Suri Cruise Is A Little Lipstick Lady

Suri Cruise, 3, got all gussied up to see The Pride with her mama Katie Holmes at the Lucille Lortel Theatre on Wednesday night (February 10). Besides her matching yellow sweater and headband, Suri wore bright red lipstick.

After picturing Suri playing in the snow yesterday, the paparazzi spotted Katie and her playful tot in Sephora. Suri danced and smiled as she picked out her favorite lipsticks.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Suri wearing makeup. Late last year, we spotted the 3-year-old visiting her papa, Tom Cruise, on his movie set with her heels and lipstick. And again the other day, the famous tot completed her look with painted pink lips.

What do you think about Suri wearing lipstick?

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  1. Anonymous

    Seriously and deeply wrong on all levels. Yes, maybe playing “dress up” at HOME with Mommy is fine but out in public as if she’s encouraging her celebrity-dom…??? It’s just not right. Let her be a child, PLEASE. She has all of her teenage years to wear make-up and to want to be older than she really is… SMH.

  2. alicia

    OMG !!!! This is NOT cute! I really do believe this kid is such a spoiled brat! She gets whatever she wants. What kid shops for lipsticks at 3? No coat, heels, make-up……so wrong! Really WEIRD parenting! Don’t they get it. Suri looks totally happy to be looking like this.

  3. Anonymous

    I totally agree…this is just oh so wrong…I have a son but even if I have a girl, there is no way in hell she will go out of the house with a bright red lipstick. I don’t even wear makeup. And please, even if she is playing dress up, u shop for lipgloss at the kids aisle at CVS not at Sephora! I know they can afford it but come on.

  4. Toni

    all little girls play dress up with their mommy’s make up and heels. its part of the fun of being a girl. i wouldn’t rush to judgment. now if the little girl starts wearing make up every day, then there might be a problem.

  5. babyBudda

    Tom & Katie need to get a CLUE! This is gross!

  6. keepher-kat

    I completly disagree with what they are doing, and hope young mothers will not take example from them.
    But it’s time to give them a break, she is their daughter, and they are the one who will pay the consequences of their parenting style.

  7. Tazina

    Little girls do like to play dress-up. But the shade is just too weird. A lip gloss with a hint of pink would surely satisfy her desire to dress up and it wouldn’t look so ghoulish on such a small child. I think Suri is a very girly girl – she probably hates wearing anything like jeans and sneakers…and why should she have to if she hates wearing stuff like that.

  8. Dana

    I agree that little girls like to play dress up but to allow her to choose that color is just so odd! Katie should have let her choose from a few shades of a pale pink gloss, not that fire engine red! Also, at this age I do not think it’s appropriate to allow her to “dress Up” with that kind of make up on outside the home.

  9. SJPLuva

    There is a time and a place to play dress up and to take it out on the streets of NYC is NOT the place!!

  10. Anonymous

    Seriously how many times haven’t we seen something chocking with this girl?
    Its starts to get normal to see her with something “odd”, either it is lipstick, or no jacket when it is freezing cold or with high heels.
    I think Katie and Tom are using her for PR, Because who on earth would let their kid look like that in public knowing there are pedophiles out there and knowing that the papz will take pictures of them. Or who wouldn’t put a jacket on their kid while they themselfs have coats on?

    They spoil her on purpose. PR.

    Kaite could be discreet if she wanted to, she could buy a lipstick when they were alone, or by it for “herself” so that people wouldn’t understand that it was for Suri, or ask a friend to by one for her, or why not a better option… Hmm.. Buy one that is for makeup dolls and let Suri have one of those?
    I don’t think a 3 year old can see the difference of a real lipstick and a fake. (the “fake ” is with very bad quality and it is for plastic dolls, which are toys)

  11. Anne frome France

    It’s very sad to see that little girl with lipstick, she is only 3!! her parents must to let her to be a little girl, with a coat, no make up and no heels… (sorry for my english…)

  12. momtrolfreak

    The lipstick doesn’t bother me as much as the heels–they are letting her screw up her bone growth by walking in heels all the time. Argh. But, when in Rome, as they say: this is apparently how all little girls dress on the planet Xenu.

