Why Jennifer Garner Won’t Tweet

Don’t expect mom-of-two Jennifer Garner to be joining the ranks of celebrities on Twitter any time soon!

The Valentine’s Day star, who has daughters Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 1, with her husband Ben Affleck, recently explained to People why she’s not into online social networking:

I try really hard to put my phone down [ever since] my daughter pretended to take something out of one of her little purses and was like, ‘I’ve got an email – hang on one second.'”

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  • SJPLuva

    ok and uhh why does this make sense? So Violet pretended to get an email on a toy phone so that’s why Jennifer does’t twitter or do any social networking? That makes absolutely NO sense at all. Nothing this woman says ever does.

  • melanie1983

    It makes sense because she’s saying just how MUCH she uses her phone for email that Violet has picked up on it.

  • musiclover

    SJPluva….sweetie, what Jennifer said makes perfect sense. You just weren’t sharp enough to grasp it. And by the way, I’ve notice several negative posts from you about Jen on other threads….what did she ever do to you? Did she pull your hair in elementary school, still your boyfriend in high school? Just curious, lol

  • SJPLuva

    Just don’t like her, I have that right. K thanks. Clearly if her daughter picked that up from her she should have known before that she was on her phone to much and not spending time with her kids.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, to not like someone for no apparent reason? Whatever, for every person that doesn’t like her they are at least 10 others that do. I find her very likable and enjoy hearing little tidbits from her life as a celeb mom.

    Icing on the cake is that she has two little girls that are absolutely adorable.

  • Anonymous

    My nephew always using my sisters I PHONE .. he already knows how to email
    Get his video games and take pictures and basically everything else u use
    your cell phone for.. and he is the same age as Violet 4 years old.!!!

    Vi knows her mom is always e mailing or talking on the phone so she is
    probably imitating her…You see Jen on the cell phone all the time on the
    street it is practically growing out of her ear.. ….Kids are great and how
    fast they know how to do things..my sister puts it down for 2 minutes and
    he already playing his video games. p.s thanks for the Vi and Jen photo
    guess she is not in London with Ashton

  • Tazina

    It’s the worst to see kids in restaurants with their parents, busy on their little devices, not interacting with their family, totally immersed in their games, family clued out. I see this all the time now and it’s awful. Workplaces are already having problems with young employees who have trouble communicating and relating with others, problem solving, etc. Jen is a very wise mother.

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