Carnie Wilson Wants To Lose Weight For Her Kids

Having reached 212lbs, Carnie Wilson says that she isn’t able to lose the weight she needs to on her own.

“I need help,” the mom-of-two tells People.

Carnie, 41, has battled weight problems for much of her life. In 1999 she underwent gastric bypass surgery, broadcast live on the internet, and went from 300lbs to 150lbs.

She was able to keep the weight off for a while, but says that her pregnancies – she gained 70lbs with her daugher Lola, 4, and 61lbs with Luciana, 8 months – “derailed me a bit.”

Now starring in her own reality show, Carnie Wilson: Unstapled, the singer reveals that she wants to reach her goal weight of 160lbs for her daughters as much as for herself.

“I have to be a teacher to my daughters,” she says. “Lola started to notice commercials on TV with people who are trying to lose weight, and she looks at me. She’s thinking about this stuff, and it’s getting to her.”

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  • Anonymous

    I wish her the best of luck and I hope she can do it! 🙂

  • Dubrockna

    Enough already. What will work now if gastric bypass fails? Embrace your size and just try to eat sensibly. Too bad the daughter looks like she’s going down the same path as her mother.

  • Anonymous

    i love that she blames her pregnancies for her weight problem. basically the two pregnancies were free passes for her to eat like crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Carnie does weigh more than 212 lbs. She is not being truthful. I feel sorry for her.. a woman who had the chance for a gastric bypass and a playboy shoot.. couldn’t learn the necessary skills to healthy eating.


    It does look like her daughter has a tendency to get chubby too……

  • Lauren

    Very sad cycle Carnie’s on. She can never be satisfied enough with her weight to curve her psychological craving, and now Lola’s on the same exact path. One would think that recognizing your own self-destructive patterns in your child would be enough to curve your bad habits. Hopefully that’s what happens here, though I truthfully don’t know what it will take to make Carnie change at this point. She really did use pregnancy as an excuse to eat again, and while I have faith that she can lose the weight, it’s going to be a bitch of a process.

  • Anna

    Gastric bypass alone is not a solution to weight loss, you need to change your heating habits and lifestyle. It’s obvious she didn’t do that.
    Someone needs to teach her to cook healthy food for her family. Right now she is feeding her daughter the same junk she is eating.

    Please don’t say she should embrace her size! Her size is unhealhty.

  • Dazla

    Well I think people are tired of her talking about her weight issues when nothing seems to work. Probably that’s what was meant by embrace her size – since nothing seems to work just live with it already.

  • Dazla

    Well I think people are tired of her talking about her weight issues when nothing seems to work. Probably that’s what was meant by embrace her size – since nothing seems to work just live with it already.

  • rachel s

    I agree with the anom poster. I read somewhere that she gained 71 lbs with her first pregnancy, and 60-something with her second. That’s a boatload of extra eating that could not of be healthy for her or baby. It’s embarrassing that she had her gastic bypass surgery viewed online, lost all that weight, POSED IN PLAYBOY, to just get fat again.

  • Cabo

    My problem is that she’s using the pregnancies as the excuse!! And i’m sorry but they’re not the reason. She simply went back to her old eating habits. Why can’t she admit that? I’ve seen both cases. Having the bypass surgery, getting pregnant, and still keeping the weight off. I’ve seen it! Then another having the bypass surgery and gaining the weight back WITHOUT any pregnancy. So come on Carnie, quit blaming the babies, it’s YOU!

  • Anonymous

    Well she gets another tv series out of it.. just like Kristie Alley both are
    overweight actresses who have a tv series on how to lose weight again..

    Second try for both.. Carnie was so proud of her weight loss than announced that she was going to have a second child and gain the
    weight again.. so this is what happens…It is Carnie’s own fault who
    said that she wanted her next baby to be healthy.. what after this
    weight loss another pregnancy please she did it herself..

  • Moore

    I think she first needs to keep the tv and the media out of it. That right there could create this whole sense of extra guilt when she “lets the public down” and doesn’t let go of the weight (it’s called Unstapled. I’m sure its about her weight). Accountability should be at home while pregnant and not. Learn to eat better, walk and exercise when you can and embrace the rest which was said above. Her daughters need to see effort not just a thin mom. I’m sure she’s working on it hard too so good luck to her.

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