Zuma Rossdale: Bottle Bub

It looks like Gwen Stefani and her adorable son Zuma, 17-months, are home after spending Fashion Week in New York City. The 40-year-old No Doubt rocker was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills with her husband Gavin Rossdale on Saturday afternoon (February 13), pushing her son in his stroller while he enjoyed his bottle.

Later that same day, daddy Gavin, 44, spent some father-son time with his youngest. Zuma, who is looking more like his dad each day, was sporting a pair of black and white Nikes with matching socks. What a cutie!

Gwen and Gavin are also parents to 3-year-old Kingston.

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Photo credit: Flynet/Fame


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he look so much like kingston


aw he’s the cutest 🙂

new mom

at 17 months does a child use a different type of bottle than an infant? just wondering cause i’m about to adopt a 20 month old and want to bottle feed her to aid in attachment. if so, what kind should i use? i figured there are lots of folks on here with baby/toddler knowledge that might be able to help me. thanks, zuma, for the reminder 🙂


new mom- not a different type of bottle really, but a different nipple. the hole is bigger for toddlers so they can get more liquid. also the bottles are bigger. 🙂

new mom – You could use either a bottle or a sippy cup. The “common” recommendation is to have a child using a sippy cup after a year old, but in actuality, as long as they aren’t going to bed with the bottle, it’s not a big deal to us e a bottle for as long as the child needs to, much like prolonged breastfeeding. You just want to make sure you get the “fast” flow nipple for whatever bottle you get. Most older babies/toddlers drink more that the 4-5 oz. of the small bottles, so you may want to… Read more »
new mom

thanks me2 and nanpan for the tips!


Zuma really takes after Gwen, while his brother is all Gavin… this little man is just all cuteness, lol!

@lioness, you are right… he IS all cuteness! i love pictures of this little guy. there is just something about his face and that blonde hair and his chunky little build, i love it. it makes me want more babies. he gives me baby fever!LOL! not that kingston isnt a cute kid, cuz he is, but he’s really kind of skinny and slight, and no offense, but kind of bratty….but Zuma, man o man, cute and chunky and smiley and calm and sweet and confident and loved. he’s great. like i said, he has single handedly given me baby fever… Read more »