiting friends and family.

BESTEVER’s line of animal-themed Baby Mats™ creates an instant and portable 31-inch comfort zone for babies and toddlers to snuggle, nap and play while atop the tummy of a plush and cuddly teddy bear, pink cat, giraffe, baby lamb, blue dog, green frog or monkey.

Its non-skid back makes it the ideal floor cushion that won’t slip and slide while baby plays. Great for travel, Baby Mats are machine washable and easily roll up for parents and little ones on the go. I happily received the adorable giraffe mat and was honestly tempted to take a quick snooze myself. The mat fabric is marshmallow soft and oh so comfy! And, yes, it’s machine washable. Baby will enjoy their plush new friend for years to come for napping and playing.

Baby Mats have quickly become a must-have holiday and baby shower gift for celebrity moms. Kourtney Kardashian was recently seen picking one out at The Juvenile Shop. Minnie Driver, Elisabeth Rohm and Kelly Rutherford are among Hollywood’s A-list moms whose little ones are also enjoying their “Tinsel Town nap time” with their favorite Baby Mats pet.

Baby Mats are sold at Buybuy Baby and specialty gift stores nationwide. They will also be available later this summer at Bloomingdale’s and are currently sold at, QVC, HSN and select retail catalogues. You can also order Baby Mats direct from BESTEVER.

CBS readers can use coupon code CELEB for 10% off baby mats through March 31st.

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  • Doris Horstman

    Can I order the patterns for the animal playmats so I can make them.

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