Duggars Aren’t Ruling Out Baby No. 20

As their “miracle” baby Josie Brooklyn continues to grow stronger in the hospital, parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar say they won’t soon forget the frightening circumstances surrounding the very early arrival of their 19th child.

Born via emergency c-section at 25 weeks due to Michelle’s pre-eclampsia, Josie weighed just 1lb 6oz and measured 12 inches long.

“The fear comes flooding back,” Michelle, 43, tells People of the delivery. “And the only peace I knew was talking to God through it all.”

Over a month and a half later, Josie remains in the hospital, weighing 2lbs 3oz and taking breast milk through a feeding tube. Jim-Bob, 44, admits that his daughter may have a long road ahead of her, saying that doctors “do not know if there will be any developmental problems or not. We have no idea if she’s going to need therapies or how she will develop.”

Despite it all, the couple aren’t ruling out baby #20.

“We’ll just wait and see what God has in store,” Michelle responds.

For now the couple remain focused on their youngest child: “I want to be able to nurse her,” Michelle says. “And for her daddy to get to hold her.”

The cover of the new issue of People magazine asks the question: How many kids are too many? What do you think?

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  1. SJPLuva

    These two must be out of their ever loving minds! They CAN’T be serious! Do they not realize both Michelle and Josie could have and came close to dying?! I’m sorry I had sympathy for them because of Josie but these two have just lost any respect I had for them after this statement.

    • Anonymous

      The Duggars are doing this country a service by putting God loving people in this world. they do a better job than most people who are focusing on two kids. they stay home with their children and spend more quality time with all of their kids than most families do with two or less children. if anyone has even taken the time to watch the show there kids arent doing without love or attention. find someone else to spread your hate and judgement for.

      • kay

        I absolutely agree with you. I am not a Christian or religious person at all really, but I am definitely a good person, and the Duggar’s are absolutely good people. Their children are hard-working, respectful, intelligent, and not bad-looking for that matter. I would rather see more people like them on this earth than the disgusting, drug-addicted, disrespectful drains-on-society popping their spawn into this world who, more often than not, do the same thing. Although I do not agree with having a huge amount of children, I am glad to see good people like the Duggar children diluting the cess-pool this earth is becoming.

      • Anonymous

        So, it’s okay to keep having children if your older chilldren feel like raising them for you? This has nothing to do with ‘good people’ or ‘Christian folks’ because responsibility should be the main focus of parenting. Let’s see what you say when the younger ones are older and tired of this crap. NO MORE BABIES!!

        • Allyson

          The Duggars children are taught resposibility. If more parents would take the time to teach to value of looking for the intrest of others and to love one another then families and society in general would be a better place. I honestly don’t understand why it’s anyone elses concern for the number of children they have. They are such excellent parents and I could learn so much from them. I am a christian and I believe God would just love for us to be totally surrendered to HIm in every area of our lives. Just remember, God is the Creator and He’s in control.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly i think that if God Blesses them with more Children then let them have them geez it’s not like their on Welfare or asking for handouts…they are Both Realestate Developer’s and own several Rental properties…If these people would watch the show they would know how they live and are with their Beautiful Children…Everyone of them are Compassionate something we don’t have enough of in this world anymore…..Go Duggars……

      • Alexandria

        Michelle is 44 years old. That is *too* old to be having any more babies. Once a woman becomes 40, the risk of birth defects (ie Down Syndrome), stillbirths, and miscarriages increase greatly. I would think that Josie’s premature birth would be a warning sign from God that it’s time to *stop.*

        Think about it, Josie was born, Dec 2009, so Michelle was 43 when she had Josie. When Josie is 18 years old, a young adult, ready to go to college, Michelle will be 61 years old (Jim Bob, 62). If they have any more children after Josie, not only do they run the risk of there being health problems, and more premature births, or even a stillbirth, but if they have too many more kids, they’ll wind up being in their 70’s or 80’s before they have all the kids out of the house… and they run the risk of dying of old age, leaving minor children as orphans if they have any more kids. It would be irresponsible to have any more children after Josie.

    • Anonymous

      What will they do? Wait til Michelle dies in childbirth. It just makes me so sad. This leaving everything to God is ridiculous. God gave us the ability to make decisions that are in our best interest. Not to use Him as an excuse. Stay out of bed.

      • Elaine

        Yeah, it was called free will, which is probably why the world is so full of sin. You have the choice to use birth control, but is it right in the eyes of God? Not in my bible

        • Anonymous

          Some people need to use birth control. There’s NOTHING wrong with birth control. There’s NOTHING wrong with abortion. It’s not about “god” (because there is no god) it’s about what a woman needs to do to be healthy.

          The show is good, but Jim Bob and Michelle need to learn when to stop. If they honestly want to have another then all their children should be taken from them. These two are crazy if they want more. They should be happy with the idea that they’ll have grandchildren soon enough.

          • Follower of Jesus Christ

            You are wrong there IS a God and his name is Elohim, Jesus Christ, and many more things. he gave his own life for YOU and loves you more than you can imagine. He has a beautiful house ready for you in Heavan, if you would just accept Him.

            And abortion IS wrong! It is the murder of an unborn child!

          • Happy Pagan

            I know I’m a bit late to the party, but this is hilarious. *eats popcorn and watches*

          • Anonymous

            How can you kill something that’s not born yet?!

          • Anonymous

            I totally agree…….birth control is up to you. If you don’t like it you don’t have to use it, but other people have the right to use it without out being judged. And again, abortion is up to you. If you get pregnant really young and you want to be able to live your life before you have kids than that’s fine. I’m not saying abortion is always the right answer, but it should be there as an option in case that’s the decision you make.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree, and when the show first started what did they have 12 kids and they were poor, so as a result of the tv world they got all the material goods. I don’t think this show is very realistic and sets poor examples for young people, because not all people who ever had 19 children would have have all the luxuries!
      It is very UNREALISTIC to have all those children! Plus, I think Josie is the only one Michelle ever really knew, the rest of the children are glorified baby sitters and the expectations of their parents is ridiculous!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree, and when the show first started what did they have 12 kids and they were poor, so as a result of the tv world they got all the material goods. I don’t think this show is very realistic and sets poor examples for young people, because not all people who ever had 19 children would have have all the luxuries!
      It is very UNREALISTIC to have all those children! Plus, I think Josie is the only one Michelle ever really knew, the rest of the children are glorified baby sitters and the expectations of their parents is ridiculous!

    • Tootall

      Wander how many kids Michelle and Jim Bob would have if Jim Bob had to go through 9 months (or less) of pregnancy and hours of labor?

  2. Anonymous

    There are already too many people in the world. I hope she doesn’t have any more kids seeing as she is 43 years old. Twenty is way too many(basically each of them had 10 per person!)

  3. Janna

    Too bad you don’t get to control their’s (or any other people’s) reproduction.

  4. Anonymous

    2 intelligent people, raising 19 children, don’t comprehend that they are glorifying themselves not the Lord.

    • Anonymous

      I’m fairly certain it’s not your job to determine whether they are following the Lord in what they do or not. God looks at the heart; He knows.

    • Sonya

      I think its all about them, Iam sure they get money from the show, and what about all the money they get from income taxes from having all those kids.
      I dont think its about God at all. “If there is even a God.”

    • Anonymous

      I think it is sweet of them to want another but realistically once you become a grandparent to your oldest then it is time to stop. I don’t really think of the seriousness of this matter, yes it can be in God’s hands but look you almost lost Josie, doesn’t that tell you anything?!I can’t judge them but if they truly look they are truly blessed with what they have and if Michelle had to take care of them with just Jim and her maybe they wont have anymore. Also I think it is a slap in the face to women who desperately want a baby and can’t I know they can not watch the show but they are everywhere its like look at what we have and you don’t. Michell think of your health!!!!!!!!

    • Allyson

      I disagree, they are the most humble people out there! Not to mention their children also love the Lord. That’s what it’s all about. I recognize God and the glory they bring to Him in every episode.

  5. rachel s

    I think they’re a little nutty. I think I feel this way more so than ever after reading this. They’re baby is just over 2 lbs and in the NICU and they’re already thinking about their next baby??? They should be focusing on getting her healthy. I don’t care what their religion dictates, you take care of what is on your plate at the moment, especially if it involves your children.
    I also think its sick that TLC filmed her whole emergency C-section. I couldn’t imagine people making money off mine and my infants near death experience.

    • Samira0207

      WOW-you would think after 19 kids and what they went through with the last one; they’d try to prevent any further babies. I understand their beliefs as far as not wanting to use birth control…but she can have her tubes ties. This way they can just enjoy the kids they have right now. Who wants two kids younger than your actual grand kids??

      • Anonymous

        They are always asking for a discount, I think they should take some of their money and invest in a vasectomy for Jim Bob that is what a real man would do then they wouldn’t have to worry about more kids. I think he i s so hung up on himself he wouldn’t do it. Let him feel the pain for once. Then they can play in the bed room all they want,

    • Anonymous

      TLC shows more than just HER c-section! They show C-Sections on Bringing home baby and A Baby Story. It’s sometimes part of having a baby.

    • Allyson

      Their focus was on getting Josie healthy. They aren’t focused on “another baby”! Just because they don’t use birth control doesn’t mean that all they think about is having another baby! They simply have a great faith in God and will let Him decide if they should have another baby or not. This was a very serious thing to them. God is not a dictator but a loving God who is out creator. Don’t you think if we trust Him that He will take care of the details? He is a personal God. That is why He sent Jesus. He wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us. He never sleeps and nothing happens without Him knowing about it. And when we surrender our lives to live for Him, He isn’t going to destroy our lives or expect us to guess how to live our lives. He says, I have a plan for you!! I think I’ll go with God’s plan.

  6. me2

    you cant reason with people like that, they have no common sense. they’re brainwashed.

    • Anonymous

      You think with all the problems Josie encountered they would be very weary of having another child and the possibility of it being normal, Down syndrome occurs in 1 in 70 pregnancies after the age of 40!

      Enough is enough!

  7. elizabeth

    Michelle and Jim bob needs to stop having babies. Beside they don’t even raise the 18 children they already have. The older girls ‘buddy’ the younger children. I think Michelle is really selfish for having her older daughters basically being mothers to their younger siblings.

    • LJSS

      ITA, that’s the one thing that bothers me about the Duggars. I don’t mind the many children (I don’t think their reproductions are anyone’s business but their own), but from the first time I watched a special on this family I hated that Michelle farmed off her younger children to ther older girls. If your gonna have the babies you’d better be the one attending to their needs. It’s appalling watching her pat a toddler on the head and send it on to the older female sibling.

      • Anonymous

        sooo… people who have nannies? they also are appalling?

