Minnie Driver & Her Beach Boy Henry

Life’s a beach for actress Minnie Driver and her 17-month-old son Henry Story. The Motherhood star reports that she’s already introducing little Henry to her love of the surf and sand.

“If the tide’s out we’ll look at the anemones and the starfish and the crabs. Somebody told me that if you hum next to a hermit crab, it brings it out – and it works,” Minnie says. “Henry goes up and hums at any shell he sees now, because he thinks there’s going to be a crab in it.”

The British-born star says she finds peace at the ocean – and in the yoga studio.

“My church is surfing and yoga. If I can get in a surf or practice yoga then I will. Yoga’s great for when you’ve got a full brain and can’t stop the mind chatter.”

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

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  • charr

    Henry is soo cute and minnie looks great we never see these two in a while i guess thats a good thing

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