  13. SarahEl

    Why are people so hard on Suri and her family.
    I myself must be a horrible mother!!! I let my kids dress up!! My daughter is having a Fancy Nancy party in two weeks….OMG….I am going to dress up all the little girls with lipstick, and sparkly make-up. She is turning 5. Why, because it’s fun. Suri has the disadvantage of being always followed, but she is really just being a normal girlie girl who wants to act like her mom. Let her have fun, let her be a little girl who likes to play dress up.

    Lets try to be nice! Suri looks like a very happy little girl!!

    One last thing, how cares about her jacket. Is she complaning! No. If she was cold, then she would wear one. I know my daughter hates to wear one, even in the rain. So, I don’t make her. She is only two. It hasn’t killed her yet.

  14. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but I think that this whole situation is obserd. She is a little girl….she’s going to want to wear makeup and play dress up. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it. Everyone wants to bash Tom and Katie but bottom line is it’s there daughter. They can allow what they want. No, people might not agree with it but give it a break. There are more important things going on in the world other then Suri wearing lip stick or high heels. Why should you care wear Katie buys her daughters makeup. It’s really just stupid that this is even an issue.

  15. Anonymous

    Amen SarahEl and Anonymous after her!!!!!! I know alot of “terrible” mothers who let there daughters dress up and wear make up!!!!! Just because Suri’s parents are famous she should not be able to do normal girlie girl things because she’s followed by cameras. As for everyone saying that they only do it for PR……give me a break. What is the problem with Katie buying Suri lip stick at Sephora…..if she can afford it why is it any of your concern. Seriously leave it alone. She seems to be very happy and well cared for. That should be the issue not her lip stick or high heels.

  16. My girls (and son when he wants) play with makeup—eye shadow, lip stick, nail polish, and have loads of dress-up clothes, heels, jewelry.

    BUT, it comes off when we go out—I don’t let my 9yo wear dangly earrings out of the house or my 7yo go out with bright red lips. This just seems WRONG. They may think it’s “cute” on a 3yo (I think it’s gross), but when she’s 7 and wants to wear black eyeliner, will it still be “cute”? I hope this isn’t a trend I see more and more.

  17. Alice

    Anyone else thinks in the lipstick pic Suri loks just like Vanessa Paradis??? I did a double-take!

  18. Rings

    They’re gonna say that SHE wanted to wear lipstick, cause at 3, Suri already knows what she’s gonna do in her life.

  19. Tiffany

    Katie just keeps surprising us day by day. This isn’t called DRESS UP PEOPLE. Jeez. Dress up doesn’t occur in a child’s everyday life. Get a clue you weirdo’s!!!

  20. Francesca

    Just when I thought there was hope…

  21. Venni

    I would never let my 6 year old daughter play with red lipstick — even if it’s just out of fear that she would smear it on her face, clothes and everywhere! And lipstick stains are impossible to clean.


    Are they grooming her to be a prostitute?

  23. Hannah

    I think it’s ok for kids to play with lipstick at home and maybe wear skin tone colours in public but not red all I can say at least she is wearing flats.

  24. whatever works

    Look at her so fascinated by the makeup too. SO WEIRD! You’d think a 3 year old (girly girl or not) would whine there way and want to go into a toy store. Two words for Katie & Tom – NUT JOB! Call me crazy, but that child is going to have severe problems growing up (oh wait hold up! they are already letting her go through that phase already!)

  25. Louise

    I try so hard to like this couple, but they keep effing it up for me! Suri is cute (sans lipstick). I enjoy checking out her cute outfits in all the blogs, but this is just TOO MUCH, even for me.

  26. Amherst

    Disturbing video of a Suri outing (@ Radar)
    Katie steps away from Suri’s side (as they leave a building) to let photographers have a field day.
    Poor Suri 🙁

  27. SarahEl

    About that video that was mentioned. I do think it is sad for another reason. Way to many paparazzi taking pictures. I can see why Katie let them take a few pictures, in fact I think it is a good idea. It gives Suri the power, so it is less forced. Then Katie can ask them to leave them alone, because she already gave them a chance to take pictures.

  28. kait

    That little girl is going to become traumatized. Her parents pimp her out, she’s the paparazzi’s number one (celebrity kid wise) target……..

  29. Allegra

    When you see photos of celebrities and their kids you kind of forget that surrounding their sweet faces is a huge mob of men whose cameras make an obscene amount of noise and flash. Seriously, I would find that so scary if I were a child! It’s a wonder that all these celebrity babies aren’t scarred! But as far as the lipstick on a toddler goes, I don’t support it but I won’t condemn it either. It’s wrong but I’m not going to go berserk over it. She’s still gorgeous and happy.

