Kate Gosselin Is Coming Out With Another Book

Kate Gosselin, formerly of the reality television show Jon & Kate Plus 8 and now a BESTSELLING AUTHOR — omigod, really? — is coming out with a third book.

Kate Gosselin’s new book, due for release on April 13th, is called I Just Wanted You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family, and it includes prayers, sections from her journal, and personal letters to each of her eight children.

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rachel s

Geez Louise… just because she changes her hair she gets another book deal???
I wonder what her kids are going to think of this whole pillage of a mess when they grow up? Are they going to hate their parents for exploiting their childhood on a reality TV show? That’s a story that would be worth reading.


I think letters to her kids etc are great…but why publish private personal letters like that…I won’t…they are for my kids…and my kids only…but then again I would exploit my children for money or undergo fertility treatments knowing I had twins the first time…and implant over 4 embryo’s. These kids are going to need their therapy paid for somehow…but seriously!!!!


If she wants to write letters to her children, does she really need to make a buck on it!!! Just another way to pimp her kids out once again!!!


i don’t mind the idea of Kate talking about how hard it was dealing through the last year, and bible passages, and whatever. Maybe it’ll help her, but I don’t agree with her publishing her letters to her children at all. I mean maybe she doesn’t the bad in it, but I would personally want the letters to be just for my children’s eyes because they are the only ones that should get an explanation not the whole world. come on kate, spare your kids some privacy…