        • LJSS

          Nannies are adult paid-employees who’ve decided that taking care of people’s children is their business…totally different

          • Rachel

            I think these people are out of their minds. Most of these “quiver” families say they are all conservative and God loving people, however; almost all of them (Duggars excluded thanks from their “various rental properties” and all the loot from the TLC show) are living off of welfare benefits and food stamps. For example, their buddies the Bates who had (until the church took pity and built them a new house) 18 people living in 1400 (maybe 2000) square feet. That should be illegal. 3-level bunk beds? nuts. That Jim-Bob (who likes “his daughter’s hair long” and their swimsuits “modest”) think its appropriate to have this huge litter with his brain washed wife is disgusting. There is something wrong in that house. The kids are brainwashed. Josh is a creep. The little ones are the only ones who aren’t zombies cus their indoctrination isn’t complete. The older girls are treated like indentured servants. I am surprised none of them have chosen to take her own life yet. Seriously, they are sick and that our society thrives on watching this garbage (I am guilty too) is a poor commentary on all of us. I just pray that what goes on behind closed doors in that household is as “clean” and “kosher” as what is depicted on t.v. I am not so sure. Psychologically, children bond together as they do in the Dugger family when they are allies, supporting each other against abuse or similar. Its not normal for kids to always “do as they are told” and to never fight. Psychologically, something is seriously wrong. The family dynamic is a dictatorship and its abominable.

          • Anonymous

            i totally agree. those poor children… its sad, really.

          • Anonymous

            Based on what I’ve seen watching, I think Jinger and Johanna will break away. I do think that someone like cousin Amy needs to help those two and any others who want to experience something different (as I feel they do). Whenever she’s on the show, I always comment that she’s the only normal Duggar. Even Grandma Duggar is brainwashed!

      • Anonymous

        I am the second of five children. I helped my mother with the younger ones all the time. I never felt like she was “pawning” off her duties as a mother and none of my younger siblings feel that she neglected them. This is a situation in which you should walk in their shoes before you make such negative comments.

        • Anonymous2

          I’m curious what happens when (if) the older girls leave home, because the ‘middles’ are boys and they won’t be doing nanny duties.

          I come from a large family myself (not THAT large) and as oldest had chores and childcare duties, but I also had my own goals and dreams. It does bother me that nobody asks the girls about that. Aside from that, I’m amazed that they can remember each other’s names.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with Anonymous about walking in their shoes before making such negative comments. The older children enjoy preparing for marriage now. I’m sorry if some of you think that’s a bad idea; I think it’s an excellent idea.

          I have played broomball with the Duggars and I know several other large families (14, 11, 10, & 9 kids), none of which are on (or have ever been on) welfare and/or food stamps. The kids in these families cannot imagine having any fewer siblings, and I know one of my good friends (oldest of 11) is anxious for her mom to have another.

          I admire the Duggars for sticking to their convictions, especially when so many people have so many negative things to say about them. I don’t have to understand them; that’s not my job. [Although I do agree with them in many aspects of life!]

          To those of you making negative comments: please stop choosing to be the Duggars’ conscience or personal advising committee. You are doing more harm than good. Remember that old adage ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’? You’d do well to live by it. Let the Duggars live in peace.

          • Pygmy Loris

            Except that the Duggars have made their life public. Your point would be valid if they were just the neighbors down the street, but they have chosen to take money in exchange for their privacy. The criticism that comes with that is part and parcel of selling your children’s privacy.

            Also, I have cousins who live in large families (8-12 kids). The older boys think it’s great; the older girls cannot wait to get out.

      • Anonymous

        Girl i feel you on that. The older girls are always taking care the younger ones. I know their very family oriented but they have really taken that to the head. I could not be in that family because if i was one of her daughters i would probably say something. ” these are not my kids and i be dam if you think ima be a second mommy stop having so many dam kids. Its not cute anymore its NAST! JUST STOP ALREADY! DAM! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH .

        • Sonya

          I bet Jim Bob already has a husband picked out for his girls, he seems like the kind of man to do that to his girls. I know of many men who choose their girls husband for them, I couldnt marry a man my dad choose for me. I would rather be with a woman just to prove a point to men like him, and just to piss him off. I chose the man I married 12 yrs ago and I am very happy.

    • Sharell

      Seems it is so easy to find fault in people. It wouldn’t matter what they did or how they lived someone would find fault . I don’t know how many babies are to many. I don’t understand how anyone could take care of that many, but their overall lifestyle and beleifs are to be commended. They seem to be honest, loving people whose main focus is on family. What family being filmed for tv wouldn’t be subjected to negative feedback. Seems in our society today we are quick to point out the negative and have a hard time seeing the positive. Think about it. If it were your life people were seeing would you not have factors some would not agree with? Everybody is different. I just think the Duggards regard for family and their morals are things we could all learn from. Let them decide how many babies to have because actually who knows how many is to many?

    • Been There

      Agree with Elizabeth. Been there myself, since I’m the eldest of 11 children. All children deserve to be just that…children, and grow up naturally (not taking on the role of mommy whenever they themselves have not fully grown). As an older child, helping your younger siblings as they grow up is very rewarding; however, it is quite stressful whenever your parents expect you to act like/fully take on the responsibility of an adult and raise them. In the end, you are the one that losses much of your own childhood. I sure did, and I do have regrets. :/

  8. Brittany

    They aren’t the only family to have a premature baby. And plus, this is the first child who has had a difficult delivery. There are other women of all ages who give birth to premature babies.

    The Duggars don’t rely on anyone else to provide for their children (even before the show). They don’t take government money or handouts and their children are well mannered and educated.

    Not to defend them but I have to say, there are much worse people out there having babies… Best of luck to the Duggars and hope Josie gets well soon.

    • Brenda

      They are a wonderful loving family. Any child would be fortunate to be born into this family.

      • Talon

        They are a loving family, there’s no doubt of that.

        However Josie is not out of the woods and will not be for a long, LONG time. Preemies require special care well into toddlerhood, especially preemies born as early as Josie. They should be focused on the family they have now, and the baby whose status remains questionable before even talking about the possibility of more children.

        And frankly, I blame the people ASKING them if they’re going to have more children while they’re in this situation almost as much as I blame the Duggars for shooting out so many kids in such a short space of time.

        “We’ll wait and see what God has in store for us.” How about seeing THIS INCIDENT, almost losing your wife and baby daughter as God’s warning before a permanent time out? (Sayth the self worshiping heathen…but STILL.)

        • Anonymous

          I totally and completetly agree with you!!!

          • Anonymous

            I agree also. Maybe God was sending them a message that it’s time to stop.
            Count your blessings and spend the rest of your life caring for the 19 kids you already have, especially this little Josie, who may require some special care for awhile. It’s ok to stop, God will understand. I don’t think God has a problem with birth control, I’m just saying. He has other more pressing issues on his plate, like earthquakes and such.

          • ginny

            can yall not read? they said that they were worrying about josie at the moment…its not like there they just randomly started talking about another child!!! they were asked a question and they answered it…..get up off there grill about saying well see what god has to bring..if its meant for them to have another then god will make it happen…..

          • Marissa

            Would you tell a mother who has a preemie baby, and it was only her second or third that it was a sign from God? You shouldn’t judge. They BOTH LIVED!!!! Leave it at that! It is their choice, and what they do is fine. Leave off the negative comments. Its rude and hurtful and no one likes to read them!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          “We’ll wait and see what God has in store for us.”

          I have no problem with this statement. God is my provider and everything that is good comes from Him. When you have a relationship with Him, waiting on Him is just the right thing to do. He does not give any of us more than we can handle.

          Things like this happen because we live in a sinful world, not because God is up there doing terrible things to teach us a lesson.

      • Donna

        They are a wonderful family and they Love all there kids and if God gives them more kids then that is how it is. i will pray for baby Joesy and all of them.

      • Sonya

        I would have to disagree, I would hate being in that family. WOW people that are like that just want to be on tv. Theres no way they can pay for all that food, what about health insurance for the kids. I am 100% sure that they get alot of money from that show, And to say they are doing it for GOD thats WRONG on so many levels. If theres a God Iam sure this is a sign from him with the early birth of Joise for them to Stop having so many kids, I would not have that many kids the way the world is now. Hell no. They are very selfish in many many ways. God has nothing to do with it,they are using it a an exuse to have more, This is a sign there is no God. Just selfish people that want a hand out because they are only thinking about money and themselves.

    • Rebellica

      I don’t know anything about these people, so I really don’t know the answers to these questions. However, do the kids go to public school? Do they live in a town that has curbside trash pick up? Sewers? Do they claim 19 children as dependents on their federal tax return? Do they plan on going to college? And, if so, will they be requesting any financial aid? One could argue that, if the answer to any of the above questions are “yes”, then they *do* in fact get support form the government. And, by having 19 kids compared to my 2, they get 9.5 times the support from the government than my family gets.

      • Anonymous

        Guess what? The answer is NO to all of the above questions, do some research. If every liberal person in America lived as they have, we would not be in debt, and our kids would NOT be in so much trouble! God Bless the Dougars, you are in my prayers.

      • Anonymous

        I usually don’t respond but since you said you don’t know much about this family. No there kids are homeschool and yes they mostlikely will go to college if they want the parents are leaving it up to each child what they want to do but knowing them it will be a Christian College. Most likely they won’t use financial aid they get paid for these shows but they live off the money I am sure they have saved money for their college for the kids. They do abide by the law so Yes they fill out taxes and claim the children they are able to claim. The only thing is they believe that everythign must be paid for in cash or you don’t get it they don’t believe in debt at all. So no college loan if they can’t pay for it then the child would not go to school. Which maybe if more Americans lived by there standards there would be less debt problem in our country.

        • Anonymous

          yes but if kids don’t go to collage then they will most likely get dead end jobs and then our country would be in even more trouble because no one would be able to pay taxs, its a cycle and i’m not saying that dept is good but its ok if its small and for good reasons like education, or houses (reasonable sized ones) also the kids should go to public school or at least some non-religious youth groups to meet others of all religions and backgrounds, the duggars seem to be limiting themselves and there kids to family and people of there religion

          • go to collage?

            “Go to college” says the anon who cannot spell college, or taxes, or punctuate “it’s” (three times in a row), or use caps for proper names or understand the difference between “there” and “their”. I’m just saying… (oh and period at the end there fella).

