Is Katie Price Using Her Daughter To Infuriate Her Ex?

Katie Price, aka glamour model Jordon, appears to be antagonizing her ex-husband Peter Andre via their daughter’s appearance.

The most recent incident, which will be broadcast on Katie’s new reality television show ‘What Katie Did Next’ really made it difficult for me not to get a bit judgey mcjudgerson.

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  • Lioness

    Katie, please leave that child’s hair alone, lol…

  • Katrina

    lol i think it looks kinda cute. Shes not bleary eyed and terror filled so it probably wasn’t that big of a deal. If youre good at straightening it doesnt have to take ages, and we cant really see the roots so we dont even know how close she went to the scalp. Sorry, but how is this any different then any black child with straightened hair? Think about it..

    • Renee

      Um. With the exceptioned of the mentally deranged, the majority of parents of Black children don’t straighten their hair this young.

  • Lioness

    I would tell them to leave their child’s hair alone, as I often do with my relatives and their kids (I’m Black). Don’t get me wrong, it looks VERY cute, and I kind of meant it as a joke, seeing as how we usually see Princess in her curls- meaning they don’t usually straighten. It’s not bad if it’s just a one off thing, of course- like Suri’s make-up (I honestly think they just let her play dress-up a lot, which I personally don’t have a problem with… but I digress)- but I would never advocate processing a child’s hair on a regular basis. Just my thing- my own hair isn’t even processed, and I’m 31. Not against processed hair, but I think it should be saved for the older years. Just my two cents.

  • Hannah

    Her hair does look better but it’s wrong and I hope Katie isn’t using her babies to get back at Peter otherwise she is making herself look worse.

  • a.

    princess looks very cute in this pic! the straightened hair suits her really 🙂 this isn’t a big deal if it’s just for one time 😉

  • Danielle

    Straightening your hair is actually REALLY bad for it, my ex boyfriend was a hairdresser so that’s how I know. I only now straighten mine occasionally, luckily mine is ewavy curls and looks fine au naturel too. 🙂
    Princess has gorgeous Shirley Temple ringlets god knows why a mother wouldn;’t love that, it’s adorable.

    I think the problem is Katie has never been happy with how she looks or who she is, and unfortunately she will probably pass this on to her children.

  • Dee Cee

    Sexualizing the toddler.. what a NUT! She needs to go to mommy classes or spend some serious time on the psychiatrist couch.

  • Anonymous

    You know, her daughter is to young to understand now, but if mom keeps this up when her daughter reaches 3-4 years old, she’ll start to think something is wrong with her. I have a child in my class with a mom like this, and this girl is totally convinced she’s fat and ugly. She’s 6 and will tell me everyday how fat she is (she’s actually underweight). She’ll tell me ‘my real hair is curly. Only ugly girls have curly hair. I don’t want to be an ugly girl. I’m an ugly girl when I wake up but momma makes me pretty’. I mean, what is up with these moms?? Seriously!

  • Jen

    I think her hair is pretty either way, as she is an absolutely stunning, gorgeous child. She has her Daddy’s eyes to a “t”! I do think that using a straightening iron though on a child this young is not smart. She could wiggle around and burn herself no matter how careful KP thinks she is with it. It’s almost like coloring a child’s hair, which I don’t agree with, either. So it’s pretty but not right to do. I do unfortunately think this child is probably doomed to a life of stripping and other sexual exploits, plastic surgery and bad body image, and hard partying if her Dad does not get custody, and it makes me sad. Her mama obviously is a self-absorbed, superficial nut!

  • Mia

    I don’t think the issue at hand is just this one-off straightening (even though it’s possible that Katie did it on numerous other occasions and only broadcasted the one photo of it) but the fact that Katie is raising her children in an environment that is full to overflowing with skewed ideas about personal appearance, plastic surgery, make-up, sexualisation, etc, and that is in no way good for the children’s developing minds. They will pick up what they see mommy doing and saying, and probably also get confused at the fact that daddy disagrees with everything mommy does. Personally, I think it’s about time Katie pulled it together and started acting like the responsible, sensible adult and mother that those kids deserve to have in their lives.

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