Jennifer Garner & Jessica Biel In Marie Claire

Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel became fast BFFs while filming their upcoming romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day. On a rare girls’ night out, the stars dished to Marie Claire about the pros and cons of having a famous significant other and a funny story about Jen’s adorable 4-year-old daughter Violet.

“Sorry I’m late, but I got lost and—” Garner stops herself upon seeing Jessica in full makeup and says, “You look gorgeous! And look at me. I didn’t even change my clothes to come here,” she says in the exhausted-but-happily-so tone of a mother with two young children.

Jessica then shared a sweet story about Jennifer’s daughter Violet.

Oh, I heard the sweetest story about Violet the other day. One of Violet’s classmates came up to her and said, ‘I heard Jennifer Garner lives in your house.’ And Violet said, ‘No, she doesn’t.’ The other kid kept insisting, so Violet came home and asked you, ‘Mom, who is Jennifer Garner and why are people saying she lives with us?'”

Jen confirms the cute story. “That’s true. She just knows me as Mom, so I did have to explain to her for the first time about the difference.” She adds, “I’m just holding down the fort while Ben works right now,” she says of her hubby Ben Affleck, who has 10 more days of filming The Town, a movie he wrote, is directing, and stars in. “I’m so impressed by his discipline. He gets up and works out every day at 4 a.m. before heading off to work. Every day. I used to do that sometimes for Alias,” Garner says of the television show that put her on the map. “But not every day. And I’d do it for 30 minutes, maybe 45. He does it for an hour-and-a-half. He comes home and collapses, and then rewrites scenes for the next day, then crashes and does it all over again. He’s worn out. Jon Hamm is in it, too. It’s kind of a heist movie, and Hamm plays the FBI guy.”

Jessica has her own famous beau to gush about. She’s been dating Justin Timberlake since 2007. When asked if they often talk about their men, Jen jokes, “From time to time we talk about swapping.”

Jessica giggles then turns serious. “It does help to have a partner who understands what fame is about and can share that with you. It’s a hurdle you don’t have to get over.”

So how do these famous women cope with fame? “I think I have it all in perspective,” says Jen. “If you’re healthy and happy and you have a roof over your head, then that’s what’s important.”

Check out the pics of Jen and Jess on the Marie Claire photo shoot in the thumbnails below.

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  • GreenEyesFreckles87

    Aw! That story Jen told about Vi is too cute!

  • Anonymous


  • Molly

    Lol “I heard Jennifer Garner lives in your house”. Its funny that they didn’t say I heard Jennifer Garner was your mommy but that she just lived in the house with them. Thats one of the cutest things I ever heard!

  • Anonymous

    This is a cute story. The only thing that bothers me…… is the fact that Jessica told the story not Jennifer. I think Jennifer should decide what information is put out about her daughter’s everyday life. Just because Jen shared this story with Jessica didn’t give her the right to repeat it in an interview. I’m sure it was harmless. Jen didn’t seem put out.

    Jen has always said in interviews she doesn’t rat her kids out/ talk about what they say and do. Jessica should talk about her life not her co stars kids. I just feel like she was exposing part of Jen’s life that she might not have wanted to share with the interviewer. Jen should have been the one telling this story not Jessica. As a friend Jessica should try to protect Violet as much as Jen. I guess the mother of the student who got her kid to go up to Violet will love to see this story in the magazine.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you.

      But it is a very cute story :).

  • melanie1983

    Omg anon, way to over-analyze…
    What an adorable story, I’m still laughing lol. Shows how many parents at Violet’s school talk about Jen, haha.

  • nicoleC

    Jennifer looks gorgeous !!!!
    I think she is pretty than Jessica!!
    When Jen dress’s up,she totally gorgeous !!

  • Jeannie

    I think it’s okay that Jessica told the story about Violet. Victor Garber has talked about Violet in interviews too. And Jen has told plenty of stories. We’ve heard how Violet was worried that when she got back to school, everyone would already have friends; how she poured honey on a computer keyboard; how she asked the paps to stop taking her picture; her role in the choosing of Seraphina’s name and how she thinks Jennifer’s job involves getting her hair and makeup done. They’re just short, cute anecdotes that Jen tells. Nothing too personal.

  • anonymous

    Lovely photos!

  • Anonymous

    Such a cute interview! And those pictures are amazing, especially the b&w’s!

  • Shirilicious

    Two of the most boring….zzzzzzzzzz

  • carolyn

    Wow, gorgeous pics! I like the one where Jen’s sitting on the floor in her couture dress. 😉

  • Anonymous

    I like the story about violet. She seems such a sweet and funny little girl 🙂

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