          • Anonymous725

            THANK YOU! I wanted to say the same thing! Good grief, how can people lecture about the Duggar children going to college when they obviously didn’t pay attention in their 4th grade grammar lessons? People need to cool off a bit about the Duggars. While I understand that many people have very strong opinions regarding how much money large families may suck out of the government, this particular family is quite self-sufficient, and was making do long before TLC came along to pay them for doing this show. Another thing that bugs me is that people who so obviously DON’T like the Duggars are obviously seeking out discussions about this family for the sole purpose of insulting them for their choices. We ALL have our opinions. Mine? I would HATE to wear skirts and dresses all day, every day. And I believe that the girls and boys have their gender roles a little too firmly assigned — from the little we see of them, the girls seem relegated to raising the younger siblings and cooking and cleaning for the family. While they seem to enjoy these duties, it is a bit much for girls who, in my humble opinion, should be enjoying their youth a bit more.
            But most of all, I believe that if EVERYONE lived a little bit more like the Duggars, between the values they are instilling in their beautiful children and the way they live on a ‘cash-only’ basis, with absolutely NO debt, we would ALL be so much better off. Are any of their teenage daughters pregnant? No. Are any of their children out there committing terrible crimes? No. Do their children appear to show respect to people and their belongings? Yes. How many families can answer all three of those questions with the same answers today? While I feel I have turned out OK, one sister is disrespectful, has maxed herself out on the Plan B pill, had multiple pregnancy scares, has a permanent STD and has no respect for our mother. The other sister? Your ‘typical’ teen attitude toward our parents — disrespect, dishonesty and the like. My parents — and my in-laws — are in debt up to their eyeballs, and still spending money on frivolous things like vacations. The only debt my husband and I have to our names is the house we just bought. No car payments, no $5,000 credit card bills, not even tuition loans; just the money we owe on the house. We are even making larger payments than necessary in order to pay off the house much more quickly, and save literally tens of thousands — or more! — on interest. And while we don’t plan to have 19 (or more) children, we look forward to whatever life brings us. At 22 and 23, we are doing pretty dang good, and I sure don’t mind having such a wonderful role model to look up to on how to have a successful, happy life. God knows we need more of those.

          • KC

            you forgot the “dept” instead of debt. LOL

      • Sonya

        You go girl, I could not have said it better myself, to answer the question about them going to school, All those kids are home schooled, which would suck like crazy, because they need to know more than just God made this or that, I think Michele wants the girls to be just like her, I would be like I cant wait til iam 18 to get the hell out of that house, those poor girls.

    • nicjmartin

      You pointed out some of the biggest problems I have with them, the biggest being the fact the kids are pretty much secluded. They don’t go to school, and anywhere the do go it’s with their entire family trailing behind them. They aren’t learning the social skills they’ll need when they’re older.
      Their “buddy system” also annoys me. The way I see it is that Michelle is just making it so she doesn’t have to teach the younger kids any skills they need, and she’s making the older kids do just that without allowing them to develop their own ideas, interests and beliefs. If she and Jim-Bob would actually take the time to help the younger children themselves I probably would have a lot less of a problem with them. There’s nothing wrong with asking one of the older kids to help out once and a while, but having them do all the work is just unfair.
      I hadn’t heard that Jim-Bob had been told she’d likely die with another child. I can sort of understand them having as many children as God wants them to have, but at the same time they need to take a step back and do what’s right for the family. I agree, he should most definitely be charged if she has another child and dies. I’m only 15, and even I can see that there’s something seriously wrong here.

    • Anonymous

      Finally, someone has enough sense to spell it out. The Duggars are draining the economy. I bet they love that new health care reform bill even if they don’t like liberals and the president.

    • Anonymous

      Not well mannered scared, have you noticed how Jinger wiggles her eyes all ove like she is trying to say HELP me

    • Anonymous

      I resent the fact that you seem to think they rely on handouts! They are good loving people who love God and their children..nothing about that is wrong. They are educated the way they are suppose too and money doesnt mean anything you can have all the money in the world and still be ignorant and unhappy. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. As for the whole God thing..i will pray for you because obviously you need Jesus and God predicts who lives and who dies not Jim Bob!

    • Sonya

      If Jim Bob wants another kid she needs to tell him to have it.

    • Sonya

      Well then Jim Bob needs to have the next 20 kids then.

  9. Anonymous

    I used to think people who had so many kids were out of their minds. But now that I am having kids of my own I really think it is not anyone elses place to say how many is too many. Two, Three, or Four may be four too many for you but it may be just right for me and my husband. And you may think the couple down the street with Ten kids is out of their minds but if they are comfortable and happy and can support the children it is not your place to say they have too many kids.
    My husband grew up as the second oldest of seven kids, and they are the most wonderful, loving, tight knit, amazing family and I love being around them. I grew up with just one sister and our family dinners are seriously boring compared to the ones at my in-laws.
    Anyways, I don’t think any of us can really say how many kids is too many for someone else, only for ourselves and our family.

    • Sonya

      well I do cause I work my butt off as a nurse while people like you sit on your butt “or should I say lay down”. having so many kids while i pay taxes for your kids and you get my money. grrrr. It called “FRAUD”. and all of you should have to pay all that money back.

      • Anonymous

        lady listen it isn’t fraud they aren’t on welfare they own property as a source of income and they pay their taxes just like you so you shouldn’t be saying anything. also there are people in this world who don’t pay taxes whether their legal or not and i don’t see you hating on them so don’t do it to the duggars. Birth control people by the way can be used to regulate young girls periods not just preventing pregnancy. The morning after pill is having the same thing as an abortion so its just as wrong. if your young and you get pregnant i say suck it up its your fault for choosing to have sex and your child doesn’t need to loss their life for that mistake. I say hell ya duggars do you thing. i think since they lost a baby to birth control they feel bad which is why they have left it to god. their good loving people and their kids are the most polite well behaved respectful kids i know. Do u know kids like that maybe i don’t see u hating them so why do it the duggars.

  10. Anonymous

    Good thing we live in a country were WE decide how many children WE can have… If they can handle 20 or 30 kids that is their business and no one else’s… You can have an opinion on whatever you want, but get the facts straight before you make uneducated comments. Michelle raise’s her kids, the older girls help with the household and as do the older boys… That is the way they have chosen to raise their family. And at least they are able to provide for their family. They are not on welfare and/ or abusing their kids. It’s nice to see such a happy, loving, and devoted family such as the Duggar’s. People like that don’t come around that often anymore. Good for them and THEIR family…. Personal responsibility. You take what you can handle… And just because they are religious doesn’t make them brainwashed.. Come on people get over it.

    • Anonymous

      ya but its not the kids job to raise the other kids that michelle’s job but she’s to busy popping babies out her butt so her kids have to take care of themselves and the younger ones, if MICHELLE were taking care of them then i wouldn’t care about how many they had, and if she needs help then fine but you shouldn’t have more kids then

  11. Cindy

    There are so many people out there popping out babies right and left…doing drugs while pregnant, taking no responsibility for the health of their children…that even though 19 kids is a HUGE amount of kids, doesn’t it count for something that they are taking care of them, they are well taken care of, that they are loved and provided for? I can’t imagine doing it myself and don’t think many could, but they seem to be handling it. I’d rather she have ten more kids than some of these young girls having children and having no clue how to take care of them.

  12. SJPLuva

    So you’d rather them risk killing a child by getting pregnant again or even Michelle dying giving birth if she has complications from ANOTHER pregnancy? Because that totally makes sense, not.

  13. Anonymous

    in about 6 to 8 months she will be pregnant again, its basically her only hobby….jim bob’s too

  14. tmt731

    It’s frustrating that people speak poorly of them. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, and it so happens that the Duggars believe that God will choose how many children they should have, which means they will use no birth control. Someone said that it’s gross that they’re already talking about more children, but it was a question from the magazine. Besides, they didn’t say “we can’t wait for Baby 20!” they said that they are open to what God has planned for them.

    It’s hard for others to imagine having 20 kids, but this is what they believe that. People need to respect that, and if you don’t, then don’t watch/read/look/listen. It’s their business and their business only. I so commend them, although I would never do this myself. They are role models to their children and to others who believe that God will set their number of children. Many women have premature babies and have children after, there’s no reason Michelle should be any different.

    God Bless Michelle, Josie and the Duggar family. I hope all of them continue to grow during this difficult time and see happiness and prosperity in the coming months. God Bless.

    • Anonymous

      Not to step in something here, but what was G-d saying when Michelle’s life was in danger, and medical interventions were needed to save her life? And medical interventions are being used to keep Josie alive? I know the argument that “G-d put the doctors and the technology here”, but at some point you have to think there’s some amount of human control/free will involved here.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry-but these people are scary-and they have tax exempt status because they declared their home a “church”. So we are paying for all their children.

    • Anonymous

      i say god bless the kids and god help michelle and jim bob
      i respect there beilfs and all but this isn’t healthy

  15. Anonymous

    You people applauding them for “taking care” of 19 children are seriously on something — there is no way anyone no matter how great or saintly they are can take care of a baby and give 18 other children anywhere near the attention that any one of those children NEED from their PARENT. Just think about that and the logistics of that and all of those children who are working instead of getting the attention they need from their parents before you go touting have a 20th child. 20 is not like having a third or fourth or even a seventh or an eighth! You people are out of your minds with your high and mighty attitudes about the freedom to procreate without considering the lives of those children that result.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. I have three children 4,5,6 years of age and it is really hard trying to give each of them the attention they deserve. Then being a older sister if a brother 11 years younger I know the older girls have to be overwelmed with being forced to raise a younger sibling. Also I think its not healthy that the kids are all home schooled and they have no contact with children other than siblings all the time.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. I have three children 4,5,6 years of age and it is really hard trying to give each of them the attention they deserve. Then being a older sister if a brother 11 years younger I know the older girls have to be overwelmed with being forced to raise a younger sibling. Also I think its not healthy that the kids are all home schooled and they have no contact with children other than siblings all the time.

  16. Kediia

    arrrgg whatever one day she’ll learn … (not wishing her something bad but … please god wake her up ..)

  17. Anonymous

    They are such a blessed family and so Faithful to God. God blesses them and provides for them. I pray they have as many blessings (children) as God wants them to have. I love how they are trusting God for everything in their life; like how many children to receive from Him. Only God is Awesome and greatly to be Praised. Amen.

  18. Hannah

    I can’t believe they would risk it, they almost lost Josie because Michelle has had to many kids and caesareans. Don’t get me wrong they have 19 beautiful children who all have good values but next time they might not be so lucky they could lose Michelle and baby.

    • Lucia R

      They almost lost Josie because of preeclamsia. Get your facts straight. And look the condition up. Age has little if nothing to do with it, and neither does the number of cesareans. She has had 19 kids and had two with preeclamsia. That is barely above the average of 8% of all pregnancies.

    • Anonymous

      Michelle had pre-eclampsia which has absolutely nothing to do with having one child or 19 children. I had pre-eclampsia with my first and not with my second. While I myself wouldn’t choose to have 19 children, I don’t see a problem with her doing so as long as I don’t have to pay for it.

  19. Molly

    People are so disrespectful of others cultures and religious beliefs. The Duggars don’t have 19 children for the heck and fun of it, they have 19 children because of a religious belief. So who are we to judge them. Think for a second, what if someone jugded you for something based on your religious or cultural beliefs?

  20. Tazina

    She could have another half dozen before she’s done. What’s the difference now, 19 or 25? I see those little girls they have wandering around, no parent in sight, just some older siblings who give them a bit of attention now and then if they fuss or fall down and hurt themselves. These girls and their older siblings won’t go to college, just marriage and then launching into baby making right away.

