Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s Party Pals

So cute! After shopping for a birthday present with Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 13 months, Jennifer Garner and the girls met up with papa Ben Affleck in Los Angeles on Monday (February 15).

Sweet Seraphina continued to practice her walking skills as the famous family of four spent some quality time together at a birthday party.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Blair

    Oh, I love them! What a sweet capture!

  • Elizabeth

    SOOO cute! Seraphina is a mini Ben and Violet is a mini-Jen. I love how Jen always looks so normal, jeans, a tee, and sneakers. Contrast that to Victoria Beckham who is never without her sky high heels and coordinated Birkin bag.

  • Anonymous

    Sera always has a smile on her face…she is so proud to be walking !!!Finally.
    Saying hello to someone.. But I think that Vi is a little jealous of her sister…

    You can see it in her face…Looks like Mardi Gra type of party with the beads..
    THANK YOU for the pix of Ben …so much

  • Maru

    What a cute family! I love the pictures 🙂 Thanks for keeping us up to date with everything “celebrity babies” 🙂

  • Anonymous

    awwww! i kinda of hate when i see these pics cause is such a cute fam. moment that they should onlyget to experince, but these pics just made my week! i know the afflecks personally, and how much they hate paps, but who wouldn’t want to see this cute pics! love this family!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my-those boots Ben! Seraphina is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Some familys just steal your heart and this one definitely stole mine. I too think Vi is having some problems sharing her parents as she was the center of their universe for so long. I think that maybe why she reverted back to the pacifier and pull-ups. Ben and Jen seems to handling it well. She will be fine. Little Sera seems like such a cute and happy baby. Love this family and think that they are all so adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Violet seems to spoiled, and she never reverted back to diapers or using a pacifier since she never stopped prior to Sera’s arrival. Violet at four years old still uses a pacifier, that is simply ridiculous and it has nothing to do with Sera which makes it even worse.

  • Anonymous

    Wrong, Violet was potty trained at an early age. They are lot os pics on Jen’s website showing her wearing panties. She was never seen using a pacifier until they were expecting Sera. You know not of what you speak. So silent.

  • Anonymous

    I know exactly what I speak of and Violet was just recently potty day trained at 3.5 years old but she still isn’t night trained. There are pictures of her using a pacifier before Sera’s birth all the way up until now, it is you who doesn’t know what you speak of. It’s sad and ridiculous but true!

  • Anonymous

    My fav family in Hollywood, pls keep the pictures coming. Both girls are beautiful. God bless this family and keep them together for ever. Amen

  • nicoleC

    i think they are the most happy and lovely family in Hollywood
    Wish they happy and together forever

  • kitty

    Wow! Anonymous 1:45am ……..

    Who dead and made you the Queen of know it all about the Affleck family.

    Until you show us your PHD of Early Childhood Development. I will not believe a word you write. You sound almost like a starker. Violet just turned 4 years old. She is the first child of two lovely people. If they are working through a few issues of getting Violet to share their attention that used to be all hers…….So what. She is not the first child to behave this way and she wont be the last. Get over it ….she isn’t hurting anyone. She will grow out of pacifier usage. I’m sure Violet’s doctor has probably already talked to Afflecks about what to do. Plus…..Violet wont even remember doing this when she is older..

    Cute pictures.

  • kitty

    I meant who died and made you Queen…….

  • Anonymous

    Haters please leave this lovely family alone. My favourite celeb family by far!

  • Anonymous

    Serafina is cutest than Violet.Ben is hot

  • Anonymous

    Sera is just so precious! She is definitely going to be prettier than Violet. NOT that Violet isn’t pretty, she’s just got those really squinty eyes that I hope she grows into. Sera has such an angelic little face. I think she looks more like Ben whereas Violet looks just like Jen. So, they’ll both be gorgeous regardless…I just think Sera has the slightest edge on Violet in that department (at least now!) 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sera is so much prettier than Violet and even her mom

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