Gwen Stefani & Zuma: New York Fashion Week

Gwen Stefani brought along the ultimate accessory backstage at New York Fashion Week – her adorable 17-month-old son Zuma Rossdale!

Dressed in a matching black leather jacket to his mother’s, the stylish tot got his hair primped backstage before the Lamb Fall 2010 Collection show on Thursday (February 11).

The LAMB look has some hard edges this year, with skinny leather pants and military-style belts wrapped around slinky dresses. The multi-talented mother-of-two sported a leather jacket-and-bloomer-short combination to the big event.

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  1. Anonymous

    that child is seriously the cutest darn thing ever. i am totally serious!!!!! i feel a little bit bad for him though, backstage at a runway show is a really chaotic environment to throw a little guy into…he doesn’t seem to be enjoying it too much, i mean, he looks like he’s handling it well, but you can see the stress on his face and he is intently looking at gwen in the few pics where she isn’t holding him, he’s looking at her like, “mommy. dont u dare leave me. don’t walk away. what are you doing. mommy. look at me.” kingston i imagine would have been waaaaaaaaaaaay to overwhelmed at his age in an environment like that, could you imagine trying to watch him and not let him tear things up. holy crap no. zuma just comes across as a really good baby. and he is SOOOOOOOOOO friggin adorable, it makes me want another baby. for real~

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