Cheryl Hines Throws A Valentine’s Day Party For Daughter

Cheryl Hines loves to have fun with the girls!

The Curb Your Enthusiasm actress, who directs Kristen Bell, Justin Long and Meg Ryan in Serious Moonlight, is gearing up for a Valentine’s Day party for 5-year-old daughter Catherine and her closest friends. And there will be wedding cake!

Pre-party, there will be mommy-and-me manicures.

“I like to get my nails done with my daughter,” the 44-year-old mother-of-one tells OK!. “It’s cute. Usually she sits in my lap and we get our fingernails done together. It’s a real fun time for us. For Catherine, the brighter and the sparklier, the better. It is fun. If I’m not shooting, I’ll let her pick out my color. I’ve had some really nice, green fingernails before.”

After that, a group of mommy-daughter-duos will head out to their Sweetheart Soirée to be held in the Los Angeles area.

“We’re going to order a wedding cake, and have a Valentine’s Day party for her friends,” Cheryl says. “My daughter and I keep wanting to buy a wedding cake because we decided that wedding cake shouldn’t be just for when you get married because that’s not very fair. What if you never get married?”

Last year, Cheryl’s husband celebrated Valentine’s Day with both his girls.

“Last year, my husband, my daughter and I went to Color Me Mine, and we painted pottery for a few hours and really had a fun time together,” she says. “I like that one.”

For Cheryl, finding alone time with her hubby Paul Young isn’t always easy – even on Valentine’s Day.

“That’s really not easy,” she says. “It’s not. You just have to get a babysitter, and schedule it. You really have to schedule it because it doesn’t come naturally. You have to bite the bullet and get a babysitter, and convince yourself that it’s important.”

Lucky for Cheryl, she married her perfect match.

“My husband and I balance each other out,” she says. “I’m a bit more spontaneous and quick-on-the-draw. I like to make decisions quickly, and he’s more methodical and thinks things through more. He’s a little more right brain, and I’m more left brain, I think.”

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  1. . Sophie .

    I’m not familiar with who this actress is but her daughter looks crazy adorable on that photo! I read some of the article and it sounds like they have a very special relationship and have lots of fun together, lucky girls :).

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