  21. jessi

    I use to have respect for them due to there strong bond with God. However, I can’t even imagine how they can be thinking about the next child when this one is still in the woods. This little gift from God could still die, but instead of focusing on this child, they are planning for the next child in which because of her age could cause even more problems that could end in death for not only to child but for her. As I have been watching re-runs of pass episodes I see now that they are raising their sons to think they have to be the boss of everything, and the girls are to be submissive and keep having children. What a poor life they live.

  22. Anonymous

    Michelle didn’t have Josie so early because she has had so many children. Pre-eclampsia can happen to anyone in any pregnancy. Just the same that any woman can get gestational diabetes.
    Yes 19 children are a lot of children but they don’t depend on anyone else to take care of their children financially. They live completely within their means. They buy used and save the difference as they put it. Many more people need to do that! I personally would never have that many children but if I could afford it I would certainly have many more. Not to mention that all of their children are responsible, well mannered and respectful of others. There are millions of parents out there that can’t say that of their 1 or 2 children.

  23. Anonymous

    look, i’m religious too, really. I believe in God, and I pray as well. And I do agree that having children is their business and their business alone as long as the kids are provided for and loved. but 20 [or 19 for that matter] is just too much! everybody, including jim and michelle, only gets 24 hours in a day. assuming she sleeps at least four to five hours, and him as well, that means there is just ONE hour to give per child. and if you have an infant, i’m supposing the infant gets a huge chunk of that time. and since josie is already unwell, bless her, they should be scared out of their minds! they CANNOT afford [not financially, but emotionally or physically or mentally] to even THINK about adding another to the mix. think of the other kids, too. seriously, these people make me sad. i LOVE kids, and would like to have many, but i know I won’t have more than 6 at the most…

  24. Rhonda

    PLEASE I can’t believe everyone who are looking down on this family I have 9 kids and would have had more if I could have. I would much rather them keep having kids them all those loser people out there that are having kids at least we know the Duggars are raised children who will be a benefit to the community and not a drag on the community. So get a grip and worry about yourselves and your own and let them raise their family without all the judging.

    • Talon

      Look, some people, myself included ARE looking down on them for having nineteen kids. This is NOTHING new. What people are astounded at is their statement that they could possibly THINK about having more when Josie’s life will hang in the balance not for months to come, but well into toddlerhood. She WILL NEED care that cannot be “buddied” out.

      If they want to have more kids, that’s their decision. But if they do any time soon it will be DIRECTLY at the cost of Josie’s health, assuming she survives into toddlerhood. Josie was VERY premature and Michelle had other complications than preeclampsia .

      I’m a self worshiping heathen, but maybe they ought to look at this as a sign from their God to SLOW DOWN. I’m glad that Josie and Michelle are doing as well as they are; I lost my first child at 4 days old to HLHS. They really need to count their blessings, all nineteen of them and take a deep breath and SLOW. DOWN. for the sake of their entire family.

  25. Summer

    Wow I thought they would be done @ 17 but I wasn’t to surpised when she got kncoked up again I hope for the baby sake she doesn’t have another since their new baby is a premy and maybe need help through he life (Since I was born premy my self and I only have to older brothers my mom had to quit her job to take care of me and @ 22 I see why)

    The duggars are crazy

  26. Anonymous

    I would think this would be a sign not only that they have enough children but she is too damn old to be having kids. It would be different if she just got married and was 40 and wanted kids but this woman has been having children non stop for 22 years. This is what happens when people are irresponsible and this is irresponsible. I hope that baby is ok but the fact that they are even discussing the thought of another child honestly makes me sick. I think this is like an addiction these 2 need to go to a baby rehab

  27. Daniella

    From a medical standpoint & as a veterinary student, I think this is one of the most irresponsible statements I have heard in a long time. Most couples who have babies as premature as Josie are recommended not to have any more children for at least a good deal of time (a year at the minimum) due to the advanced care & very large amount of attention that child will need. And although I am not exactly sure on how many c-sections she’s had, from the sounds of it, it’s been quite a few & any responsible doctor in their right mind would recommend that she not have another one due to the chance of excessive scar tissue which could lead to a ruptured uterus or many other complications.

    Her age also plays a massive role in this as well, no matter what people may say about it. We may have amazing medicine nowadays, but we doctors (or vets) are not the miracle workers that we are always expected to be & there are still women & children who die in childbirth. Sometimes it happens to first-time mothers, but more often overall by age-grouped statistics, it happens to older mothers. I’m not even considering their religion into this, I’m looking at it from a medical standpoint like I’ve been taught to & there are times when the risks for the mother & child far outweigh the action. And I believe that this is one of those cases by this point.

  28. Danielle

    Crazyness. I can not believe people think it’s their right to have as many children as 20. As other’s have said what about the rights of the children to have parents who have time for them?
    Not to mention how many children will they each have when they are older, the world is already over populated, we have been told we will run out of fuel and food soon. But sure go ahead and have hundreds of children…. Are people so ignorant?

  29. Anonymous

    You know there are so many other things people could be talking about rather than whether or not these two individuals should have any more children. Are they in any way shape or form asking for handouts or relying on the tax payer to care for their kids. I know a couple who believe the same as Mr and Mrs Duggar that children are a blessing that they too had 14 kids. HOWEVER, unlike Mr and Mrs Duggar they went on public assistance because they received more benefits….not only from the tax payers but from local churches. If you want to criticize anyone let’s start with them….or better yet have you forgotten OCTOMOM. As for Mr and Mrs Duggar my only negative remark towards them is…..if they believe children are a blessing from GOD….I assume this means ALL children…..therefore why not consider adopting children who aren’t adoptable because they are too old. I do hope Josie continues to thrive and has no future problems.

    • Talon

      “You know there are so many other things people could be talking about rather than whether or not these two individuals should have any more children.”

      And yet you, Anonymous are contributing in a thread dedicated entirely to a conversation about these two individuals.

    • Anonymous

      They are relying on tax payers when they claim their house as a Church, the rest of their community is paying their portion of taxes! Not only that, but they are reaping benefits from other tax programs as well. Just look it up, you don’t have to take my word for it!

  30. Anonymous

    omg, havent they got anything better to do than sex and making babies? i mean, have sex without having babies, for God’s sake thats sick

  31. Lucia R

    I’m sorry people, but when you cheat on your taxes by writing off your MASSIVE house and the property as a church so that you pay no property taxes on your 50 acres of land, or any of the rental property you own, you are not living without government assistance. If they actually paid their taxes like the rest of us, they would be broke.

    However, they aren’t thinking about having baby number 20 right now. They are coming out and saying that they still trust God and are letting Him choose. They aren’t planning number 20. Get it right.

  32. Anonymous

    It is their right to have as many children as they would like – we do not live in China. We live in a country that gives women freedom to make their own reproductive choices and this is their decision. Some parents don’t give the time of day to one or two children. This appears to be a very loving, hard working family. Why does this issue make people so angry?

  33. Anonymous

    I think people are not reading the sentence correctly. They said they would not rule it out. It does mean they are planning on it.

    They live on the belief, that God would not give you anything that you can not handle. If it happens it happens. Has anyone heard their story. Michelle was on birth control pills for a few yeafrs and she stop taking her pills, she got pregent, then had a miscarriage, not one but two. They made a conscience decision that her body will reject a baby if she had any trace of the pill in her.

    I think the buddy program is a good working model. They are still kids, they play, they are helathy. It makes the child responsible for their own actions. They are being a role model for the others. The Duggars give their children to shine in their own gifts. Like two of the girls are get organizers. Michelle realized that her teenagers do the job better than her. They also take pride in their work. Is that what a work ethic is? Isn’t showing what gifts they have shine in a early age where they have a lifetime to shine.

    The father showed the girls how to fix a car if their brothers were not around and Michelle showed the boys how to cook if their sisters are not around as well as laundry. They are teaching their children how to be self-efficent. Like a lot people have a spirit of entitlement. They except things are done for them except they need to get off their rear and do things for themselves. That is the American Spirit and there is nothing wrong with that.

    The children are homeschool. The rules are a lot stircter on homeschool parents. It is also been proven that homeschool children are a less three to four grades above their age, unlike the public schools who just babysit and passed them through. If parents can not afford to send their children to good schools who would teach, this is the next best thing. They have freedom to get up and go. They can travel and bring their school work with them. Can you do that with our children?

    Are you debt free? The Duggars are 100%. They own commerical property and rent it out. That is their income before the show and now with the show they have a little bigger income.

    Just food for thought , before judging them. If you can afford it let them do what ever they want. Would you like people telling you what to do????

    There are some things I don’t agree with like the girls wearing dresses only.

    • Anonymous

      “I think the buddy program is a good working model. … Michelle realized that her teenagers do the job better than her.”
      Sounds a lot like outsourcing to me. And, a question about the commercial property they own: is it also considered “religious property” and therefore tax-exempt?

  34. Anonymous

    The Duggars are VERY LUCKY that until now, modern medicine has allowed them to give birth to healthy babies. I wonder if the Quiver religion allows modern medicine to step in and prevent a mother from having any more babies if a doctor recommends it for the sake of the mother’s health. Anyone?

    • Anonymous

      apparently quiverfull people live for that lol here are some of their statments tkane of wikipedia: “It promotes procreation, and sees children as a blessing from God,eschewing all forms of birth control, including natural family planning and sterilization”

      seriously? these new reiligions coming up are ruinning Bible’s only truth about who God is and what he wants from us! thats all i have to say

  35. Anonymous

    this isnt God’s decision lol any monster can have a baby and dont deserve it, God gave us FREE WILL, doesnt mean he decided these two sick people would have so many children, just take a look at the world we are living in, its crazy to even think about that, not to mention MONEY, cause im sure they are not any rich people, so i guess every amercian citizen gets to pay for that! GET A TV you know, thats gross, their lives resume in procriating? jeez, what happened to common sense?

  36. Anonymous

    Actually, nowhere in the bible does it say that God will not give you what you cannot handle. That is a myth. God will give you what you deserve and sometimes you need to rely on the strength and help of others to get through it. We need each other, as humans. To use that statement as an excuse to have this many children? Makes me want to cry, mostly because it isn’t the big sister’s responsibility to raise their siblings. This is coming from the oldest sister of 5, so I know that of which I speak.

    Just my two cents, which is probably what it’s worth.

    And I’m also from Arkansas, if that matters.

  37. Anonymous

    Just because someone can pay for something (including kids), does that make it right?

    Aside from that rhetorical question, I disagree that the Duggars are paying for their kids themselves, when they have sought and been granted tax-exempt status as a church AND they are parading their kids and private family life on TV to make money. I guess that is a way of supporting themselves, just like paid actors and actresses in Hollywood.

    There are many blessings in life — children can certainly be part of those blessings. But part of being a Christian, in my mind, is knowing the theology of “enough.” Do we always want more, more, more? If we do always want more, more, more, what does that say about us?

