Seraphina Affleck’s A Smiley Santa Monica Sweetheart

Beautiful mom-of-two Jennifer Garner and a happy barefoot baby Seraphina, 1, were spotted out in Santa Monica on Sunday afternoon (February 14).

The cheerful duo were all smiles as they enjoyed their outing together and grabbed some grub from Whole Foods for their Valentine’s Day dinner.

Jennifer, who is also mom to 4-year-old Violet with hubby Ben Affleck, recently spoke out about how having children means “[changing] the definition of romance”:

Romance is romance, but in addition romance can just be breakfast over the tops of heads. Just getting through the day. You just have to make that be romantic.

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Photo credit: JAXN/GSI Media


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  1. kait

    OMG, Seraphina is just too sweet! I love that she has no shoes so cute!!

  2. Anonymous

    Cute! If they have a little boy I wonder will he also have Jen’s dimples?

  3. charr

    Sera and Vi are so cuteee and yes some people dont lose baby weight fast

  4. Anonymous#1

    Poor Jen can’t win. Just ONE WEEK ago, during publicity for her new movie, she was dissed by both Shirley McLaine and Julia Roberts for being too thin. Now you all are saying she didn’t lose her baby weight. If I were in the public eye I think it would all make me crazy. I hope she doesnt read this trash.

  5. Anonymous

    she does look pregnant. hope she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. chandula

    I thought I’m the only one who thinks she looks pregnant. But I dont think she is pregnant. coz if you see her at last weeks Valentines Day premier, her outfit was a body fitting one, and she didnt look pregnant at all. However her loose fitting tops add more fuel that she has a bun in the oven. I don’t think she is pregnant!

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