Nicole Kidman: Motherhood “Keeps Me On My Toes”

Nicole Kidman is experiencing motherhood for a second time thanks to her beautiful daughter Sunday Rose. The 42-year-old Oscar-winner, who is married to country crooner Keith Urban, says in the December issue of SHE magazine of becoming a mom again, “At this stage in life I was ready for her. Ready for this.”

Also mom to kids Isabella, 17, and Connor, 15, with her ex-husband Tom Cruise, Nicole reveals that it can be a challenge parenting both a baby and teenagers!

“For Bella and Connor I was a young mother – and for Sunday, I’m an older mother,” she says, adding of her two daughters, “They’re polar opposites. With Bella, I’m being someone she can confide in, while trying not to tell her what to do. With Sunday, I have to show her, teach her how to do everything … It’s really keeping me on my toes!”

Now 1 1/2 years old, Sunday is thankfully sleeping through the night, but Nicole says there are always new hurdles to overcome as a parent – like her little one screaming for the entire duration of an overseas flight!

“I walked up and down the aisle with her apologizing, it was awful!” the frazzled mom recalls. “It gets harder and better at the same time. They don’t tell you that – the club. They don’t tell you anything – about the pain, the birth.”

Admitting that she was “really frightened” of childbirth, Nicole says it was well worth the pain: “It’s why I’m glad I’m a woman. Men will never have a life inside of them – it’s why I’d never choose to be a man!”

These days the Aussie actress is trading in her hectic career schedule for more time spent with family.

“I’ve worked since I was 14 … but now my priority is my family – my baby, my husband – and that’s non-negotiable,” Nicole says, adding, “The joy it brings. The simplest things, Sunday smiling a toothless smile and then suddenly it’s a one-tooth smile – it’s divine!”

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  • Anonymous

    Nicole, I am so happy for you and Keith and Sunday Rose. You make the absolute most adorable family. I also know you HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN your children with Tom, even though everyone else seems to want to ensure that you are put down, shamed, excluded, etc., from their life. I happen to know you have always been private when it comes to your children, and now that Bella and Connor are older, they most definitely don’t like “Mom” talking about them, the same as any other teenager on this planet. They like when Mom can help them get a cameo in a movie, but they also don’t like the fact that they had to have Mom’s help to get that cameo. Let’s face it, it’s a two-way street when it comes to your kids. I admire and respect the fact that you allow your kids their privacy, but I also happen to know they do spend time with you and Keith, and seem to really like Keith. I also know that Keith happens to love your kids with Tom as well. He doesn’t know how to put on an “act.” It’s nice that you can spend time with them without the papparazzi getting wind of it until after the fact. I say good for you! I have no doubt that you love Bella and Connor just as much as you love Sunday Rose. Let the naysayers find something else to complain about!

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