Mackenzie Phillips Retracts That The Incestuous Relationship With Her Dad Was Consensual

Remember when Mackenzie Phillips came forward with the story about her ‘consensual’ sexual relationship with her Dad, John Philips that started when she was seventeen and lasted thirty years?

Mackenzie now states that it was NOT consensual and that word always seemed wrong to her while she was writing her book ‘High on Arrival’.

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

  • rachel s

    Oh god, here we go…..

  • Janie

    I sure do hope this woman is seeing a shrink. She is “nuts”!

  • Anonymous

    It is not illegal if she had a consensual relationship with her father… there
    is nothing wrong here… Why tell the world 20x over that is wasn’t..
    No I am not saying anything mean or anthing but please 30 years later..

  • Cabo

    Dear God, i had already forgotten this was even on the news! Why does she bring it back?

  • Janie

    This woman is a pathological liar and desparate for any kind of attention she can get! She is a washed up nobody!

  • Suzy

    She is a disgusting human being and should be banned from the media.

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