Brooke Mueller Has Sons At Rehab Facility

The drama continues!

Brooke Mueller has recently relocated to a different rehab facility that has allowed her children, the nannies and a counselor to check in, TMZ reports.

The estranged wife of Charlie Sheen checked out of The Canyon in Malibu after an alleged security breach and is now in a high-end rehab facility that allows children and staff.

Up to this point Brooke and Charlie were sharing custody of their 11-month-old twin boys, Bob and Max. However, since Charlie also checked into rehab today, Brooke is now caring for the boys full-time.

Thoughts on babies in rehab?

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  • Moore

    At least they’re being taken care of

    • Peta

      True. I was wondering how those two young babies were being cared for, seeing as they were practically newborns when this all hit the fan.

  • SarahEl

    I think in early stages of rehab it wouldn’t be a good idea. But I think in later rehab, it will be good for the patient. .

  • This is a terrible thing. Isn’t there a family member or two who can take custody of the children while both parents are incapacitated? Either that or a state foster home.

  • Anna

    What a mess are these people? I cannot understand why people have children when they are a mess themselves. Get yourself sorted out before bringing children into your life!

    Can you imagine being asked where you spent your first birthday and having to say “in rehab”?

  • marie

    The babies are happiest when they are with their mother. Notwithstanding the place. I agree it’s not the best enviroment, but I’m sure that they are cared for. Hopefully this will also help her as an incentive to get well soon.
    “Anna” I agree with you, some people should not have children specially if their life is a mess, but in regards to your question, I think it would be more sad if the kids say that they spent their 1st birthday WITHOUT their mother. I just hope that after rehab, she becomes the mother her children hope her to be…good luck!

  • Anonymous

    I feel so sorry for these babies having these two idiots for parents!

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