  38. CiCi

    I just can’t keep from wondering if God’s will has bee communicated to The Duggars and they aren’t listening. It seems the message they are waiting for is a simplistic one- if she can’t conceive then she has had all the children God wants her to have. I’m not sure that we can always know how God’s messages will come to us or how to interpret them.
    Maybe the message God is giving them- is look at your health and the health of your child and the severe risks associated with more pregnancies; use the gift of free will given to you and decide what is truly in the best interest of your whole family.
    I do wish baby Josie a very happy and healthy life; she is in my prayers.

  39. Anonymous

    It’s utterly ridiculous. To me it’s all about TV and media. They WILL continue to have more kids just for the complete shock and awe of it.

    She is an older mother and delivering at 25 weeks is VERY BAD. Face facts…a woman at her age, with her health issues it’s not a good idea to keep having babies. Her last pregnancy proves it. She and Bob need to chill for real. They are endangering Michelle’s life as well as any other future children. Enough is ENOUGH! Enjoy all your children’s lives…and future grandchildren.

  40. Anonymous

    They say they don’t want to use medicine etc. to prevent pregnancy. I say close your legs and sleep in separate beds. Maybe they should pray for abstinence.

  41. ugggh

    Ok, she had preeclampsia and Josie is a premie and they won’t rule out another child????? Who is Michelle’s MD??? and are they telling her it’s ok to have MORE kids? Her age is not working to her benefit but you know they will do it again to reach that golden number “20” because we will be tuning in to see this sad story.

  42. Anonymous

    Just wondering why all you people that are against the Duggers know so much about them?! You must watch their show!!!

  43. Anonymous

    How many children needs to come from one family? Her eldest son who is 21 years old ALREADY has a daughter. Is he planning on having as many kids as she had???

  44. Anonymous

    I am over joyed that Josie is doing so well but there is alot of unknown yet and for them to go off and have #20 is not smart. I don’t think God wants Michelle to put her life in danager again let alone and other child in danger. Does she really realize how lucky she is to be a live. She could have had a stroke or seizures or died and the same for her unborn child. She is 43 years old and it is time to have fun with the children she has and enjoy her Grand child she currently has and more to come I am sure.

    Josh and Anna said they want a big family but not as big as their parents but it is in God’s hands. But being 21 and pregnents and 43 is totally different. It not can she have another child we know she can but it goes into the safety issue for herself and the unborn child. I think she need to discuss this with her doctor before even trying for any more. Next time it might not turn out as it is this time.

    It isn’t fair to Jim Bob to leave him to raise all of these children on his own if she were to die trying to have more children if you know what I mean. I am a Christ and I believe God is in control but at the same time God wants us to use the brains that he has given us too. We know how risky and so does Michelle she knows how risky having another child is why take the risk when God has so much more for her to do for example raising Jennifer, Jordyan and now Josie she still has some babies that need her. I hope Michelle will read these and pray about it and concentrate on her babies that need her that she already has rather than having more, and more and more and possibly dying. God BLess you please think of your family and you first before having any more. God has many plans for you but if you keep having more you might not be here to conduct his plan for your life. Babies aren’t the only ministry you are great with children write another book on your experience with Josie to help other Mom’s in the future. There is alot more you can do in your ministry Michelle please think and pray about it first that isi all I am saying. God Bless you all!

  45. Angel

    well.. okay, every child IS the gift from God, but aren’t they “helping..”
    a little and twisting God’s hand to give them more gifts then they
    or any normal parent can handle?

    Maybe just this poor kiddo’s faith is some sort of “message from God”
    just the same?

    It is just so cute as they are playing the “God’s interpreter’s ” card..
    if God is giving kids left right and center every five minutes to every family
    then why we have every possible church supporting the idea
    of “natural birth control”?

    so.. even churches who in general support the idea of multiplying in God’s name have some sense in them… as there is such a thing as emotional
    neglect when you have 19 kids.. it is not even that you want to..
    it is that you can’t provide equal time to that many children.

    and if God ment everybody to have that many kids..
    how come God had only ONE son?
    clearly God is about quality not quantity.

    Do those people even read the New Testament? ..
    as clearly God did rewrite his work.. yes.. there was a time when ther was few of us and someone had to do the work in the garden.. but
    then we followed.. and we multiplied and so God stepped in and wrote
    New Testamenta and clearly the message was .. : one kid is enouhg..
    and if God with all the love in the universe had only one child then
    there must be something wrong with having gazzylion of them…

    I am all for having kids but please…

    there should be some kind of law against it.

    Clearly if we have circa 6 billlion people on mother Earth and raughly half of it is women.. then if every one of them would decide to have 20 kids
    then within the next 50 years would be 120 bil of us..

    so what kind of a message Mrs. Douggar is really sending to the other Christians.. lets populate the earth tull we ren out of God’s given resources and we will start eating eachother?

    That is just sick..

    I don’t think that they really even care for their kids as she is too busy jumping out and in pregnancies and doing the show and so is he..
    and they hump eachother in between..

    Please.. there are pills for that too.. or herbs.. can Mr. Dougar spend more time with the existing kids and less on making new ones?

    oh.. no, not really.. on a second thought.. that is brilliant parenting..

    I forgot I was subjected to one..
    My mother had enough kids to take care for one another..
    what a briilliant concept..

    once she realized that the first can take care of a second and so forth..
    she had all the time in the world to do what she pleased and so
    we technically had a mother yet in parctice we were mothred
    by eachother and we mother eachother..

    end result.. we all are emotionally screwed..
    we had to be independent way before the time,
    we had to be responsible, mature and all this stuff
    and no time for fulling around and being kids
    careless, care free kids..

    and so does this sound familiar?

    Mr. And Misus.. don’t care do they?
    they have God’s plan to follow..
    and so they are..

    I somehow see all this misery of htis child as God’s message to tell them that
    he is done with sending them more kids and he is hopiing they will get it..
    if not.. I don’t want to know what is the next message going to be.

    Oh. wait… can they even stop making babies even if they want to?
    noooooooooo… because they have contract with TV channel?
    remember Jon and Kate?…
    once you sign a pact with devil you can’t stop.. it runs your life..
    call it TLC.. call it what you want.. you signed it and you can’t stop.
    even if you wanted to..

    they just can’t stop.. weather they know it or not…
    the show MUST go on as Kate Gosseling once said..
    till Jon pulled the plug..

    yet Duggars have no Jon.. unless they adopt him?

    I don’t like Jon by no means but this was the best thing
    he did for his kids.. better then Kate ever..

    and look close at Duggar pictures.. something is wrong
    in a camelot.. as she holds her head away from him
    in most of them.. and as a simple body language sign
    it means one thing.. she is fed up with the guy..
    and do we wonder why?

    he even picked her wedding dress for a renewing vowes..

    she has NOTHING to say in all this..
    so is this all God’s will or mr. Douggar.. or is it maybe the same?…
    who s playing God really?

    God help them.

  46. Anonymous

    To those who support them What is so christian about leaving the other 19 with to mother. that is what upsets everyone. I got the impression they are the ones who need to wach the show. The older girls are nothing but mini parents to the little kids. Look up “Blanket training”, and “To Train Up a Child”, by Debi Pearl, Bill Gothard, and Christian Fundamentalists. It will open your eyes. anyone an put on happy faces. How do we know they are happy? you only see a small part of their lives on TV. We dont know what goes in their heads.

    Little Josie will need all the support form her family and especially Michelle. While it may be someone’s right to have oodles of kids, it also isnt a sin to use common sense.
    FYI- I was one of two behaved kids stop making blanket judgements There are more two child homes than 19. Bad behavior happens in all walks of life regardles of numbers. I couldnt imagine if everyone had a 8-dozen kids If you watch the show you would see they act out too like the Ethiopian restuarant. the older kids rolled their eyes at the dancing. So yes they showed disregard for other cultures. And buy used saved the difference can go overboard like extravagance. Used shoes are gross. Beeter off being a little more extravagant for safety reasons.

  47. roddma

    Many women successfuly have babies over forty. For some, no one focuses on this. It s always negative Forty isnt too old or selfish but i may agree 50 is a bit ridiculous but you cant make decisions for someone else. As long as the mother is healthy age shouldnt make a difference. Sometimes we dont get what we want when we want in life. I wanted to be a parent before 35 but it didnt happen and am almost 40 now. the age related risks just discourage women. There are those unhealthy, overweight, and high blood pressure, at 20-25 and infertile. The older selfish parents will likely outlive their 20 something counterparts.

  48. roddma

    And 19 kids would wear anyone out regardless of age. Michelle’s problem is just one too many.

  49. Anonymous

    We are acquainted with the Duggars. Their personal belief is that they should leave the choice up to God and they are willing to receive what He gives them. This is not saying they are planning the next baby and obviously they are very much focusing on the new baby. They love and cherish each child as a gift from the Lord. The older children are responsible and loving people. They don’t resent the babies, but are very excited with each birth. Probably few families have children as emotionally secure as this family. You can ask anyone who knows them in real life, even those who would not choose this lifestyle for themselves. Many people share their beliefs and have one, two, five, or no children. Few end up with 20. God does know what is best for individual people and doesn’t give everyone such a large family. What they are doing is what most of the world did at one time. The common practice of birth control is relatively new. My parents never used birth control methods and their children were spaced 8 years apart. I did use birth control and my children (totaling 7) are all exactly 2 years apart, mostly conceived following failed birth control attempts (such as IUDs). I am grateful that God sovereignly overruled my taking matters into my own hands and gave me the 7. They have all grown up to be interesting, responsible, hard working, creative,and compassionate people. My children now embrace the philosophy of letting God control the children; their families range from 9 children to 1 child in the same span of years. All my children are close and all their children – cousins – are very close. Large families are wonderful. I pity the ones who have made the ignorant and hateful critical comments about this family. Their attitudes are the ones I find most frightening, not that of the Duggars.

  50. Anonymous

    They are kind people, which is more than I can say for the majority of people who left comments!

  51. Anonymous

    The Duggars have done so well with the children they have. They have taught their children responsibility (by helping one another) and how to stay out of debt and they clearly love each other. There is no teen rebellion or anger shining through in their home which is more than I can say for the people posting negative comments. Shame on you. It’s easy to sit back and cast stones at a family who obviously has something most of you don’t, love.

    This was the first time they had problems with the birth that doesn’t mean they have too many. Lots of people have problem births do we then point fingers and say, “oh that was just too much, foolish you for getting pregnant?!” No, that child is a blessing as all children are a blessing from the Lord. They all have a purpose and no one is a mistake. I am thankful for the Duggars example. I can’t see how anyone could ever say anything negative about this family if you’ve ever watched them.

  52. Anonymous

    I think they are a wonderful family, it is a lot of children but if they can handle it why is it anyone elses concern? They have raised their children way better than a family who has only one child. Maybe people should be taking notes on their parenting skill instead of concerning themselves with the amount of children they have. Wonderful parents should have plenty of kids and hopefully they will be great parents and it will be a good cycle instead of what i see crappy parents raising crappy kids and its an endless cycle.

