Kris Jenner: There’s No Place For Scott In Our Family Anymore

If you witnessed the drama that ensued on the Part One season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, then you must be wondering where the various relationships stand. Kourtney Kardashians‘ boyfriend Scott Disick, 26, was quite the family embarrassment on the last episode, and we will have to wait until Sunday to see how it all plays out.

In a sneak peak, we watch an intense conversation with Scott and the family matriarch, Kris Jenner. Disick accuses Jenner of treating him “totally different” than her other son-in-laws, Reggie Bush and Lamar Odom and says, “I don’t know what I did to deserve you to hate me.”

Jenner confesses her true feelings about the father of grandson her Mason, 2 months, saying, “I’ll never be able to trust him with my daughter or my grandchild … There’s no place for Scott in our family any more. It’s just too dangerous.”

To watch more Kardashian drama unfold, you can catch a mini-marathon today, February 20, and tomorrow at midnight, ending off with the season finale. Check out E! Online for details.

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  • Verónica Ramos

    Meaww! But i think Kris is allright. I’m from Spain so I just started to know who is everyone in “KUWTK” and Scott Disick is just a douche.

    Kourtney, you have to broke up with him for your son. The babies can feel the drama, so i think Mason is not allright!

  • Charr

    i watch the kardashians and Kris is amazing women and all of her kids are so mature i feel that scott should just be out of the picture because he still thinks she is a single 21 year old guy with no responsbilites.i have to give Kourtney Credit she was also immautre but when she found out she was going to be a mother i could see that she relized that she needs go grow up because she is going to have a son,,,i think scott needs some time alone far away from Kourtney and mason and just grow up and step up to the plate and take care of his responsbilites,,and be a FATHER…

  • Charr

    sorry i ment HE is a 21 year old guy

  • Anonymous

    Reggie Bush is NOT married to Kim so he is NOT Kris’s son-in-law.

  • Peta

    Saw this coming.

  • Anonymous

    Kris Jenner is money hungry and only wants Kourtney to hook up with someone with mega bucks. She supported Khloe getting married after 1 month because Lamar is rich. She call’s her family so close, and yall didnt even know Lamar. How does she know that Lamar will not treat Khloe like he treated his Baby Mama? Scott, find a way to get about 15million, and you and kris will be best friends.

  • Marilyn

    Reggie isn’t Kris’s son-in-law. Also, I too think that they all are money-hungry (except maybe Kourtney) and only picked Reggie and Lamar because they have money. If they were poor or middle-class, they wouldn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to them.

  • Anonymous

    Kris Jenner hates the poor … anything Kardashians are involved in I will boycott …

    • texbucky

      boycott eh, then why are you on here commenting on them? duh.

  • jacquelyn

    kris is driving force of the kardashians, she wants all her kids to marry rich or to do something in entertainment even though some of them are lacking talent, bruce and probably kourtney are the only one’s with at least half a brain

  • Anonymous

    YEAH KRIS did marry poor didn’t she after all Bruce was married and had 2
    yes 2 sons with his ex wife Linda.. What has he done for the family lately
    other than just sit around and nothing.. what money does he have coming
    in after all this family goes after black sports stars who are rich and famous
    and after all Kourtney chose a man who is white.. so what… They had a child together.. they are working on their relationship or the public would
    be after them for not trying.. Grow up comment page..the Kardashins are
    gold diggers who only date someone who is richer than they are…

  • Anonymous

    Kris has always been married she was once married to mega-millionaire Vidal Sassoon.

  • Anonymous

    kris has always had money from her first husband not Bruce.

  • Marilyn

    Kris was never married to Vidal Sassoon. He was married to someone that had short, dark hair like Kris, but it wasn’t Kris.

  • Leigh

    They really need to work this whole thing out for mason, and Kris really needs to stop sharing her family matters with the public. Shes such a fame whore kids have no talent and she should stop pushing fame on them Kim is just pretty thats the only reason why she has any kind of a career

  • texbucky

    FINALLY Kris is going to do the MamaBear thing and get rid of that freakin’ loser ass Scott. He is such a con, a douchebag, a scumbag….and any other bag. I have been waiting for him to do the royal f**kup, and he did. Of course, Kourtney should have seen this coming a loooooong time ago, but she kept taking his tired arse back. I hope, OH how I HOPE she has finally seen the light. Personally I wish his little lame butt could have boxed at the celebrity match….too bad, I would have loved to have seen him get his ass whipped.


    This whole family is so dysfunctional. Kris acts like Scott is not good enough for the family but the truth is everyone is a low life. Her daughters are a bunch of money hungry tramps. The 2 youngerst ones are starting to follow in their big sisters footsteps. The only normal one is Bruce.

  • Anonymous

    Um, has it occurred to anyone that maybe – just maybe – the show, and therefore this story, is all made up? Seriously.

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