Ben Affleck & His Blonde Beauty

Ben Affleck was spotted picking up his daughter Violet from preschool with his mother Chris in Santa Monica on Friday (February 12). Ben toted his adorable 4-year-old blonde beauty to the car.

According to Ben’s gorgeous wife Jennifer Garner, the romance is alive and well in their relationship not only this Valentine’s Day, but always.

You change the definition of romance,” Jen says. “Romance is romance, but in addition romance can just be breakfast over the tops of heads. Just getting through the day. You just have to make that be romantic.”

The happy couple are also parents to 1-year-old daughter Seraphina.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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    • shania

      indeed i agree with you!!
      ben and jen garner are perfect couple.
      both of them are hands-on parents, they dressed casually when they’re picking up their kids or playing with their kids in the park or shopping.
      they’re pretty cool..

  2. Maru

    So cute!! Violet’s hair is so long!! I love it 🙂

  3. carolyn

    Wow, her hair is SO long! Cute quote about romance sometimes having to be “breakfast over the tops of heads” – so true. 🙂


    She’s cute as long as her ears are covered and her mouth is closed.

  5. Tazina

    Meaningless and stupid comment. Baby teeth=replaced by permanent ones – and then? braces if necessary….the ears – small surgical procedure to pin them back although they look adorable on her just the way they are.

  6. Anonymous

    Violet is so freaking cute and adorable and full of personality. She and Sera are two of the most loved and adored as any celebrity kids. It plain to see that their parents are bringing up beautiful and well adjusted children.

  7. Allegra

    She is so gorgeous! I always picture her with brown her but wow, it’s really blonde!
    PS Those comments about her ears and teeth are so unnecessary. She’s a 4-year-old. She’s adorable no matter if her ears stick about a bit and she has gappy teeth.

  8. Anonymous

    yeah shes blonde with dark roots. go figure.

  9. Hannah

    Wow look how long her hair is it needs a hair cut.

  10. ARW

    Violet is not cute , she look like her mother. Serafina is mini Ben and she’ s beauty.

  11. Anonymous

    Violet is so BEAUTIFUL …


    Tazina & Allegra – what’s the matter, you can’t handle the TRUTH?

  13. Anonymous#1

    Dirty Stay out is well named. She (He?) is dirty and should just stay out! What nastiness is your life? Must be pretty bad to pick on a beautiful little girl like that! Go play with someone as mean as yourself!

  14. Donna

    It’s a funny thing about blonde hair on children. I was blonde until I got to be 7 or 8 and then I had dishwater brown.blond until I was a teen. And then like a miracle, it turned blonde again and stayed that wasy, as long as I can get to a salon. The EXACT same thing happened to my niece.

  15. Anonymous

    Vi had turned blonde the same age as Sera is now.. So we know that Sera
    will be a brunette.. At least Sera doesn’t have to worry about any of that
    stuff.. wish we could see more of her…

  16. ellie

    violet & sera look cute & adorable!!
    they’re both pretty like their mum :-))
    i luv the garner-affleck family esp jen, she’s so down-to-earth, beautiful, sexy and gorgeous..
    ben is darn lucky!!
    for jen-ben bashers post your mean comments somewhere else, ok?

  17. Anonymous#1

    Wel, I guess its Just like I can’t understand why people rave about Shiloh Pitt, who to me looks like a dozen other kids I’ve seen and nothing special. To each their own. To me Voilet looks like she can be a model when she’s older.

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