Thomas Beatie Pregnant With Baby No. 3!

Thomas Beatie – who the media has labeled as the pregnant man – is pregnant for a third time! Beatie and his wife Nancy – who have a daughter Susan, 1 1/2, and an 8-month-old son – are expecting baby No. 3, momlogic reports.

Thomas, 35, was born a woman and had his breasts surgically removed. He legally changed his gender from female to male. Beatie said that he retained his female sex organs because he intended one day to get pregnant. Nancy, 46, is unable to have children because of a hysterectomy.

Congratulations to the Beatie family!

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  1. Cabo

    I hope this wont mean yet another exclusive interview with Barbara Walters and the like, claiming something that it’s not out of this world.

  2. priyah

    well congrats to them. So techinically he’s a woman that looks like a man. I dont see any scandal in that

  3. Hannah

    I wish people would stop calling him the pregnant man if he was man he wouldn’t be pregnant.

  4. Anonymous

    Here, here Hannah. Deny that you’re a woman all you want, but at the end of the day a uterus comes in pretty handy doesn’t it?

  5. Anonymous

    I like that “he” is a “woman” only when “he” wants to be. To each their own, but stop try to get famous over it and just live life. All he/she has to do is not grant interviews, take photo shoots or appear on TV. Uterus’s have been doing this forever, his/hers is no better than any other woman’s’ uterus! Sorry to tell him/her but giving birth makes you a woman whether you like it or not!

  6. Anonymous

    This “man” is pregnant. Again. Some more. And I can barely get a date. Sigh.

  7. Andrea

    lol! Much luck on that date Anonymous!! I think its awesome that she is having another child I’m sure there great parents

  8. EM

    she is SUCH an attention hog and is NOT a man. Men can not get pregnant PERIOD.. Just go away!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    I am transgender Female to male and I am annoyed by him. You cant have male privaliage and want to take the honor of being giving birth to. It one or the other. I know I was born in the wrong body and I live my life as a male. I just think he is is making a mockery of the whole thing. he need to pick who he wants to be and respect the process.

  10. Anonymous

    Guiness book of records material

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