  30. Anon1

    Suri looks like a happy well adjusted child. She seems happy and looks like she is going through phases, her high heels phase might have passed, now it is lip stick. I don’t see any harm. In fact, the people I find sick are those who attack a mere child. That is so wrong.

  31. AM

    There’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with this girl’s mother and (pretend) father thinking this is normal and allowing it. Is Katie so clueless that she doesn’t realize this is a pedophile’s dream in the making? Does she not realize the message she’s sending out by participating in the “sexualizing” of her daughter, the dresses, then the heels, then the makeup? By age 8, Suri will be modeling lingerie while pole dancing. And Katie will think it’s cute. This woman as a “mother” absolutely turns my stomach.

    • Gabrielle

      After watching the video posted above @rader and I am NOT a fan anymore. Why would katie let her daugther stand there front and center to paps, when clearly Suri was turning her head and even covering her eyes due to the flashing of the cameras! What the hll is wrong with this woman? Should could have easily stand in front of Suri and let her daugther walk on her right side, to avoid the flashing of the lights in the poor kids eyes!

      @AM Dresses? Little girls are supposed to wear dresses, stockings, and ballet flats, maryjanes, etc. The only problem I have with her parents are they they use her for PR. The video @rader is proof! The heels, the makeup, occassions w/out a coat, etc are the things I disagree with.

      @Everyone else: Sure, little girls like to play dress up. But it’s something that should be done at home, not in the public. Maybe if she was wearing nude, pink, or clear gloss with glitter, it wouldn’t look so bad. But red? I’m 22 years old, and I don’t even own a stick of red lipstick! This child is going to be buying foundation and concealer at age 10.

  32. lust

    seriously enough is enough wat is wrong wit ta parents totally messed up they should know better!!!

  33. Elizabella

    What´s the big deal? She looks like she is loved and cared for.
    She also looks like a really happy little almost 4 year old girl. She grows up in a world where it is normal to dress up and wear make up every day.

  34. Katrina

    lol, the dresses and coats Suri wears are by far the most frumpy and non sexualizing dresses I have ever seen, much less on a child. So really, no, that whole statement is ridiculous.

    I think the lipstick is too dark, but i always think that shade is too dark no matter whos wearing it. I don’t condone it but i dont think its the end of the world either. People really need to get a grip. She’s not forcing the kid into anything, she likes the frumpy girly stuff. It is NOTHING like the baby pagent stuff, those kids are almost always forced into those horrible things, and they wear a CRAP load more makeup then some dark lipstick.

  35. Anonymous

    what is wrong with u people, get off you´re high horses. me and my friends did all these things she´s doing when we were kids. and we´re all normal. and i let my 5 year old daughter wear lipstick and she loves high heels oh my god then she must be a total brat and i´m a pimp. i think ur mind must be sick with all these bad thoughts u get just because u see a little girl with lipstick on.

  36. Anonymous

    I really don´t like it that a girl who´s just 3 years old is wearing lipstick. She is at the age when she loves to experience new things but still there´s something really wrong in this family. Suri is a beautiful little girl and she doesn´t have to prove it by wearing make-up. She and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt are the two most controversial little girls in Hollywood right now. The other (Suri) for preferring dresses over practical everyday clothes and the other (Shiloh) for being a tomboy and wearing boyish clothes. They´re just little girls and still growing. People should leave these two little beauties alone. Suri always seems to get her way and maybe it´s because she´s – so far – the only child in the Cruise-Holmes family. She gets all her parents´s attention to herself and doesn´t have anyone to share that love and attention with. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has five siblings to share the love and attention. I don´t meant to criticize Tom and Katie for their parenting-skills – they certainly are the best parents Suri could have – but they should start to think of having another child before Suri is gets older. She most certainly would be a loving big sis.

  37. Anonymous

    I think the shade is a little extreme to be wearing in public at her age, but other than that I don’t really see what the big deal is.

  38. Miss

    This is wrong for several reasons, 1st letting your toddler wear makeup is teaching them that looking natural is NOT ok, and that they should concentrate on physical appearance (and drop everything else), also how many chemicals are there in the lipstick? how harmful it is for their sensitive skin?
    On the other hand we don’t need more “role model” for our kids! enough is enough !

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