Madonna & Daughters Celebrate Carnival

Pop star Madonna, 51, and her model boyfriend, Jesus Luz, 22, were photographed along with her two daughters – Lourdes, 13 and Mercy, 4 – during the Carnival Show in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday (February 14).

The Queen of Pop and her boy toy were spotted visiting Angra dos Reis with Mercy the day before.

We’ve yet to spot Madonna’s two sons – Rocco, 9, and David, 4 – amidst the Brazilian adventures.

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Photo credit: / Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    I love that picture of Madonna playing with Mercy. There were also pictures of Lourdes playing with Mercy and Jesus (23) playing with Mercy.

    David and Rocco were with Guy for the week but are now back in NYC and Madonna and the girls are on their way back to NYC as well.

    I’m not sure why the toy boy moniker is necessary, does Mel Gibson’s partner gets called a boytoy, what about Celine Dion (her partner is nearly 70)? Or do Clint Easwood (nearly 80) and his wife get called names?

    If Madonna’s kids are happy and taken care of and Madonna and Jesus are happy, then great.

  • Gedah

    couldn’t agree more anonymous… why does Madonna relationship gets the put down….I have notice most older women who as a younger husband/boyfriend gets a lot of flak.

    Mercy looks sooo cute

  • Anonymous

    do her kids ever go to school?

    • Anonymous

      Of course! All four children go to school. They had a school break last week. They go back to school this week. You ask as if they are always out of school… how odd.

  • Anonymous

    A 22 year old male should have nothing in common with a 51 year old women. He’s still a baby in her eyes and his brain is still not mentally developed!! Guys change a lot and go through various phases when in their twenties. It’s not rocket science and it sure isn’t rocket science that Madonna has some serious issues.

    • Anonymous

      You act as if a 23 year-old man is a sheltered child with a mental handicap. His brain hasn’t developed? Give me break. He’s an adult and so is she. It’s their business what they do. Nobody is trashing Celine’s husband who actually was her mentor since she was only 12 years old and got involved with her as soon as she became and adult, even though he was much older. Madonna is not related nor did not have any mentor or parent-child type of relationship with Jesus. It always seems to be the women who put other women down and are unfairly critical.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not an odd question..i perfectly agree.. her kids get pulled out of school, and their hometown, whenever madonna decides to drag them on of her publicity’s really sick and disgusting to use children for these purposes…but she’s aging…there’s only so much the doctors can do..and these children are her post-menopausal ticket to fame. and agree with last comment…serious issues..i suspect she has a big time personality disorder…narcissistic personality disorder..or maybe even malignant narcissism.

    • Anonymous

      Talk about spreading lies. Her kids do not get pulled out of school. She travels when they are on holiday or school breaks and since when is living your life a “publicity tour”? Her ticket to fame? Delusional much? She’s one of the most famous people in the world and the greatest selling female artist who keeps setting records in the music and touring arenas. People who so negatively project onto others seem to be the ones with the issues. She is living her life, raising her children, and giving back to many charities not playing armchair psychologist and trashing other people she doesn’t know, so who is the one with the issues?

  • Anonymous

    Oh please what does a 22 year old have to offer to satisfy a women (such as Madonna’s) needs?? Going from someone like Guy Ritchie to this is quite S-A-D!

    • Anonymous

      You personally don’t know Madonna, Jesus, or Guy so you can’t say what any of them have to offer others. What is sad is to judge those who you don’t even know and whose situations you are unaware of.

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