Bethenny Frankel Dishes On Her New Curves

Mom-to-be Bethenny Frankel says she’s enjoying her curvier figure – and she’s not the only one!

The Real Housewives star, who is expecting her first child this summer, reveals that her fiance Jason Hoppy loves her new shape.

“Jason loves it, ‘He says you’re thick and I love it!’ I think he is having some sort of sick pregnancy fantasy,” Bethenny tells RadarOnline. “He is having a pregant porno fantasy, so everyone is happy!”

It’s not just her figure that’s changed; Bethenny admits that pregnancy is already affecting her entire outlook.

“I feel like I am meant to be pregnant, which I never knew because I always thought I was this bitter woman, bound to adopt kids and be cold for the rest of my life,” she explains. “I now realize that I do have a heart. When you get pregnant, you realize that you care about more than yourself.”

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  1. Anonymous

    lol wow thats pretty crass

  2. Anonymous

    I get the impression that this woman is very, very self-obsessed. Her face is not very natural looking…

  3. Anonymous

    I think if she stood up straight she’d have no bump at all.

  4. Anonymous

    So, let me get this straight–if you’re a “cold” person, then you should consider adoption? Getting pregnant and giving birth are only for women with maternal instincts? I used to like and respect Bethenny, but not anymore.

    • LJSS

      Yup, seems like she’s making a dig at adoption as non as real as pregnany. What a crass and idiotic statement. But that’s they way she is…on her show at least.

    • Moore

      Sounds to me like she was talking about herself personally, the way she viewed adoption and the way her life was going. There are people who look at it as their last option as far as motherhood, like the child is there to serve their needs for companionship or something when they don’t get pregnant by a specific time. She sounds like didn’t think she was going to have what she dreamed of having. That was her outlook and she mentioned that it has changed.

  5. melissa

    I agree, what a crass and idiotic statement to make. This woman to me is such a moron. She has diarrhea of the mouth and it’s not very appealing. Adopting a child is a wonderful rewarding experience and I think it takes more of a warm, caring, loving person to adopt than even conceiving your own especially because Bethenny became pregnant and engaged to have material for a TV reality show. She will be a cold and bitter woman to the end, no matter what her circumstance is in life. She may have a nice persona on the outside but you don;t have to live with the bi#ch. She is like Leona Helmsley to me. I can’t stand her…I feel very sorry for her unborn child coming into the world with such a shallow, self-centered mother.

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  7. Anonymous

    I am a new watcher of this show, I have seen bethanny at her worst and at her best.. I believe she felt like Jason wasnt going to marry her or want to have kids with her, She is a woman with a time clock ticking for having a child, her opinion of having a natural child or if she couldnt by the time she was 40 she may have wanted to adopt then. I can understand her meaning of what she was trying to say, sometimes you need to read into what she is saying, I am so happy for her that she now has the oppertiunity now of carring her child and giving birth to one of her own! and I also think Jason is as happy as she is! Good Luck to both of you!!

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  9. Anonymous

    I get the impression that this woman is very, very self-obsessed. Her face is not very natural looking…

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