Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Spotted With Shiloh & Zahara

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were photographed with two of their six children – Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3 1/2 – in Venice, Italy today (February 18). The famous family were spotted getting off a gondola into their rented home – the historic Palazzo Mocenigo.

We’ve spotted the Jolie-Pitts – including Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, and Shiloh, 3 1/2 – enjoying gondola rides all over the Italian canal city.

The famous family of eight are in town as Angelina works on her new film, The Tourist, costarring Johnny Depp.

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  1. Anonymous

    OMG! What a cute little boy Knox has become! He truly looks like a male version of his big sis Shiloh! Those same beautiful blue eyes and that same face! He is a new heartbreaker in the making! If he´s gonna be anything like his dad he´s gonna break many hearts in the future. He sure is walking very well by now and loves to be out with the rest of the family. Can´t wait to see his twin sis Vivienne out with mum, dad and one of her older sibs! She, too, must be a cutie! Judging by those latest pics taken just two days ago she is a spitting image of her beautiful mum Angelina!

  2. LJSS

    OMG! Whatta cutie! Brangelina have gorgeous children!

  3. Lynn

    Brad and Angelina made some beautiful babies. You can read more about the Brangelina family in “Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”. And you can get the first chapter of the book for free at: Check it out, if you’re interested.

  4. Anonymous

    Go away Lynn. Stop spamming and promoting your website here!

    i don’t think that is knox at all. it’s shiloh.
    all of their children are beautiful. lucky family.

  5. lila

    I’m pretty sure that’s shiloh, look at the blanket, she’s always carrying it

  6. Anonymous

    That is not Shiloh. He’s soo cute and really changed his looks since the last time I seen a pic of him.

  7. morgane

    That’s not Shiloh. Look at the hair. Shiloh hair is light blonde.

  8. Anonymous

    Whoever said that is Shiloh needs their eyes checked….really! Knox is handsome…..of course look at his parents. Can’t wait to see Viv!

  9. Anonymous

    That is not Shiloh. His hair is darker. But they have the same face. He is such a cutie. I hope we get to see Vivienne soon.

  10. elle

    yeah – that’s not a 19 month old child. i’ll admit it doesn’t really look like shiloh, either, but the missing tooth, the blanket… I think it has to be her.

  11. CelineDionFanForever

    That is indeed Shiloh not Knox, he isn’t that big yet.

  12. Lisa

    Thanks folks! That is Shiloh. We’ve changed the post.

  13. Anonymous

    it`s not Knox, it`s Shiloh ! REmember, she likes to dress up like a boy ! and if it were Knox, it would be littlest ! Shiloh is big like that photo ! IT`S SHILOH !

  14. JessicaJessica

    Aw! what a cutie! I miss her light blond hair 🙁

  15. Anonymous

    That is not Shiloh maybe its a family friend or a staffers child.

  16. Liron

    wow Shiloh’s hair got darker? maybe it’s just the lighting, it looks like a gray day.. but then again we have only seen her wearing hats since winter started, I think…. Anyway, she’s still gorgeous 🙂
    and Z is too adorable with that smile!

  17. Anonymous

    This is not Shiloh who has big blue eyes and distinctive lips. It is also not Knox, who was seen being carried by Brad on the 16th. Knox is much younger, smaller, and has distinctive lips that do not match this little dude. Ever consider the kids might have friends or cousins visiting?

  18. Anonymous

    If that is Shiloh, and I don’t think it is, why on God’s green earth would anyone want to dye that beautiful blond hair? It would be so sad.

  19. musiclover

    It is Shiloh…she is wearing the same shoes that she was wearing when she wore the monkey had a couple of days ago…plus she’s missing the tooth. In the closer up pics she is doing something funny w/ her lips and they don’t look as full, but if you look at the ones wear she’s sucking her thumb you can see how full the lips are.

  20. musiclover

    ****sorry, should have been monkey HAT

  21. CelineDionFanForever

    Look at the shoes, those feet are WAY to big to belong to a nineteen month old. It’s Shiloh there’s no debating that. She and Z are always out together.

  22. Anonymous

    wow some people are just so dumb lol. i’m only 13 and able to tell that is shiloh. poor adults…….must be hard to navigate the world without learning what “critical thinking” is.

  23. Anonymous

    It’s Shiloh, although she doesn’t really look like her. But it is definitely not Knox, he can’t be that big yet.

  24. Anonymous

    who says her hair was dyed maybe it naturally darkened we havent seen her w/o a hat in months

  25. melanie1983

    I was looking at the picture thinking “That cannot be Shiloh!” But I never thought it could be one of the twins! I want to know!!!
    Okay, it’s def. Shiloh! I just looked on another site and theres a pic of the twins and they’re much smaller.

  26. Anonymous

    For a second I thought that was Knox because Shiloh doesn’t look like herself ( mainly because of her haircolor :S ) but there is no way he can be that big.

    I really hope that her hair has changed naturally, and not that Angelina has dyed her hair.

  27. Anonymous

    Are you guys being for real?? That cannot be a 19 month old. And IT IS Shiloh. Her hair looks darker from the lighting obviously. And thinking that could be a family friend or something – REALLY?? Look at her eyes. There’s no denying that it’s Shiloh!

  28. Anonymous

    That is Shiloh, she likes dressing like a boy and it is not uncommon for kids hair to get darker as they get older. She is biting her bottom lip this is why it does not look totally like her in the photo. She is getting big.

