Levi Johnston Is “Pumped” To See Tripp Twice A Week

Levi Johnston might not be completely satisfied with the amount of time he gets to spend with his 13-month-old son, Tripp, but for now he’s enjoying every moment he can.

Currently, Bristol Palin has agreed to let her ex-boyfriend visit with their son two days a week – on Wednesday and Saturdays: “Saturday is usually the best day of the week for me,” Levi tells Entertainment Tonight. “It’s the day I get to see my son.”

Despite their incredibly public break up and ongoing custody battle, Levi says he’s trying to focus on the present: “I’m pumped that I get to see him twice a week. It feels pretty good. You can’t dwell on what happened.”

Though the two may have their differences, Levi claims that they are able to put aside their own feelings in order to talk about their son:

She tells me if something’s new but you know it is as far as we get. She called and told me he said ‘Dad.’ [We] actually got together and went into Anchorage and ate dinner, just the three of us and got him some ice cream. It was pretty fun. We just got to be good parents and work with each other. We keep conversation to Tripp and that’s about it.

In December, the Palin family threw a first birthday celebration for little Tripp, which Levi didn’t get to attend: “I wish I was there for that but I couldn’t be,” he says. “He looked really cute in all the pictures and I am glad. Just seeing him happy is good, even though I’m not there.”

Levi, who enjoyed a small victory last month when an Alaska Superior Court judge ruled to keep custody battle proceedings open to the public, went on to say that he believes little Tripp is already taking after him: “I think he looks more like me,” he explains. Everyone I’ve talked to says he looks more like me. I am trying to get him to play hockey. He’s really getting close with trying to grab the stick.”

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  1. Molly

    Why do we even bother with this idoit!! Ignore him and maybe he will go away.

  2. Hannah

    I’m glad Levi is getting to see his son, Tripp has the god given right to know his Dad.

  3. Anonymous

    He’s the kind of guy who will be constantly late on support payments, miss chances to see the kid, and then tell everybody who will listen how devoted a father he is. He’s full of crap and uses the child only for publicity.

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