Mark Wahlberg: “My Son Is Obsessed With Boxing”

Growing up as the youngest of nine siblings, Mark Wahlberg says he learned at a young age to stand up for himself. It’s a lesson that he’s passing on to his oldest son Michael, 4 next month.

The 38-year-old star of The Departed said on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, “My son is obsessed with boxing. I took him to see Manny Pacquiao yesterday at the Wild Card Gym [in Hollywood]. I have a boxing ring at home because I did [the film The Fighter], so I put up a ring in my backyard. As soon as we got home he wanted to go in the ring and just pound the crap out of me. And we did that again today. He puts on the gloves, he tells me to get on my hands and my knees and put my hands behind my back and he just punches me as hard as he can.”

Mark admits that he could be in trouble as Michael gets older: “Fun for him, not for me. The kid’s starting to hit hard, I had a bit of a headache.”

Though he thinks that “it’s good that he’s learning already to hit and not be hit,” Mark does say they had to teach Michael to save his punches for daddy after they got a call from a teacher.

“We’ve actually had that call once and now he knows that it’s only play with daddy, in the ring, and that’s it.”

Mark and his wife Rhea Durham are also parents to Ella, 6, Brendon, 1, and new baby Grace, 1 month.

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