  53. Anonymous

    I think they are a wonderful family, it is a lot of children but if they can handle it why is it anyone elses concern? They have raised their children way better than a family who has only one child. Maybe people should be taking notes on their parenting skill instead of concerning themselves with the amount of children they have. Wonderful parents should have plenty of kids and hopefully they will be great parents and it will be a good cycle instead of what i see crappy parents raising crappy kids and its an endless cycle.

  54. Judy

    I praise The Lord for this little Josie and and so blessed that the Duggars place God in control of their lives. Just look – they are blessed with 19 children!! Praise God!! They have my prayers :o)

  55. Anonymous

    Not all big families are tight knit and loving. I read on othe rsites those who grow up in large families elect not to have kids because they are through with raising kids. It is not the number of kids but all the sugar coating snd smuggness of those who leave it up ‘to God’ . To the poster who supoposedly knows the Duggars, there are just a many negative comments about smaller families from ultra conservatives. Birth control and family size should be left to the individual not faith. Life is one size fits all

    It is easy to be well behaved and not angry when someone is guarding your every step. It is easy to be moral in your black and white world but another thing to uphold morals out in the real world. Speaking of one or two kids Jimbobs dad only had two kids. I would rather be an only child raised with an independent mind and not looking after toddlers all the time. I was one of two and well behaved but I know a family or so of more kids who supposedly were religious and ran wild. too many restrictions can backfire. Talking about casting stones, how many Duggar defenders are quick to cast stones at the Gosselins and Suleman?

  56. Anonymous

    Somebody asked them if they where going to have baby 20 and she said “We’ll see what God has in store.” They never said they where thinking of it.

  57. Anonymous

    While their choice to have children is just that their choice, I would ask another question: what about the children? They seem happy, but if you notice they do not really associate with anyone outside their family and the people at their church, bar family that they deem odd. Their own cousin, Amy, seems so strange to them because she wears pants. Their daughters are told not to go to college, not to date, and not to move out when they come of age because they are only supposed to leave once their parents have approved a husband. What choices do they make for themselves? What if they were really put into a situation where they must interact individually with other people entirely different from themselves? My problem comes when I ask myself are they raising self-sufficient adults capable of living outside of the world they have constructed. I do not truly think they are. Sure, they can cook and clean, but what about the unpleasantness that rears itself in life? Are they even minimally prepared? What if one of their daughters wanted to go to college? It is one thing to chose a life for yourself and it is another to have it chosen. How do you make an informed choice when you have never been allowed to truly experience things, and I do not mean with cameras filming every minute. Their mother once said that she does not want her daughters to date because of the emotional stress that may result, but part of growing up is getting hurt and putting the pieces back together–that hurt can occur in friendships just as much as romantic relationships. To refuse your children those experiences is to limit them. Moreover, even if her children wanted a different life, maybe to go to public school or college, I do not think it would be feasible. The amount of children would not allow for it. There is no way that she could do everything for the house with less help from her children, even if it just meant going to school for 6 hours a day. I do think children are a blessing, but that amount of children comes at a cost. Everyone usually considers the financial cost, but their is an emotional cost as well. It seems to me that often times these children are stunted either due to their parents’ decisions or the shear number.

  58. When do they do it?

    What I want to know is, when do they find the time and the privacy to make a baby with all those kids in the house?

  59. Anonymous

    there is basically good and bad about this family.
    I believe that home schooling the children is selfish.
    Its sheltering them from the real world,with differing views on ALL topics of life,incusive of religious thoughts and choices.
    This family seem to be loving and I praise the fact they do not rely upon government handout.
    But its sad to see the children hardly ever receiving first hand goods.
    I really believe that half of these children will sway from the way they have been raised,once they see the real world out there,that has different choices!
    I cant believe that they arent allowed to dance.I know its to do with their religion,but,still,cmon……
    As fo the fact they will have no 20,I think they will.
    Theres no chance that decision could be swayed against,unless Michelle bled out and required a life saving hysterectomy.
    im on the fence with this one,as I know there are many other families out there with alot of children that are doing alot worse.
    also,they dont smoke or drink or etc,and those are fantastic choices,not to mention the less requirement of health facilities from using such bad things.

  60. Ms. Robs

    Michelle’s pregnancy complications put her life, and her baby’s life, at high risk. She and Jim Bob need to look at the children they have now and picture how their lives will be if she isn’t around, and realistically consider how Michelle’s body will handle another pregnancy. It would be very sad if they lost her.

  61. Ms. Robs

    Michelle’s pregnancy complications put her life, and her baby’s life, at high risk. She and Jim Bob need to look at the children they have now and picture how their lives will be if she isn’t around, and realistically consider how Michelle’s body will handle another pregnancy. It would be very sad if they lost her.

  62. Anonymous

    what will it take for them to get it that they should stop haven kids?
    if they where to lose another baby maybe that would knock some sence into them.im not wishing a baby dead im just saying it might just happen to the next baby they try to have if shes not carefull and thats not what anyone wants to happen but if that did happen then so be it they cant trust god forever in saving only there childern other familys arent so lucky when it comes to god helping there babys live.

  63. Anonymous


  64. Anonymous

    The Duggars are a disgusting, selfish couple! If they were Muslim, all of you fans of them would be disgusted with them too. You’re only biased because they believe in Jeebus.

    • Anonymous

      i’m christian , u don’t know about the bible at all and he is called jesus , the lord and don’t you ever dare make fun. he died for our sins sinces ur to busy with ur religon try to keep a open mind dimwit ( to the post apr 6th )

      • Kay

        I believe the implication was that were the Duggars a Muslim couple living in America where Islam is NOT the predominant religion, there would be a lot more people with negative things to say, including all the Christians who have posted saying “God bless” and “They’re wonderful”. I’m not sure whether the comment author themself is Muslim but that’s neither here nor there, the point remains valid. I would imagine that some of these people saying “Yes, leave the number of children up to God!” would still be quick to judge a couple of another religion even if the belief is identical.

        As for the name “Jeebus”, I would hazard that this is just a cheeky non-Christian term refering to Jesus, but nothing to be offended by.

  65. Anonymous

    Michelle clearly loves the attention and special treatment she gets when she becomes pregnant. After the babies are born, she soon loses interest and hands them off to their older sisters to raise.

  66. Blue

    I think that they are seriously disgusting. But, as I have told many before, they’ll learn when Michelle dies along with yet another baby. But, then, knowing Jim Bob, he’ll just go out, find some fame-starved woman, and marry her just like *snap!* that, and then that poor woman will be popping out the babies just like Michelle did like they’re goin’ out of style. *shakes head*

  67. Anonymous

    i agree that 19 kids is way too many for one person to handle. but having the buddy system doesnt mean she’s not taking care of her own kids but allowing a bond to grow with thir siblings and also helping her keep an eye on her kids. my mum had a 7 yr gap between me and my sis then after me she had my brother 3 yrs later my sister spent alot of time looking after and playing with me and my brother, that doesnt mean that she doesnt love us just that she also had to make sure the house was taken care of so my sister helped my mum by keeping us occupied so my mum coud get the work done. plus also my mumand dad split up when my sis was 18 if me and my sis and brother hadnt had the bond of being looked after by my sister that time would have been really hard to get trhough.

  68. Alex

    I think that 19 should be it. The Duggars are extremely good people and they truly love and are there for each of there children, but it is a matter of her health. She is in her forties and has spent half of her life pregnant and this is her second time diagnosed with preaclempsia (sp). With her age, there are more health issues and after Josie’s issues with the birth to put her body through that is not healthy.

    Do I think someone should have 19 children, not personally, but they may it work and its there choice, but I think they should take back and go, do I want to lose another child AND the mother, or just count my 19 blessings and live long enough to see them all grow up and leave the babies to the kids as they get married.

  69. Anonymous

    why dont the older BOYS have buddys??? there brainwashing there girls to pop out more babies and the guys to shoot as much inbred watery sperm as possible. i watched this one episode and jim bob said some of the girls have expressed interest in being nurses or midwifes wow those are high aspiration! cathching more christian soldiers as they shoot from the vajajyjay chute!
    i really dislike these people cause they give us christians a bad name

  70. Nichibear.

    I believe that the Duggar family works as a team. making sure that everyone is taken care of and happy. It is not about the older children raising the younger ones, they are not doing that. & if they truly felt they were they would express that. They don’t though.

    On the 20th child, those of you who have children know what a wonderful feeling it is to give life to someone. If you don’t have children, seriously keep your opinions to yourself. Michelle should have as many children as her body will let her, emotionally and physically. She is doing what she wants to do. living her life they way she wants to. just because some TV show wants to document her life doesn’t mean we all have the right to tell her how she can reproduce.
    They did not say they are planning another child, they said they will not rule it out. they aren’t going to have intercourse more than often to try and have another child, they’re just going to continue living how they like to.

    I personally do not think she should continue having children only because of what happened with baby Josie. She may not have this much luck with the next one and she will lose all her support, people will go off about how she should’ve stopped earlier and it will hurt her family. Her giving birth early is her bodies way of telling them to stop. Her body is finally done. If she has another and everything is perfect, congratulations to her! Keep going! but i recommend stopping.

    I apologize if i offend any of the Duggar family and i would love if they responded.
    I hope Josie gets healthier soon, i have a little sister who was born early and at home. she spent 2 weeks in an incubator at OHSU here is Oregon. I know how it feels to have the feeling of potentially losing a baby sister.

    Love and prayers.

  71. Kelley

    I have watched the Duggar family as they have gone from 14-19 children. I believe the Lord has blessed this family with this abundance of children for a reason…to catch the media’s attention and ultimately spread the word of God.

    The one thing that has truly bothered me in all of these comments is the question of “how can any 2 people ever provide enough attention or love for 19 children???” You can ask this question when most classrooms have 20-30 children taught by 1 teacher? And these children, OUR children, are with this 1 teacher for the majority of their day.

    The vast majority of children are raised by the school system and only spend a couple of hours a day with their own parents. Summer vacation’s are filled with summer camps, daycares etc.

    The Duggar children have their parents 24/7. They spend their time in the “real world”, getting real life educations, always looking for ways to serve in their community and the world in general. I applaud Michelle and Jim Bob…and wish them and their wonderful children the absolute best.

    • Kay

      Yeah, schools, summer camps and daycares are the unfortunate side effects of having children AND still having to work full time. Not all families are fortunate enough to own property to rent out, or even come close to paying off the mortgage on their own house when their children are of “school age”. What a shame parents these days are too selfish to stop paying the bills so they can homeschool their kids and be home in all the holidays.

  72. Steph

    They are not crazy, brainwashed, or stupid. They are being very noble and courageous in giving God complete control over their life. Trusting God to bring them through, and so far He has. If you are a Christian, you realize how impressive it is for someone to have full faith in God like that. If you are not a Christian you should respect the Duggars’ personal beliefs, it is not harming you in any way. As far as the risk of dying- you never know where you will be taken on the road of life, or how long you have on that road.

