Kendra Wilkinson: “The Only Things That Make Me Happy Are My Husband And My Son”

New mom Kendra Wilkinson was recently photographed clutching her newborn son in tears after the Super Bowl to watch papa Hank Baskett play for the Indianapolis Colts. The reality TV starlet defended her decision to bring their then-8-week-old son, Hank IV, to the big game. “I know that I’m a great mom — my No. 1 priority is my child,” Kendra told Life & Style. “We had good intentions.”

While Kendra debated leaving little Hank at home, her final decision was to bring their newborn son to the game.

I thought, This is probably the only time he’ll go to a Super Bowl, and it’d be so cool to have pictures of him there in his jersey. I didn’t know I was going to walk half a mile to get to the stadium seats. I was actually really scared because it was the first time out with my son.” Amidst it all, little Hank was just fine. “He slept through everything,” Kendra says.

Kendra is loving motherhood and when asked if she’d like another baby, the Girls Next Door star beamed, “Oh, yes,” and Hank happily agreed. “The baby’s wonderful. The only things that make me happy are my husband and my son. Everything else in my life is extra.”

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  • M926

    Kendra’s so sweet. Her little is beautiful. I’m sure she meant no harm to her little boy who she seems to have nothing but nonstop adoration for. They’re a beautiful family 😛

  • M926

    *meant her little guy is beautiful*

  • Anonymous

    such a cute couple and thats for celebs who go through thick and thin

  • Anonymous

    hank your wife loves you whole heartedly so don’t let nothing or no one mess that up for you make it work shit happens and life go on and if she lose you she’ll be lost with out you so hold on to your family because if you let go there will be some one else there to pick up the mess you make and that’a a hater 4 you the ex was mad that she found some one who really loves her and hated so get over the bull and love your wife she’s a keeper

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