  29. lozzie

    if this is shiloh, why is her hair brown? it has to be knox..but look at Zahara, she is always so bubbly and happy in all photos.

  30. Anonymous

    Lozzie – it’s because of the lighting. It’s not rocket science people!

  31. Anonymous

    Definitely Shiloh.

    Proof 1: child in picture is too tall to be 1yr old Knox.

    Proof 2: Shiloh got new bangs just like Angie. Goes to show that different hair style can change a whole look of someone.

  32. Scarlett

    Hahaha! Why are all the gossip websites reporting that this is Knox? This child is CLEARLY almost four years old (look how big she is in the phots when Brad is carrying her) plus she’s carrying one of her silkies and she’s got that missing tooth. It’s very common for a blonde child to start going a bit darker at this age and we haven’t seen her without a hat on for months. I think it’s hilarious that the gossip websites can’t tell the difference between a baby boy and a little girl.

  33. Shayna

    It’s Shiloh !! Case closed

  34. Hannah

    If thats Shiloh her hair has changed color within days.

  35. Anonymous

    that Shi, Knox is likie haf the size of that kid in the pic. I think maybe it’s the light that make her hair seem darker. But that not a one year old .

  36. Linda

    If you actually think that’s Knox …. you are indeed suffering from some kind of delirium. Knox is a 19 month old and 19 month old is really going to be half the size of Brad? It’s Shiloh I didn’t even have to hesitate once. The hair might be darker due to the light however the eyes/expression is exactly the same as hers.

  37. GreenEyesFreckles87

    I swear Shiloh was meant to be born a boy. Hopefully she’ll grow out of wearing boys’ clothes. My cousin did, but not until she was a teenager.

  38. Cabo

    Some of you are still in denial. So, all of a sudden the twins are walking and the same size as Shiloh and Zahara? It’s SHILOH!

  39. Anonymous

    It could be one of Angelina’s cousin’s kids, or Doug Pitt’s son.

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  41. Anonymous

    I agree with the person who mentioned that children’s hair gets darker as they age and how They’ve all been in hats for months. Her hair is obviously long and you can see in another pic I saw where the jacket almost falls off. Its SHILOH. She is just biting her lips (which also get thinner as people age, but not anywhere near that thin, lol). I had to do a double take at first though! Maybe the ends of her hair still have a light tint but the roots are obviously starting to darken.

    That seems likely, but why do people on here act like its so pitiful for her to not be blonde. Personally, with blonde hair she looked like the average blonde/blue eyed kid. With dark hair and light eyes she could look better, like Suri’s look. 🙂

  42. Anon1

    It has been confirmed that it is Shiloh. Poor girl, being mistaken for a boy. Even her coat is that of a little old man. She is so gonna have issues. May be she is trans gender. I understand a child wanting to wear boys clothes, but a child cannot pick out a really boyish coat, shoes and hair style. Why are they doing this to her? Zahara has a nice coat on.

  43. Anonymous

    Gabo – I have to disagree with you on one thing. I read in People Magazine some months ago that the twins ARE walking already. But otherwise I have to agree with you. That child in these pics is Shiloh. I had to take a very close look at one pic in which Shi is in her dad´s arms before they board the gondola. And then it hit me:this most definitely IS Shiloh – not Knox. It´s true that she looks a lot like boy in these pics but this little cutie here is most definitely a beautiful little girl:Shiloh. That hair color also confuses me. Has it changed naturally or have has Angie let her hairdresser dye Shi´s hair? She has told many times that she was a blond as a child herself until her late mum Marcheline dyed her hair when Angie was about Shi´s age. No matter what color Shi´s hair is or what kind of clothes she wears one thing remains the same:she is this most beautiful little girl on the planet! I truly hope that we´ll soon see the REAL Knox and his twin sis Viv out with their parents so that we can see some close-ups of him too. Judging by those pics taken a few days ago he looks a lot like his big sis but we´ll have to wait and see.

  44. Danielle

    Yeh it’s Shiloh. Angie had blonde hair when she was little and then it got darker, it’s perfectly normal for children’s hair to change. The youngest boy I nanny for had black hair when he was born, then by 1 it was bleach blonde, now he’s 4 it’s getting more mousy colour. Especially in Winter your hair is usually darker.

    What I am suspecting though is that they have chopped Shi’s beautiful hair off, she has been wearing hats and only a little hair poking through. Wouldn’t surprise me that they had it cut short for the ‘boy’ look.

  45. Kelly

    I don’t understand why her wearing boys clothes is such a bad thing. As long as she’s happy, who cares? Also, I highly doubt anyone is forcing her to dress and look this way. Brad and Angelina are parents to two other little girls and neither one seems to have an affinity for being a tomboy; just Shiloh. From my own experience, my seven year old daughter hasn’t worn a dress, skirt, the color pink, or anything with flowers or princesses on it since the age of two. She’s strong willed and likes what she likes. Instead of dance, like her younger sister, she enjoys tackle football and hockey. Am I supposed to change her wardrobe and activities just because a stereotypical female isn’t supposed to act or dress the way she does? She’s happy, healthy, and a good kid so I could care less.

  46. nicoleC

    But Shiloh’s hair colour is gold,when i see this picture
    I dont think she/he is shiloh
    Looks like a little boy

  47. Sandra Rose

    That’s definitely not Shiloh. It’s not Knox either. I agree with whoever said it must be a friend’s child.

  48. Here by mistake

    Honest people, get a life! Who on earth is following some celeb kids???

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