  73. Marie

    I love the duggars all thier kids are miracles, its amazing that they have so many children and their love is so strong. There an example of what a family should look like besides the large amount of children. With God’s guidence, the duggars can over come thier challanges with Josie Brooklyn, and she will make it through go Duggars!

  74. Anonymous

    Seems to me that these people are not going to stop until Michelle dies. Then what? Is Jim Bob (her wonderful husband) going to be able to do all of this parenting by himself? I guess the older girls will be saddled with all of this responsibility. This is really not fair to them. I say it is time to stop all of this nonsense immediately and enjoy the children that you have.

  75. Amy Rosenberg

    I think that these are good parents. The fact that G-D has given them so many healthy intelligent children is not mine to question. As have many other’s commented on the fact that they are self sufficient and do not look for government assistance, we do not even have the right to complain that we are supporting these children. I pray that G-D continue to bless them as they raise these children.

  76. Anonymous

    I think these people are out of their minds. Most of these “quiver” families say they are all conservative and God loving people, however; almost all of them (Duggars excluded thanks from their “various rental properties” and all the loot from the TLC show) are living off of welfare benefits and food stamps. For example, their buddies the Bates who had (until the church took pity and built them a new house) 18 people living in 1400 (maybe 2000) square feet. That should be illegal. 3-level bunk beds? nuts. That Jim-Bob (who likes “his daughter’s hair long” and their swimsuits “modest”) think its appropriate to have this huge litter with his brain washed wife is disgusting. There is something wrong in that house. The kids are brainwashed. Josh is a creep. The little ones are the only ones who aren’t zombies cus their indoctrination isn’t complete. The older girls are treated like indentured servants. I am surprised none of them have chosen to take her own life yet. Seriously, they are sick and that our society thrives on watching this garbage (I am guilty too) is a poor commentary on all of us. I just pray that what goes on behind closed doors in that household is as “clean” and “kosher” as what is depicted on t.v. I am not so sure. Psychologically, children bond together as they do in the Dugger family when they are allies, supporting each other against abuse or similar. Its not normal for kids to always “do as they are told” and to never fight. Psychologically, something is seriously wrong. The family dynamic is a dictatorship and its abominable.

  77. Anonymous

    I think they should have 20 kids and even it up. I think there great parents and they live in america so they can have lots of kids if they like. Although they have lots of kids there taken care of obviously. Michelle said her baby days are numbered so that tells you something right there. God bless Jim Bob and Michelle

  78. Kay

    I have all the respect in the world for the beliefs of others. I just wish everybody popping out large numbers of kids – not just the Duggars – would consider that the world is seriously overcrowded already.

    Some families don’t seem to realise that babies are going to grow up to be real people with their own lives, as opposed to just being their property to enjoy because they “love kids” or “being a mummy/daddy” so much. What I will say though, is that while it will be a shame if they risk Michelle’s health and the health of baby 20 by getting pregnant again, they are better by far than couples having multiple babies several times over via IVF. Sure it’s hard to accept if you can’t have a child, but there are hundreds of thousands of orphaned or otherwise parentless children crying out for a loving home instead of adding more to the mix.

    God bless the existing Duggars and I hope they make the right choice regarding the future of their family.

  79. Anonymous

    You can never have enough children, I say. The more you have, the more Christians there will be, and those Christians will help others to become Christians.

    • Kay

      That doesn’t necessarily follow. In fact it’s pretty narrow minded to think it does. The child of Christian parents will not become a Christian by default. I think this is down to that crazy God-created entity – free will.

  80. tcidpqe

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  81. Anonymous

    Wonderful parents are good role models for their children. I have been impressed with these two, but my fear is that they are getting caught up in this more new babies momentum and maybe it is time for them to get caught up in the idea that the “Blessings” that they already are responsible for have responsible parents to mimic, not reckless parents or worse yet, lose a wonderful parent over trying to be famous and get notice for having another…. and another…..and what would Jim Bob do if Michelle died in childbirth. God gave us minds as well as reproductive organs to us in this life

  82. Anonymous

    This is absolutely irresponsible. It’s irresponsible parenting and the whole “God will provide” is just outrageously naive and ridiculous. There is no possible way that these parents can devote the time and attention to the children they already do have, and they want to add more? Children need their parents. These poor kids are being raised by their own brothers and sisters, which is cruel to the kids who should be allowed to be kids, not substitute-parents. Additionally, Mrs. Dugger is putting human life at risk at this point by continuing to have babies despite her age. this is not fair to her existing children, who will have to take care of any special-needs children that she has, but its not fair to bring a child into the world that she knows may have a very poor quality of life, due to her own insatiable appetite for fame and celebrity. Let your existing children be children, and stop making them raise your children, Mr. and Mrs. Dugger.

  83. Anonymous

    What about adoption? There are so many children out there that need a good home. Why keep having so many of your own children? I understand that people want to have their own children… but think about all the children who would benefit from being in a loving home. It saddens me that, they have sooo many of their own children. I think everyone should adopt.

    • Kay

      I completely agree with you. There’s no need to bring new children into the world when there are so many parentless or abandoned who would love a caring new family. The sad fact is, though, that so many looking to adopt want a baby, so the older children get left in the care system. I myself would sooner, for example, have one child and adopt a second than have two myself. Unfortunately the Duggar’s religious beliefs seem to be what dictate that they birth their own children.

  84. peanut

    i dont know how she does it! her insides must be just about ready to fall out after 19 geez.

  85. Anonymous

    are you kidding me. if you ever watch the show the older kids are the ones taking care of the younger ones. these two are beyond stupid. what are you going to do keep on having babies until one dies? get real.

  86. Anonymous

    The Duggars are self supporting hardworking people with wonderful children. They don’t ask for assistance from from the government and how many children they decide to have is truly up to them. Looking at so many of today’s teens, I’m not so sure having the older siblings involved in raising the youngers is such a bad idea. I have two kids that are great, but probably spend more time texting that talking (I’m partly to blame for that…) My only real concern is for Michelle’s health…I’m no doctor, but as a fellow Christian I hope JimBob and Michelle appreciate the miracle of little Josie and stay at 19 kids. Respectfully, those precious kids need a healthy Mom!

  87. donna

    The comments about this screwed up family not taking government hand-outs is so out of line. Them claiming their home as a church is a government hand-out, tax free, meaning THEY DO NOT PAY their share of taxes. We all should claim our homes as churches, I would love not to have pay 10,000 dollars a yr in property & school taxes. The comments about the boys taking care of the younger ones is also not true. It’s the older girls who take care of the younger ones, the mother could not possibly take care of all those children herself. I have watched the show and had to stop because I become so aggravated with the girls basically being nannies to their younger siblings. Jimbob is a selfish selfish man who could care less what happens to his wife, he’ll just go out and get another one if god forbid Michelle were to die in the next pregnancy. Please everyone, stop watching this show, it may be the only way to save Michelle’s life if it were to get cancelled. STOP WATCHING and SAVE Michelle’s LIFE!!

  88. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but enough is enough!! Michelle should be grateful she and Josie survived this last birth!Why tempt faith? Just because she can still get pregnant doesn’t mean she should. Will they ever be satisfied with the number of children the have? Or will they keep having them until Michelle dies in childbirth or the baby dies or both die! I say stop now and count your blessings and wait for your grandchildren to satisfy your need for more children!!!!

  89. Anonymous

    They should of stoped by the 6th child. they are nothing but money hungry and want to live off the geverment. My Wife and I are trying for our 2nd child and they are taking all the childern away from poeple like us that want kds. They should give some up like Josie and some of their other little one’s they have. it’s sad that they don’t want to stop they already Grandparent’s what freaks they are…

    • Kay

      I’m sorry, did you just suggest that other people having babies somehow stops you and your wife from having them? It’s not a quota system you know, like “only X babies can be born each year. Whoops, the Duggars just got pregnant, better knock that one off another couple!” And then you also suggest that they should give up their existing children when they are being looked after well? Sure I don’t agree with how they are being raised but they’re happy and healthy. What a ridiculous and ignorant thing to say.

  90. Anonymous

    What the older childern need to take care of the younger childern. So does that make them parents to? they need to stop having kid’s and just look forword of having Grandchildern. time to get the tubes tied or for Bob to get fixed. It makes me so mad that they should give some childern up to people that can’t get pregnant. Duggars stop being selfish.

  91. Anonymous

    I think everyone of these children should be taken away from them, they are obviously drones and clones with no thoughts of their own, and how could they have any thoughts of their own, when they live completely isolated lives. And the Duggars should lose their tax exemption status, they are not a real church, this is part of how they take care of the finances, it is fraud.

  92. Anonymous

    I Think that by leaving it up to God, that means they will have children until she hits menopause. She nor any baby of hers will die. What happened with Josie could happen to anyone, whether they are 43 or 23. Her age is not the issue here. Sure chances are higher, but that doesn’t mean it will happen again. I honestly believe it was only because this pregnancy was too close to last one and that it wont happen again. I agree that the Duggars are wonderful people and that they should over populate this world with their children. If everyone were as they are, we wouldn’t have anymore problems.

  93. cindy

    They are good people. But when it comes to bringing children into this world knowing they could live the rest of their live handicap. Its not fair to the child. They need to stop worrying about how many episodes they can get people too watch, and focus on the big picture. SHE IS TOO OLD TO HAVE HEALTHY CHILDREN, DONT PUNISH THE THEM FOR IT, GET FIXED. Oh and the lady talking about birth control being bad, “it is free will” intelligent people that know that they cant care for a child use it. Oh and now you may say, if you cant take care of a child then dont have sex. Ok if you or your child or anyone in your family gets sick, dont you dare go to the hospital because they have life support and medicine and god wouldent like you messing with his die slowly plan for you. Unless it ok to save life, that god is ready to take. But i’ve never read anything about a hospital in the bible/ like u say about birth control. umm they didnt talk about alot off stuff in the bible, it was made for that time. for instance they didnt talk about my computer in the bible, or tv’s or cars or the fact that you are helping to destroy the world….. Have a nice day.

  94. Heather M

    I personally think they are doing such a great job raising the children they have. But I think at this point, they have healthy children, and thank god Michelles in good health, but they should call it quits. I would hate for anything to happen to such a loving soul. and I would hate to see her leave her family she worked so hard to raise all because something went wrong during her pregnancy. I know everyone says God wont give you more than you can deal with, but death can be so random.. and pregnancy with preeclampsyia could be a cause of it..

    I’m wondering if she is pregnant with #20 due to the commercials on tv.. but I hope to god that shes announcing it for their cousin Amy or her son or something..

