Levi McConaughey’s Lovely Locks

Matthew McConaughey and his adorable son Levi, 18-months, were spotted out enjoying the gorgeous weather together on Tuesday afternoon (February 16).

Levi’s long locks were waving in the wind as the father-son duo sped around their Malibu, Calif. neighborhood in their golf cart.

During a recent interview, Levi’s mom, Camila Alves, 28, confessed that her son’s hair had never been cut: “We haven’t cut his hair yet,” she told OK!, without dropping any hints as to whether they plan on it or not.

Camila and Matthew are also parents to 1 ½-month-old baby Vida, who we’re still waiting patiently to catch a glimpse of!

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anonymous

    I personally don’t think Levi looks like neither of his parents.

  • Anonymous

    i have to say that i think these are probably the cutest pictures i have ever seen of him and its all because the hair is being blown back off his face and you can actually see for once his pretty little facial ffeatures. i’m all for boys with longer hair, my son has a cool little skater cut and he’s had long hair to his shoulders and everything else, but he can pull it off because of his face shape. i think levi’s face is so small and his features are so tiny it looks weird with his hair all scraggly in his face like it does most of the time.

    i think he looks really cute here! and probably a little bit scared or nervous, i don’t see a smile or a “hey! this is so much fun!” look in any of those, and judging by the fact that his hair IS blowing back so much they are probably doing at least 20mph. thatnk god matt has him buckled in at least. but still to fast i would think for a little guy like him. i woudln’t let my husband drive my kids around in a golf cart that fast!!!!!

  • Scarlett

    We’ve seen a glimpse of Vida already. Matthew and Camila released a photo of her right after she was born….

    • Desiree

      Very true! I more meant that we’re still waiting to see them out and about together 🙂

  • melanie1983

    What’s with the negative comments?
    This little boy is absolutely precious!! This pic. makes me laugh, haha look at that little face!!

  • Anonymous

    i agree. i think he looks absolutely adorable here. look at his sweet little face!

  • dholmas

    Cute. Glad to see he is wearing his seatbelt. Looks like a fun ride.

  • nicoleC

    He’s so cute !

  • Anonymous

    I thought he was little Valentina!

  • Anonymous

    buna ăaăushiika

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