Little Miss Perfect: Pageant Parents Go Way Too Far

When TLC released their series Toddlers to Tiaras, people were outraged by the exploitative actions of many of the parents on the show. Well if you were one of that show’s many protesters, wait until you see this.

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  1. Hannah

    These parents are sick, what is going on in their heads when their babies are walking around showing their bodies it’s to scary to even think.

  2. Jess

    I agree Hannah! Those parents are total nutjobs! No need to exploit little girls like that!

  3. Peta

    Is the above photo a scene from ‘Little Miss Sunshine’? Fitting for that article – a real little girl among the porcelain dolls.

    Those pageants are more for the lacklustre parents than they are for the children, in my opinion.

  4. Anonymous

    I really feel these parents & the pageants should be investigated and shut down for abuse and exploitation of minors. Sick!

  5. Lisa.....usa

    Watching toddlers and tiaras was one thing seeing this show is another. I just do not understand why do these parents make their girls wear wigs,have fake tans, fake teeth called flippers and fake eye lashes? what ever happened to just letting them be judged on their own. no make up. No wig, no fake bakes no fake lashes or flippers. They had one show a few months back where the girls had an no bling pageant. they looked more natural and more beautiful than they did with the fake crap on them.

  6. jw

    Just watched a “Little Miss Perfect” that showed 2 sisters competing against each other. It was awful and my heart went out to Madison, the less “skilled”, shall we say, for the pageant. It was obvious that Madison was doing this ONLY to please her mother. The kid wants to play sports, not prance around in scratchy, stiff pageant dresses. What I find most disturbing about this show is that the parents clearly are NOT in touch with what their kids really want to do. I feel very sorry for these kids.

  7. qjciotk

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  8. Anonymous

    I agree they shouldnt be showing their bodys like that. But some times its the kids that decide they want to do pageants not the parents,and some parents just want their children to be happy….

  9. Becky

    scary………… how they look older

  10. Anonymous

    I have just watched this show the first and last time ever .
    I find it totally disturbing parents do this to thier little girls ,Im sure every sexual predetor is loving this show , parents are suppose to protect thier kids not exploit them ….child abuse as far as Im concerned and something need be done about it .

    • PageantProtector

      I think that it is not crazy because all they are tryin to do is let their children build self-esteem! i feel that these comments are very offensive especially from you Anonymous. And your lucky I don’t report them as offensive!

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