  95. Anonymous

    I am one of 6. My husband is one of 6. We have 4 children. We would LOVE to have more children, but I know what it is like being told I have to watch a younger sibling so that my parents could go out. I loved the feeling of being pregnant. I loved the feeling of delivering my children. I am enjoying watching them grow into good people. I am NOT a Christian and I do not believe in the bible, this doesnt make me a bad person. I am not going to say that I dont think the Duggars shouldnt have more children. I just think that the reasons for having more children are more selfish for the parents than for the children. If you TRULY love children, there are thousands, MILLIONS of parentless children who need homes!
    Oh, and just because I am not a Christian does NOT mean I disbelieve in God. I do, and I also feel that what has happened with Josie is Gods way of saying hey, maybe you are putting to much on your body and your family. They need to enjoy the children they have and the grandchildren they have and the ones that will come.
    Also, with that many children, someone is going to realize that they can think for themselves, one of those children are going to have a child outside of marriage. They are going to divorce. They are going to do exact oppisite of what they are taught because they where given no choices or goals in life except to keep producing children.

  96. Anonymous

    Josie Duggar was bigger than 1 pound she was 2 pounds 12 oz. and 13 inches long. Michelle Duggar is pregnant with baby #20

  97. Anonymous

    While i do admire and love the Duggar’s i am concerned with the man they esteem. And that is Bill Gothard. Bill Gothard is heavily into legalism meaning that
    his follower’s are in danger of being ‘christian pharisee’s’. We are to be conformed to the image of Christ and not another. I pray the Duggar’s will see this and the danger this man can be. If the Duggar’s are teaching Bill Gothard’s defination of God’s grace we may see some future problem’s. Gothard teaches God’s grace is ‘something we must earn and not the unmerited favor of God through Jesus Christ in which we can never be good enough but is there for the asking.Gothard’s defination of faith ‘is visualizing what God intend’s to do with us’ Oh dear God…faith is simply beleiving God and taking Him at His word.God forbid we attempt to visualize what God is doing..this is a form of occultism! With christian legalism..this can and usually does lead to sin as one eventually find’s out they can not live their life for Christ without His absolute grace! I pray the Duggar’s will soon fully embrace the grace of God alone and not feel they must earn it.

  98. Anonymous

    I think that they can have as many as they want AS LONG AS MY TAX DOLLARS OR anyones elses’ don’t have to pay for it. (welfare) I watch the show and wonder is the 20th worth it. Michelle’s health as well as the older girls who work like slaves and really raise the enitire family! The Mother is just the factory, that’s what bothers me the most.

  99. OutofMyMind

    You guys are driving me nuts!!!Why don’t you go and spend as much time with your kids as you do when you are complaining about Michelle’s kids. Leave them alone. They didn’t ask anyone to speculate on their lives! They proably read these comments and then feel bad. You =guuys should be ashamed of yourselves

    • Anonymous

      Reply to comment
      Jun 17, 2011 @ 01:17 pm
      OutofMyMind said:

      You guys are driving me nuts!!!Why don’t you go and spend as much time with your kids as you do when you are complaining about Michelle’s kids. Leave them alone. They didn’t ask anyone to speculate on their lives! They proably read these comments and then feel bad. You =guuys should be ashamed of yourselves

      Oh yeah they didn’t ask for everyone to speculate on them….and yet they put themselves on that evil thing called TV for the whole world to see! These people make 50,000 dollars PER EPISODE! and if you don’t think so go look it up on the TLC website. Oh my kids ware used clothes and shoes, and such because fashion is so evil, and we save the extra money, but I make butt loads of cash on telling you all how frugal we all are. Their house was finished being built by money from a tv show, all those things in their home was also given to them by TLC, and designed by them, all with money from TLC and donations, they also have claimed their house as a church, so Jimbob pays no property taxes, and in involved in political groups with members who support some pretty outgraous things. No one else with 19 children lives this way unless they have had many many handouts along the way, and money from other people, donaited time and labor. The reality is that any normal person that had this many children would be very very poor, and you would say geez, you people are crazy, espcially if they are of a minority, like all those mexican women toting around 6, 7, 8 kids around them and i hear all those white people on the bus scoff and roll their eyes and make comments about them. Just think of all those women in poor countries you see, and think “wow they should just stop having babies” but they can’t because when they get married, THEY HAVE NO BIRTH CONTROL!!! this is the same thing, except we are seeing overly priveledged white people crank out kids and say “oh they are a blessing from god!” no, they are your meal ticket and your whoring them out like a pimp to put them on the today show, as soon as they leave the hosptial, after they had baby number 14 and figured out they could get paid to have more. The girls are being brainwashed, what are they going to do once they leave? are the boys going to step up and clean and cook for Joy-anna, Jennifer, Johanna, and Josie? No. Those little girls will serve their older brothers, thats just they way it will be, it how indocernating works. Just think of how wonderful the world would be if we all thought like the duggars, we would have no art, no dance, no music, no science, no movies, no fashion, no tv, no medicine, women would not have jobs and couldn’t vote, we would all think the world was flat and that god makes it rain with his tears, no free-thought, no opinons besides what we have been told to think. Go here, don’t do that, don’t say that, do this. If you don’t want to be judged and lives in your own plastic bubble and pretend you don’t live in this world, then by all means go live in your own little made up world, but don’t put your lives, and your entire childrens lives on tv, and then claim that the world is so evil and tv, blah blah is so bad when thats how YOU MAKE YOUR LIVING!!!!!! go be poor in a four bedroom house, and live in the real world were you have to cram all your blessings inside without the trips, toys, rvs, land, that you earn by having more kids, then see how greatful you are when your relying on that state to feed all those mouths, sitting in a dirty welfare office with a horde of children running around because nobody will watch your kids without a butt load of cash.When i try and get someone to watch my two children, it takes some effort, not because they are bad, but because very few people do things for free, even your own family. When you give your kids ONE point of view on things it and limit them in everyway possible to think that way, its not a freedom of choice, its slavery. We are free thinking people, with the ability to express ourselves, and think indepently from religion and its traps. Otherwise we would be still in jolly old England with a king and queen telling us what we can and cannot do. When you are sheltered, you may be safer, but you can never truely know the flavor of life.
      For everyone who thinks this lifestyle is okay because they fail to see all the flaws and hyprociries in this family, please go pick up a book on a cult, or a documentry or anything that studies how leaders convice their subjects to follow them blindly without question, you will find their are many similar things the duggars do to control and justifiy their hollier then thou lifestyle, and push that on to their children, espically their daughters, who have no say in what they will do in their own lives. They are under the authority of men, wether its their dad, brother, or future husband. If raised my children to think that the sky was really purple, (which it clearly is not) and everyday brought them outside and said “yes kids the world says that the sky is blue, but really its purple, and I want you to all be Barney the Dinosaur when you grow up because well i just think he’s great” and all i showed them was barney, in books, music, school work, all i talked about was barney…would you be surprised if thats what they thought they wanted to do? no, because i told them thats what is important and excepted of them. Live your life like slave to a book that wasn’t even directed at you, but a small group of people that lived over thousand years ago. If your really that serious about using the Bible to do things word for word, then your all going to hell for waring mixed fabrics, having sex 1 week after your period, showing your hair, using technolagy of any kind, you should basically become Amish, but even those people let their kids experiment as teenagers, and let them choose what is right for them, or if they even want to join the church at all.
      people, at least i can say my kids can be anything they want to be, litterly and i will support them, i cannot say the same about the duggar kids, no hugs and tv cameras for a suddenly liberal Jinger who wants to be a lesbian, or joy-anna who decides she wants to be a doctor, or Jackson who wants to go on tour with his rock band. I will be happy with my kids as all as they aren’t hurt or hurting someone, because my love is uncondional, i don’t only love them as long as they do what i tell them to do….thats not how freedom of choice works.
      Now i’m going to get off my soapbox now, queue in all the, BUT GOD SAYS !!SO SO SO ITS ATOMATICALLY RIGHT, people…

  100. Tootall

    Wander how many kids Michelle and Jim Bob would have if Jim Bob had to go through 9 months (or less) of pregnancy symptoms and hours of labor?

  101. Anonymous

    I would rather them have 30 kids than some the people making these comments have any kids! The duggar children might actually benefit our society compared to some of the ignorant, immature, selfish, and moral-less children I’m sure the writers of these rude comments are producing.

  102. Autumn08

    i really hope she can’t conceive any more children, seriously and I’m not trying to be mean, but it is EXTREMELY dangerous for both her and the baby, as we grow older our bodies get tired, and with all the children she’s had, i’m sure it can’t be east on her body, i think she should be happy with the wonderful children she has, it would be awful for her to deliver a dead baby or even worst have her die in labor, or give birth to a handicap child or one with missing limbs i’m an abortion doctor, so i’ve seen some pretty scary stuff that can happen to people when they aren’t physically fit to have babies,

  103. Autumn08

    i really hope she can’t conceive any more children, seriously and I’m not trying to be mean, but it is EXTREMELY dangerous for both her and the baby, as we grow older our bodies get tired, and with all the children she’s had, i’m sure it can’t be east on her body, i think she should be happy with the wonderful children she has, it would be awful for her to deliver a dead baby or even worst have her die in labor, or give birth to a handicap child or one with missing limbs i’m an abortion doctor, so i’ve seen some pretty scary stuff that can happen to people when they aren’t physically fit to have babies,

  104. Anonymous

    i’m SURE “god” has nothing to do with this, if there is a “god” he/she is far to freaking busy to really care if people die or not, “god” has no control over people’s lives, if he/she did then the world would be at peace with no killing/wars/pollution/people in a crisis ect…so really, this has nothing to do with him/her it’s about them wanting to have litters of children and send them off to the older kids. it’s like a kid-mill in there, they need to stop before something terrible happens, because then it would be too late, he needs a vasectomy or something that as they won’t have any unfortunate accidents leading to the death of Michelle and leaving all those kids without a mother, if that’s not called being selfish, then your all crazy.

  105. Summer

    yes we all know, her having another baby is life hazardous, she could die, think about it, even if you believe in god or not, it is a huge strain on the body, how does she manage to find time for each child individually? . I’m 17 and honestly i wouldn’t have more then 4 kids, I’m glad that little Josie is alright but things could have easily gone the other way, i know it’s her life and her choice but what the people who are saying it’s not life threatening or extremely dangerous, your mistaken, i hope for her sake she can’t have any more kids, so that she can enjoy the wonderful children she has and live out her life happily

  106. Anonymous

    It’s kind of annoying when people credit God for Josie’s survival. It was modern medicine, pure and simple. And who picked up the tab for that? We all know it had to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for her stay in the hospital. I agree with all posters who say the Duggars are selfish people who are a drain on society. If they cared about God’s earth, they would stop having kids. Besides, the kids are fine, but JimBob and Michelle are just plain annoying.

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  108. crystal kleist lea

    i love the michelle duggar so very much that she a great mother to those kids that she got it make her happy she should have some more kids

  109. Hugh Jass

    The things people will do for their 15 minutes of fame!
    The best thing Michelle Duggar coiuld do for her 19 (soon 20) kids is learn to take it up the ass!

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